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#1 [Open] Homeless and Stealing on Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:29 pm

A five foot seven boy wondered around the shrines. There was a festival going on. Which often meant easy pickings for pick-pocketing. It was dawn. Asahi had taken the train to get here, and wore his standard outfit, a dark hoodie with white stripes on it, a teal scarf, dark grey pants with red tennis shoes, and he had bandages around his arms, with fingerless gloves. He went around, picking his targets carefully. And taking their wallets without even being noticed. He had six wallets in less than an hour. And took all their cash. He didn't bother with cards. He had enough to get back, and maybe a couple of meals.

Tossing the wallets on the nearby park bench, he pocketed the money and continued on his way, not knowing he was being followed.

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#2 Re: [Open] Homeless and Stealing on Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:06 am

Festivals where a rotten thing to happen around the shrines. He didn't know why people would come during a special event, where they could drink, flirt, and mooch on some free food. But any other time during the year, they left the shrines to rot. If it wasn't for the priest and shrine maidens the place would surely fall apart. Not to mention the traveling crowd never cleaned up after themselves. Leaving debris, trash, and sometimes even some bodily fluids when they had been too piss drunk to make it back to their hotel or what not. Inwardly Exodius was cussing at the pathetic lot of travelers, with hardly a second glance.

Deciding to take a rest at a nearby park, the man was laying in the grass underneath the shade of a cherry blossom tree. That's when the sound of rustling made the man perk up ever so slightly, a smallish boy in a hood came into the clearing, he seemed to be sporting several wallets, perhaps belonging too the crowds that had been gathering in the streets. A small chuckle escaped from Exodius as he thought of it being divine punishment for those people. Seeing as they only came to party at these festivals.

If the young man looked over, they'd see a rather large man, with long brown hair that went down to his waist. He sported a monks robe that was decorated in red, white, and black. A long sash was kept around his midriff to close off the underlying shogi pants. And underneath the cowl you could see a tight fitting black shirt. He had a nice tan to his skin, and deep blue eyes. His features easily showing that he had some foreign blood in him. "Well, if I didn't believe they deserved it, I would probably report ya by now." He said in a rather deep voice.

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