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#1 Juggeh V Hana (Round 2) on Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:30 am

Violet eyes would wander the crowds as she sheepishly waved at the cheering fans. It seemed that her adorable heart and good deeds had gone noticed, as well as her enormous quirk. She had stolen the hearts of the crowd as her innocence had taken over enough for her to take care of her opponent in his time of need. She was cute, shy, but she didn't seem to care what people thought. She did what was right and followed her giant heart. Well, at this point, it was a bit nervous and fast paced as she wandered onto the stage again. She knew who her next opponent would be, but she hadn't got to see his quirk in action. All he had done was thrown the poor child out of the ring the last match.

Anyway, Hana would stand waiting for his arrival, while waiting for the match to start. Would she be able to win again? Was he powerful enough to take on her mass and strength? Was she powerful enough to beat him? He wasn't like Haru. Haru was much faster, but much weaker.

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