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Another year, another class filled with bright students that are prepared to seize their dreams. What most people didn't realize about this particular class however, was that these students could easily be as capable as Class 1-A in terms of usefullness, the main difference being that their quirks were much more nuanced, and required more effort and creativity to use properly. That was my job, sparking the interest in rising above the 'letter' so to speak of the class. They were lower in base power sure, but that didn't hinder their ability, and I was sure some of them know it.

"Alright folks. Some of you may know me as "Tempest", but for the purposes being here, you may call me by my name, Noziel Aran. How you go about referring to me after that is fine as long as you do so in a well-mannered fashion. That aside, I'd like to  get started by going around the room and asking you all what your quirks do, and by extension, how you intend to use them. If you wanna toss in a hero name too, that's up to you. Let's see. Shall we start with Sakiko Tsuchi?"

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Sakiko yawned sitting at her desk head resting on her left hand as a book floated in front of her face. She lazily listened to tempest while pointing at the book swiping her finger left as a small breeze turned the page of her floating book infront of her. She looked towards tempest when he called her name. Of course call the white hair girl that seems to lazy to give much care to even attempt to try caring.

"Sakiko Tsuchi. I use wind for small tasks but i can in a way fly. Make I guess decent tornado type things along with air bubbles or balls i can use for various reasons. Very basic i guess" She stated adding a half heartedly before returning back to her book


"Lucia Takashi is my name and making things come alive is my thing...I have transmutation."Said a silver haired girl sitting next to the white haired Sakiko. she was bubbly with huge neon blue eyes

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Sen ran into the class room muttering apologizes repeatedly in a frantic nervous tone. Her hair was messy with an obvious bed head and her uniform was loosely put on. " I'm so sorry i'm late i overslept, my clock didn't go off at the proper time and i'm just really sorry". Sen looks around the room seeing the older man who must be there teacher, as it was she didn't recognize him. Then she noticed the girl and her floating book. These is what Sen had signed on to playing pretend with a bunch of sheep with useless quirks, only reason she didn't most likely get into class 1-A was she had to hold back and not reveal the true nature of her own quirk. Taking another quick nervous look around the room Sen would find an empty sit and point to it. " I'll just um take my set Mister if that OK, again i'm really sorry i'm late wont happen again". Sen starts to shuffling over to the empty seat apologizing quietly to everyone she passes by. Sen would sigh and put a hand on her chest. time to see if UA was going to be as fun as she hoped.

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Exodius was sitting in his desk when the teacher walked into the classroom, of course this was mandatory of the students to be within the classroom before class actually started. Exodius had been studying a small handbook that had been passed out to the students, it basically had the details of the academy within it. Every year, it apparently got altered. New rules had been inserted, and other changed to help out to define the school even more. However, when the Tempest began to speak, Exodius put down his book listening intently to the man, he wasn't afraid of saying his name to the students?

Most teachers opted to stay to their Hero names, yet he simply came out with his actual name. Maybe he was trying to make friends with them? He suddenly called out a name of a fellow classmate. Turning to face her, Exodius noticed she was using her ability, to make a book float in front of her. Lazily changing the pages with her fingers. To Exodius this was actually impressive, the young man wasn't exposed to the vast quirks this crazy new world had to offer. Hell he hadn't even known his transformation was even a quirk.

That was until a person had approached him at the temple, extending an offer to join this so called school. As she finished her lazy introduction, Exodius was about to clap, but was interrupted when another student came walking in at a rather brisk pace. Telling the teacher she was sorry that she had been late. Even going into a full explanation on why she hadn't arrived to the classroom on time. How crowded was this place going to be? Exodius wasn't an extrovert by any meaning of the word, he was actually the exact opposite.

Raising his hand to speak, he slightly steeled his nerves, so that he could introduce himself as needed. If and when the teacher would call on him he would answer in earnest. "Uhh, my name is Exodius... My hero name... I didn't give it much thought I just wrote down Exo." He said with a small sheepish grin as he rubbed the back of his head. "And well, my quirk is rather... Slow? It's called slow start. It transforms me into a different being as I like to call it. When I'm in that form, I act differently, and I'm more confident?" He said thinking about what his peers had told him when he entered that form.

