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#1 [Private] Of Robberies & Rivalries on Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:51 am

Crime definitely wasn’t a foreign concept to Tatooin Station. It’s a hotbed of criminal activity both of the petty and heinous variety. Villains flocked to the area in droves, all but ensuring that the station never saw a full day of peace and calm. The only thing going for the station was that criminals were quickly apprehended if not completely ran out of the area by the heroes that roamed the streets just looking for a chance to increase their prestige and bust up some criminals in the process.

This did not deter The Marionette. She is an elusive one, having evaded capture since she became a well-known villain. She may cause minimum property damage, but she had a fair share of deaths under her belt. Most had been the direct result of somebody threatening her, others in self-defense, and few in just cold-blood. Her actions were not necessarily malicious, though the public at large thought otherwise, however, she did not feel an ounce of guilt for the blood she spilt. Her wellbeing has always been paramount, everyone else be damned.

She tapped her bicep rhythmically, emerald green eyes locked onto the middle-aged cashier stuffing money into a nondescript, brown bag. Her movements are methodical, each stack of cash carefully examined before being dropped into the bag. Her expression is that of betrayal and disbelief. She had been closing down the quaint shop. Five more minutes and she would be headed home, her shift done. Her fellow cashiers had been dismissed early, the woman feeling rather charitable and confident that she could lock up for the night with how slow business had been. However, her plans had been thrown against the linoleum floor when The Marionette swept into the store. And, that’s how she ended up shoving the days earnings into a bag against her will.

To the Marionettes credit, she forewent threatening the employee. She got straight to business, seizing the woman’s body. She had not the time to play. If she stayed too long, it’d be suspicious and that would draw unwanted attention from some do-gooder.

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#2 Re: [Private] Of Robberies & Rivalries on Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:48 am

It wasn't the most exciting day for Selica, which would force her out of the agency and into a more lively environment. She had spent most of her time as of late gathering only the most interesting and useful of heroes. She wanted them powerful, cunning, and not afraid to "fuck some shit up". However, she didn't mind having some cuties around to frighten and play around with either. Anyway, she was bored of doing desk work, so she decided to go out and find the action.

It wouldn't take long for her to find it around Tatooin Station, considering it was a hotspot for the villainous scum of Japan. She had spent much of the day picking off small scale garbage and wrapping up the competition. Eventually, forest green eyes would notice many of the shops closing up for the evening and much of the crowd had died down ever so slightly. However, something seemed to stick out to her over all the ruckus and people wanting to meet her. There was one shop among the many still open and there was a familiar looking individual leading Selica to swiftly enter the building.

A smirk would cross her face as she would watch the woman putting money into a very suspiciously plain bag. Vines would find their way slithering across the floor towards Mari, as Selica would begin to speak to her, "Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Perhaps, recently? A couple times? I think I visited you in jail once?" The woman would sigh before continuing, "You just can't be good. You always havw to cause me trouble, huh? I suppose I do enjoy our little games. It's quite enticing." The red head would blow the puppet master a kiss before she would attempt to wrap the marionette's legs together with her vines.

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#3 Re: [Private] Of Robberies & Rivalries on Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:20 am

“Can’t have been me. I have never spent a second in a jail cell.” The Marionette replies as she hops over the counter. Emerald eyes met forest green ones. She knows Selica, she can recognize the plant wielding hero miles away. They had been in their fair share of scuffles with the woman coming closes to putting her away on several occasions. However, she still managed to slip away. This would be no different as she had no intentions of chilling out in prison. She’d be there a while thanks to her ledger and she wasn’t about that.

She slings the brown bag over her shoulder with her left hand, the middle-aged woman being shoved out of the way. She maintained her hold on the woman. She could be a very good distraction because there was simply no way The Marionette was going to actually engage Selica in the store. That was just a losing situation on her end and she preferred draws to outright losing. So, with a small smile and a wave of her free hand, she says, “sorry.” Who it was aimed at, Selica and the middle-aged woman could discern that for themselves. All her hostage knew was that one second she was standing beside The Marionette and the next, she was lunging for the hero.

With that, The Marionette spun on her heels and made a run for it, the dark-haired woman exiting the booth and racing down the nearest aisle before turning onto another one. She was headed for the back entrance. The alley, though cramped, could definitely provide cover and means of escape. Though, there was no doubt the woman and her damn vines would be hot on her heels as she exited into the cool night.

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#4 Re: [Private] Of Robberies & Rivalries on Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:03 am

"Oh right, how silly of me. I'll make sure this is your first. Don't worry, I'll make sure to visit!" Selica would continue with a smirk on her face. She would run her tongue over her bright red lips before blowing the villainess a kiss. "I'm sure the others will find you quite delectable. Watch your back," Selica would taunt The Marionette from the opposite side of the counter. She was angry and she was ready to taste some of that precious iron from her warm, shiny blood. This criminal had been her hardest yet. She had never once been able to capture her, but today Selica was ever so prepared. She was seething with pure rage.

