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#1 [Battle] Accelerator vs Quake (Round 2) on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:03 pm

Accelerator walked back into the arena once more with all eyes fixated squarely on him for this upcoming encounter. His last opponent was a fucking failure, she showed off her useless quirk temporarily before succumbing to Accelerator's attacks. He wasn't even sure he'd need to lift a finger this time around, but he appreciated the crowds suspense for whatever was about to happen. He didn't care about the crowd or whoever the hell they'd thrown out to fight him, but he was certainly ready to get this over with. If we're being honest, he wasn't entirely sure why they didn't skip all of this nonsense and just hand him the trophy so he could go on about the rest of his life.

Nonetheless that was apparently too easy, so he closed his eyes momentarily, before glancing up at his opponent with his hands placed firmly in his pockets. "Let's get this over with, you attack me and knock yourself out so I can go nap."

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