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#1 [Open] The Very First Class on Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:25 pm

It was a beautiful morning and the sun was shining through the single, large classroom window. Her one pink and one blue eye scanned the empty room as she sat in a very comfortable looking chair. It was cushioned, pink, and even rolled about so she didn't have to walk. Although, she wasn't as free from her nerves as she had hoped, so she probably wouldn't do much rolling about yet. Instead, she would spin about slowly a few times allowing herself to become distracted as she awaited her students arrivals. She found herself sporting a pair of shorts, a simple blouse, and one of her doctor's coat. She didn't look all too professional, however she would straighten up soon.


Emiko had woken up in her dorm, which was only a couple days after she had moved in. It was an interesting lifestyle living in the dorms with the rest of the support group, however she didn't exactly know them. Most of the time, they were loud, tinkering, and even helping eachother out. However, Emi didn't have the technological skill to assist anyone, instead she was more of a support type in the battlefield. She was due to be someone's sidekick and she hoped this class could help her with that, considering her circumstance was a bit different than the rest. Anyway, she would get dressed in the cutest purple shorts and white shirt. Then, she would be on her way with her headphones plugged into her neckpiece. Along the way, she would run into a boy, who would allow her to go to class with him. Little would he know, she was bound to stick by his side for the entire class.


Seven would find himself roaming around the campus with his head stuck in his gaming device when he would feel a small bump into the back of him. He would turn around to see a small girl staring at him and signing something profusely. He had learned how to read sign language, but he was never any good at using it himself. He would speak to her, she would sign to him, and they would make quick simple friends. He would invite her along to class with him, since they were going to the same place. His yellow eyes would latch back onto his game as the duo would walk into the classroom. He would feel a clutching sensation on his clothes as he would turn his head to look at the girl again. He would lead her to the seat he wanted and she would choose one next to him. He had a feeling this was bound to be a decent friendship.

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#2 Re: [Open] The Very First Class on Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:19 am

Good news, Daichi was given a male uniform. Bad news is, they forgot to allow his three metal arms out his back. But at least they were easy to modify. Either way, Daichi moved as fast as he could. His blue hair was in pigtails at the top of his head, and the rest was the schools standard uniform. Luckily, he dodged the crowd and got into the class room without so much as a guy trying to hit on him. The trap moved to his seat silently. He was nervous, but they also had Recovery Girl as their teacher. So it couldn't be that bad. He saw he was the third person there. Well, student, whatever. Daichi sat near the window and just waited for everyone else to show up.

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#3 Re: [Open] The Very First Class on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:51 am

Haru walked ... well hobbled in shortly after an individual in a male uniform with blue hair done up in pig tails, which was an interesting fashion statement to say the least, but well it was better than Crutch Haru was using, He had overdid it with some morning exercises, and well broke his leg... Again. Good news is the nurse was also the teacher, better news was... well his class wasn't supposed to be doing anything super physical though, the year had barely started, and he was already getting ready to plan out some kind of rewards system for the infirmary seeing as he was spending so much time there, because of his control slipping. But that was neither here nor there.

Moving to his seat, the near perma-crippled silver haired mechanic would make a note to talk to her between classes about his latest break.

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#4 Re: [Open] The Very First Class on Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:53 am

Aurora and Anna moved into class choosing some chairs towards the back of the class. Anna leaned on her desk yawning before she rested her left cheek on the desk closing her eyes just wanting to actually sleep. She had her blonde hair tied in a messy bun clearly not ready for any sort of class.

Aurora on the other hand was taking out her notebook and pencils organizing her desk as she waited before she double checked her clothing to make sure she looked alright today. Yes she was tired but she was up all night excited about actually getting to be in a class and around actual students and learning actual things towards being somewhat helpful to everyone else.

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