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Accelerator glared at the teacher, she was cocky. Arrogant even, Accelerator really didn't fucking like her. The second she allowed for an exit he would agree to oblige, "Don't mind if I do, and good luck stopping me. You can play tough with students who wouldn't throttle you through a wall and back, but I'm not one of them. I can already tell you're one of these teachers who only do this because you weren't good enough to be a decent hero, so you figure being a pain in the ass for students is the next best thing." Accelerator stood up and began to walk towards the door. "If anyone thinks they can stop me feel free to try your luck and get stomped."

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"You may think I princess but you will call me Ice queen and bowing by the end of the year you pyromaniac."Said Amaya in response letting Jun's words and hand on her shoulder keep her from just going at kat. She couldn't fire brats. She closed her eyes watching the scene "I am Amaya Yashia, Daughter of the Ice Heros Frozen Tundra. I inspire to be the best hero I can be."She said calming herself down watching the teacher give a blank expression.

Rose listened to the responses "there we go fire under the buts...just what I wanted to see...glad to see heads are where they need to be...besides a few brick walls..."Said Rose smirking as she clapped "Bravo Kat, Keep up the attitude. raise your fire higher and hotter I expect white flames by the end of the year."Said Rose before turning to Hana " I believe in you Hana...Always will"She added before looking towards the twins "Love the name for your quirks keep up the dream. I think you both would be awesome heros...possibly become owners of a awesome agency....Yep just as i expect Kazuku...Get your license and maybe I will give you that chance of kicking my ass"She said with a smile "Good choice of words Joshua.... You can do anything you want. I honestly could care less about my ranking or the spotlight...Honestly, I took this job cause no one else wanted it...So i'm enjoying this...Oh and Accelator...Why do I act like this...Simple...its my arrogant nature...I'm not a teacher hell I don't even like kids...honestly, i wouldn't mind watching the world burn...that being said I took this job to get my ass kicked into gear as i been sloppy but i guess you are going to miss kicking my ass in some of these future exercises if you leave...You might get paired up with someone you will not be able to stand..."Said Rose looking towards the window scratching her left temple. "So what do you say...want to take some heat off."Said Rose to her class.

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