"Other than that, I don't think it does too much."

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Hikari was also in his seat as the teacher entered and started roll call, trying to get everyone here to briefly know what they could do, though his would be a bit more than a mouthful to get out once it was his turn to speak. "My name is Hikari Raito, My quirk is a transformation type, when I transform I gain the ability to convert either arm into a blaster of some sort that fires off energy blasts, from there I can also copy the quirks of any emitter type I come in contact, changing what my blast can do. For example Tempest-sensei, a power like yours would turn the blast into a slash of wind fired at high speeds."

He had said his peace, and revealed far more about his quirk than necessary, though he didn't mention the limits on the specialized blasts, nor how strong the blasts were. Either way that was neither here nor there

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Don't tell them, but I already planned a special entrance for Noziel's speech... I guess it's less a speech and more a reasonable opening statement, but it's the same to me. He spoke words, okay? Anywho, as the class's attention fell on my seat, they must have thought 'Where's Saio? She was just here!' AND THEN BAM. Out of a hole in the ceiling, I plop into my seat, making a lovely BOING sound effect as the seat recoils and flails as though it doesn't belong in this room. Well. Anything I touches does that. I dunno why. It's a hell of a lot of fun though. Anyways, now to address my adoring fans! "Hellooooooooo everybodyyyyyy~ My name is Saio, nothing else just Saio. That's all she wrote! What's a quirk? Is is something I can eat?" As if on cue, my stomach would rumble, and there would be this weird... disembodied laughter. What the hell. That's new.

Oh well, I love it. I'm gonna press the button that publishes my post now, so enjoy my brilliance. WAIT. NO. YOU CAN'T. AAAAH GOD DAMMIT. GIVE ME-
They took control of the post window. I hate those twins.

"Hello." We'd say in unison. We always did. It wasn't strange for us to do so because the two of us were almost always in sync. Sure, my sister and I varied in certain things.... but it had to be like that sometimes. I was the one that preferred a bit more order, and she, a bit more mess. But that was fine too. Most of the time. "I am Shiro. My quirk allows me to assemble and arrange objects that have loose parts. After that, I can move them around however their mechanics allow them to." And my sister. "I am Kuro. My quirk allows me to disassemble objects that have a combined structure, then control them however I'd like. The two of us tend to work well together." Of course throughout this, we both retained flat expressions. I could say we cared about being here, but the enthusiasm felt a touch unnecessary. Like that... Saio... creature. She scares us.

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Akira shifted in his seat a bit as the teacher started off class with some pretty standard self-introductions. Wind... Transmutation... Some late girl... A transformation quirk? Akira hoped for this guy's sake that confidence wasn't the only thing his new form did, however; he had to have gotten in somehow right? Maybe he was playing his cards close to his chest, not that it was any of Akira's business. No fire-y quirks so far either, that was good... Wait, wait. Nope. Someone could shoot laser bolts from their hands apparently. Well, it wasn't quite fire, so it wasn't a big deal. Next up was The Twins From The Shining But This Time With Super Powers. Neat. Akira was so lost in thought it took him a good 30 seconds to realize it was his turn. Instead of jumping in his chair, Akira let out a nervous cough to hide the tinge of red in his cheeks as he spoke up.

"My name is Akira Bessho, and my quirk is a mutant-type."

Akira rolled back his sleeve and held his neon-crimson arm up in the light for the class to see. He turned his hand a bit, showing off the flamboyant chitin covering his arm before lowering it once more. He felt a little disappointed honestly, He hadn't seen any other obvious mutant quirks like his yet.

"Aside from this chitinous armor which covers my body, I posses the ability to punch as quickly as a mantis shrimp."

Akira then leaned back into his chair, his gaze scanning over his classmates with a hint of amusement. Even with the seeming lack of mutant quirks, the powers here were weird. And it was awesome.

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