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#1 Exodius [FIN!] on Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:39 pm

(Keep in mind depending on the age, some fields may not be usable. Adjust as needed.)


Name: Exodius Izumi
Alias: Exo
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Studious: Exodius is surprisingly a very serious student. It wouldn't seem like it with how he always tries to stay away from socially interacting with others, but he likes to study the everyday interactions happening around him. Growing up in a temple he didn't have to interact with anyone besides for the monks inhabiting the area. Exodius also has a bad habit of getting his head in the clouds with the books provided by the academy, once he starts one he doesn't know how to put it down... Simply because it's a vast knowledge he did not have access too in the past.

Socially Inept: Following the previous statement of being studious, Exodius is actually Socially Inept, he doesn't know how to actually interact with anyone besides how he was taught at the temple. Often seen as being a freak, or perhaps someone that is too kind and untrustworthy to some. The Academic life is also new too him, as the technology that he witnesses in the area, wasn't available at the temple he was growing up in. Without prior knowledge to all the technology that most people possess now a days, he doesn't know how to start a conversation on the normal daily life people live.

True Neutral: To expand on his alignment ever so slightly, Exodius is what you call a true neutral. He only participates in things that he feels will better himself. And help him to grow stronger so that one day he can return to the temple and protect it with the best of his abilities. So in this regard, if an offer that seems to be better for him in progression of strength, and development of his skills. He will more than likely take the extended hand, even if he has his own regime and plans for the current offer. He never does things for others for free.

Distant: Even though Exodious can be nice to people because of his training at the temple, he also doesn't try to make friends with anyone or approach them if they seem down. He also never takes up invitations to go hang out with another student or classmate. Simply because there is no need in his mind, all it would do is hinder his progress in developing his skills more. If he made friends with people, it could always come back and bite him like it had in the past. Friendship was basically a mask that people wore to get things out of you.

Alignment: True Neutral
Blood Type: O-
Birthplace: Nara Japan
Current Place of Residence: Kōfuku-ji (Temple in Nara Japan.)

Height and Weight: 6'3" 240lbs


Quirk Name: Surōsutāto! [Slow Start]
Quirk Type: Transformation.

Quirk Description: Just like the name states, Exodius quirk has a few drawbacks when using it. But before we get to that, we best explain what his quirk really does. Slow start is basically a physical enhancement quirk. The quirk itself increases the users, Speed, Strength, and Endurance over time. The first drawback associated with this quirk, is that until Exodius is able to tap into it, he's on par with a regular silverback gorilla in terms of strength, speed, and such. He's actually rather weak, that is until his been in a fight for a certain amount of time. The increase isn't completely significant right off the bat either, rather than saying it doubles his power and what not, instead it simply increases in increments. I figure the increments would be as such.

Quirk Activation Appearance:

First Round of Combat: 0% [Slow start]
2nd Round: 5%
3rd Round: 15%
4th Round: 35%
5th Round: 75%
6th Round: 125%
7th Round: 160%
8th Round: 240%
9th Round: 300%
10th Round+: Organ Failure

In accordance with the graph, upon being in extended battle Exodius power can become triple of whatever he currently possesses, but if the man continues to stay in a fight beyond that, his quirk becomes life threatening quickly. His organs begin shutting down one by one, and causing the young man excruciating pain as his organs in his body begin shutting down. Without proper training or control over his technique, he can find him in a very dangerous situation. Even more so than whatever fight he is currently in.


Hero Role Model: My Hero? Well he was an anti hero but was working for the public... Stain

History: (Optional).

RP Sample: The shrine was awfully silent today, As Exodius seemed to be lazing about underneath a tree that the monks had been growing since the temple had been founded. It was apparently the spiritual tree of Yggdrasil, a magical entity that was suppose to govern over the life and death of the earth. In the stories it originally was a woman that had been born from a seed. She had been conceived as a holy woman, someone that was to bring life and prospering nutrients to the land. But she had been betrayed by those she trusted... Thus leading to her sacrifice to save those that had betrayed her.

It was very idiotic according to Exodius, he would of left the people to suffer after betraying him, and ending up taking away everything precious to the man. But that was probably why he wasn't a holy person to begin with, and how come he couldn't climb up the ranks of the temple he stayed in. He couldn't get rid of his own ideals and beliefs, and adapt to the way of life here. Why should he? Yeah he owed this temple his life as he had been abandoned here, and they had raised him.

But something within his mind, had told him that this was all a farce, something that couldn't be true... Yet at the same time, being taught how to live this way almost all his life, has left an intriguing effect on his mental accusations. Getting deeper into the thought, his train of thought was interrupted when a friend of his called out to him. "Exodius! I need some help please!" The young woman's voice seemed to fill the air, she was a shrine maiden here and had been in charge of cleaning everything since taking up the mantle.

She was older than Exodius but he had grown attached to her as if she had been an older sister. Sitting up ever so slightly, Exodius raised a brow and chuckled. "What could you need this time?" AS he stood up his full height was on display, due to his quirk his physical appearance had changed, he went from being a short midget, to a towering muscular giant... That was without even activating his abnormal ability. He had bright blue eyes and long brown hair that ran down past his hips. His outfit was a simple red and white black temple Kimono.

The girl approaching him was small and supple. She had a bright green eyes, with blonde hair. Everyone had assumed that she had to be mixed, but without any knowledge of where she came from no one could be certain. "I need you to move the bell, it has to be cleaned and the wagon hasn't arrived with the crew yet." Sighing ever so slightly, was this really the extent of his ability? To be used as a packing horse and what not? Well he couldn't really blame Xera, she was just a simple shrine maiden after all.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breathe, Exodius body shifted rapidly, he grew taller, his muscles bulged out, fur began sprouting on his face, and a small hair covered tail protruded out form underneath his outfit. "Alright." He voice a bit huskier now, and a bit heavier than it had been. His tail flicking back and forth. The girl couldn't but help giggle as the tail betrayed that expressions that Exodius had been showing. The tail was like a truth detector if he was happy it swished back and forth in front of people. "Well Xera, lead the way."

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#2 Re: Exodius [FIN!] on Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:41 am

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