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#1 Kat V Shana (Round 2) on Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:23 am

She had advanced to round two no doubt having drawn quite the bit of attention to herself. She had to say that she was a bit happier than when she had started for more than one reason. First, she had melted someone's face off! Who wouldn't be excited about that, especially after they had intentionally pissed her off? Second, she had advanced to the second round unlike Seo, which was an accomplishment all on its own. He had always been stronger than she was, but now things seemed to be turning around. She was going to have to keep it that way.

So, a more cheery Kat would walk her way up onto the platform as she would hear the names being called. Of course, they had started calling her the Pyromaniac, which was fine by her. It was what she had in mind as her hero name after all. They had also called another name. She was sure it was another student, however they seemed more familiar than a passing face. Had she fought them before? It seemed as though she had heard the name many of times and it seemed to male her blood boil. Perhaps, time would tell. She certainly knew it would tell them which was stronger. She was NOT going to let this end without a clear winner. This time one would be victorious.

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#2 Re: Kat V Shana (Round 2) on Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:25 am

Shana had managed to scrape by in round one, and progress to the second round, she had heard that her opponent was also a bit of a firecracker, with a love of fire. Which meant that one way or another this was going to be one hot fight. Shana made her way into the ring, her long red hair swaying behind her as she walked. Gazing across to the other side of the ring Shana would see her opponent, a taller young lady with long black hair and pale skin.

As Shana got a couple of feet inside of the ring, she stopped dead and took up her stance, waiting for the announcement to begin. "So, ready to turn upu the heat a bit?"

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#3 Re: Kat V Shana (Round 2) on Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:21 am

She would see her opponent arrive and her head would grow all the more confused. Where had she seem this girl before?! Damn, this was annoying and she felt as if she was experiencing a sense of Deja vu. Oh well, Kat would find herself standing straight as the girl seemed to ready herself. She would listen to the ignorant pun and she would look out into the crowd. They grew silent as Kat would look to the teacher that was giving the signals. That's when she would hear it, Begin!"

The teen would find herself smirking as she would raise her hands to blast a few fireballs in the girl's general direction. She would fire 6 of them total 3 towards the girl's legs and 3 towards the torso. She would run after them hoping to get in a bit closer. If she was allowed to do so, she would set off a stream of fire out of her right hand as if she were a blow torch trying to keep the other at bay.

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#4 Re: Kat V Shana (Round 2) on Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:35 am

Shana would watch as Kat would launch fireballs towards her which just made the red head smirk, Shana would stretch out her right hand loosing a stream of fire that she would loose a stream of fire that she would just further manipulate intercepting all of the fireballs causing them to fizzle out, before slamming her fist into the ground loosing out a wave of fire that would spread out across the ground about three feet up. Should Kat try to leap over it she would catch herself in a bad position as Shana would lash out with her left hand launching a blast of flames towards her while she was mid-air.

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#5 Re: Kat V Shana (Round 2) on Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:44 am

Kat would be running forward as she watched all of her fireballs clash with another stream of fire. So, they were one in the same? Well, that didn't matter much considering Kat believed herself to be much stronger than all of the students in this tournament, except maybe like two. Anyway, she would watch a short wall of fire coming at her as she would jump using her ability to blast fire from her feet launching her just a slight bit further into the air and over the three feet of fire. Emerald eyes would look surprised as she watched the girl below trying to blast a stream of flame at her. Oh no, what ever should Kat do? A smirk would cross her face. She would hold up her right hand blasting out a stream of fire sending her flying towards the right side of Shana's body.

If her plan had worked as well as she hoped, Kat would land a few feet from Shana's right. Using her own left hand, Kat would attempt to rush her again as she would shoot a 6 more fireballs at the right side of her body. If she was able to get in close, Kat would coat her hands and feet in fire as she would make about three punches at the girl's torso before trying to kick her in the back of the legs sweeping her feet out from under her. However if she didn't make it, Kat would hold up both hands sending a larger stream of flame towards Shana. It was almost as if she were a human flamethrower.

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#6 Re: Kat V Shana (Round 2) on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:00 am

Shana's smirk widened into a full fledged smile as Kat used her own stream of flame to move out of the way of the incoming attack, But that didn't effect Shana much, with a shift of her foot she let loose a smaller wave of flames across the ground towards where Kat was going to land, where it would erupt in a pillar of flames that would engulf the taller girl.

Though odds were against that working, and if Kat managed to get her way out of it, and decided to continue down her previous attack plan Shana would leap forward to avoid the incoming fireballs creating a wall of flame between the two girls in hopes of discouraging another attempt at closing in, though ready for more aerial shenanigans should Kat think of going over it.

Should Kat go with the stream of fire approach Shana would loose a torrent of her own, this one smaller in diameter than Kats, though spinning with enough force that it should cause Kat's flame to disperse while it slowly drilled its way through Kat's attack.

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#7 Re: Kat V Shana (Round 2) on Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:10 am

Her plan of getting up close and personal to Shana had come to a halt as she noticed the flames crossing the ground. No matter, Kat would simply dodge the pillar of flame by moving to the right directly after her feet touched the ground. This would prompt her stream of flame to ignite from both of her hands as she had planned before. Green eyes would watch confidently before the girl would notice a small stream of swirling flame trying to drill through her larger one. A shrug would ensue before Kat's own flames would begin to churn and spin now pressing against the force of the smaller one potentially dispersing it much quicker than it had previously done to hers. Hopefully, the drilling current would not only disperse Shana's own, but would also drill directly into her pushing her out of the arena while burning her directly.

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