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#1 Meeting Her Father on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:08 pm

Well, it was the end of the first round and she certainly hadn't cooled down any. In fact, she was in search of water before she passed out from dehydration. Of all the side effects to her quirk, she just had to get dehydrated. How lame was that? How could she have forgotten her water anyway? At this point, she wasn't even sure where she was anymore and she certainly didn't care. No, that was a lie. She wanted to find a break room or something. She wanted to nap before the next round, she wanted some water, and she wanted to get away from all the stadium freaks.

On her journey, she would find herself wandering hallways cooling down with every step. She would pass a few other students from her school, not caring about who they were. However, she would soon freeze in her tracks before turning her head to the side. Emerald eyes would spot him from a mile away. It had to have been him. She had seen him before, but not in person like this. She had caught whispers of his name, seen things he had done, and knew just what kind of man the media portrayed him to be. But who was he really? Why had he never made the effort to see her before? Was he interested in her only for her power? Why was he walking her way? All questions she hoped to find answers to.

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#2 Re: Meeting Her Father on Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:47 am

Ika had a weird feeling, it was something he hadn't felt in years, something he hadn't felt since his wife died. He felt love, and more importantly he felt pride in someone else. It was at the moment he began to think about this that he saw her, his daughter had caught him out of the corner of her eye and it was at that moment Ika realized he would need to make a decision. He sighed as he noticed her heading towards his general direction, he didn't know what he was going to say to her or how he was going to act towards her but.. That wasn't exactly something he wanted to consider right now but he didn't have a choice..

He watched as she began to walk towards him, and decided that he probably needed to at least act semi-interested in doing the same and so he did. He crouched down towards the ground and looked towards her, staring directly into her eyes. He brushed the hair from her eyes gently, she even looked like him.. Fuck. "You did pretty good out there kid, I've gotta say.." His smile was warm but genuine, even though he couldn't be sure how it would be received.

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#3 Re: Meeting Her Father on Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:34 am

As she drew closer, her heart pounded louder in her chest and her nerves began to shake ever so slightly. She was old enough now to actually go out and do things for herself. She was old enough to feel a sense of independence and confidence that she hadn't been able to up until this point. However seeing her father for the first time in such a long time, Kat was beginning to feel a bit uneasy. She felt as if she was coming apart piece by piece. She felt as if her feelings were all just a facade and that she didn't want to live all alone anymore. Nonetheless, her face would stay stern, cold, and strong as she attempted to stop the shaking.

She would finally reach him and it seemed that everything came to a stand still at that moment. It wasn't just some dream, it wasn't just some person that looked like it could be him, and it wasn't just some delusion standing before her. He would sort of crouch down to be at her level considering he was substantially taller than she was. He would look at her for a few moments without saying any words as he would raise his hand to her face. She would flinch out of some type of fear before allowing him to brush the hair from her face. He would speak to her after what seemed like an eternity away from him and it was a simple praise. It was out of pride and out of happiness that he would form a smile afterwards. However, tears managed to well up in Kat's eyes as she wasn't expecting things to be this way.

The tears would roll down her cheeks as she would stare at him. Collapsing to her knees, she would continue to watch him reaching to grip his arm. It seemed that she was questioning this reality, it seemed she was assuring herself that he was here, and it seemed she was attempting to keep him within arms length as if he planned on leaving her here. "I-I.." She couldn't get the words out as her mind mulled over the infinite possibilities of things to say. She couldn't decide leaving her to simply speak whatever it was that came out, "I just wanted to show you that I was worth it... coming home for."

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#4 Re: Meeting Her Father on Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:23 am

His little fire-hazard was shaking in her boots despite her attempt to keep a straight face, it was adorable to say the very least but Ika didn't want to spoil the moment by letting her know that she was wearing her feelings on her sleeve. If she wanted to project herself a certain way, it was not his job to ruin that for her or to let her know that he saw through it entirely, no matter how tempting it might be for him. She had finally reached him and she came to a stand still, it was as though the poor girl was awe struck by what she was seeing, her own father. Admittedly it sent a pang of guilt through Ika's head, but he couldn't do anything about that currently.

Tears rolled down his daughters cheeks as she seemed to be staring at him, enamored with every word he spoke as she collapsed to her knees and began to grip his arms. She seemed to be trying to speak but it was hard for her and Ika understood why, after-all, he had been gone for so long and what she said next hurt. Bad. She just wanted to be worth coming home for he.. he couldn't get over it. In all the time since his wife had been killed he never managed to think about how his absence had been impacting his kids, even as he cared for them as best he could. It was a sad reality of what he had become, but he knew that going in. He held her hand, and brought her close to him. "You were always worth it sweetie, I just didn't want you or your brother hurt by being dragged into the life I chose.. The life I took up to honor your mother.. I hoped that from afar, I could show you that I loved you.. I'm sorry that I failed in that... but that's all going to change dear.. I promise."

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