The sack was thrown over the villain's left shoulder and she would wave with the right. An apology with no meaning would escape the mouth of the puppet master before the cashier would lung at her. Poor girl. Vines would erupt through the floor smashing it to pieces wrapping around the girl's torso and limbs midair. This would leave the puppet unable to love and out of commission. A vine would find its way under Selica's feet as she used it to propel herself towards the back of the store smashing trough everything in its path. She would have to pay for that later, which was fine. Forest green eyes would catch the villainess outside. She would force vines up through the ground in an attempt to make a wall in front of the dark haired opponent ultimately surrounding The Marionette if effective. Bare feet stayed planted on the vine that had been her source of transportation if she needed to move swiftly again.

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#5 Re: [Private] Of Robberies & Rivalries on Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:52 am

“Oh dear. It seems a wall has suddenly sprung forth.” She jabs her thumb over her shoulder. She is nonchalant despite being cornered. This isn’t her first rodeo, after all. She has been a fair share of situations that just screamed she was well on her way to jail. However, thanks to an observant mind and instincts, she managed to slip away every time and this would be no different. Though, she’d likely have to leave the spoils behind for that future to become available to her.

She drops her arm idly to her side and shifts her weight onto her right foot. Her eyes dart around the alley, taking note of every possible escape route beside the one obviously blocked by vines. But not only did she plot her exit, she also took note of the things that laid around the two women. Garbage, sure, but trashcans could become deadly projectiles under The Marionettes influence. And, no one wanted to become well acquainted with a garbage can, especially not those large ones that were so common place in alleyways.

With a combination of a thrown bag and a flying trashcan, she could create a distraction long enough to, maybe, hightail it out of the area. She’d save it though, for now, as she wanted to leave with the money in tow – she was low on funds. “Say, is there any way this ends with me not in jail. I mean… not like I’ve gone out of my way to kill folks. So, must have more important criminals to chase then me.”

She smiles, her arms slightly raised as if in surrender.

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#6 Re: [Private] Of Robberies & Rivalries on Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:06 am

Green eyes would watch as the Marionette stated the obvious, considering Selica was the one that had grown the wall in the first place. What was she getting at anyway? Was this supposed to be some sort of trick or distraction? The plant woman would notice that her rival was very much relaxed though. She wasn't frantic, she wasn't bargaining, and she certainly wasn't giving up. Selica knew her far too well. She knew this one and she wanted to pop the head right off her shoulders. However, she was far too indulged in the affections of the people and wanted to keep it that way. She adored their praise, she loved the way they spread her name through the streets, and she relished in the media gaining her attention. It was like a dream come true.

The red head would continue to keep her eyes on the marionette as her wall seemed to unravel in the slightest making a weak point straight in the center. The vines would slither outwards towards the hands that stood erect with the money. They would sit idly behind the woman as she would begin to speak her lines and ask her questions. Her red lips would poke out and to the side as if she were thinking on the question. She had ideas, but she wasn't sure how this particular troublesome one would take it. Anyway, she wasn't shy and would certainly state her case.

"Getting out of jail is a tough one, but I'm sure I could work something out. But! You'd have to join me. Work for me. And we'll call it a bit of community service. A bit of giving back. I'd even pay you, so you wouldn't have to sneak around and run away empty handed every time I catch you. Of course, you wouldn't be allowed out of my sight. It's up to you, though. Try to run away hoping to have enough funds to live off of or join me on the road to glorious luxury. Choose wisely," she would say with a smirk. She was watching and waiting for this woman to do something sketchy. She was waiting for her to run. She was waiting for her to make a move. She doubted this woman would join her, but it was worth the humor.

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#7 Re: [Private] Of Robberies & Rivalries on Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:28 am

“Hmmm.” The Marionette drawls. She looks to be genuinely weighing her options. The offer from Selica was humorous, at best. Fighting on the side of good sounded extremely unsatisfying and, a joke. One big, funny joke because there was just no way that she’d play hero nor any association let her walk free. She had murdered her fair share of people, and even if she could prove that it was self-defense, their authority to apprehend her would definitely trump that stance. So, she really doubted that the woman could uphold her bargain even if she were likely to accept it.

She inhales deeply and tilts her head to the side. She manages to get a glimpse of the vines that were posed to strike. The Marionette felt like she was being forced to decide between freedom and a long jail stint. She was being threatened and she didn’t like being threatened. That’s how all her victims died. They had stupidly threatened her.

She clicks her tongue, her eyes back on Selica. Emerald green bore into forest green eyes. She made up her mind and she acted quickly. She could get money some other time. So, she threw the bag at Selica and immediately rolled to avoid those damn vines likely coming at her. She’d spring onto her feet and focus on the trashcan she had taken inventory of moments before. With a screeching sound that bounced off the walls, it rolled towards the woman.

With paths out of the alley blocked, she ducked back into the store. She’d take her chances on the streets. The alley had been a bad move, but she would quickly rectify that. So, she hands for where she had initially entered the store from - the reason she had managed to have the misfortune of running into Selica of all heroes.

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