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#11 Re: [Open] Food for Thought! on Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:28 am

"If you're going by anime and manga terms, then yes, you might be considered a trap. You kinda remind me that that kid from the anime about a classroom full of assassins in training." Joshua said Dainchi, unable to stop himself from grinning in amusement. Something about how easily excited this guy got over small things reminded him a lot of his sisters when they were younger. He glanced at Riku when he noted the boy was looking at him in concerns to their one friend, some other boy with chains growing out of his back. Picking up what was being said, he shrugged. He already had three sisters to look after, especially Anna, so he wasn't sure he would have the time to look after someone else. Sides, if Daichi and Riku were friends with the guy, it should be no issue for them to help him when needed.

He was about to leave to take a shower to get the sweat off himself when Jun spoke, dissing their teacher. This rather irked him.
"If you're unsatisfied, that request a class transfer. Sure, our teacher is an unknown but that doesn't necessarily mean their worse then Tempest. So, if it bothers you so much, transfer. If not, suck it up and deal with it like an adult." He said.

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#12 Re: [Open] Food for Thought! on Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:45 am

"Now Joshua, Be nice, Its awesome having known teachers but personally I love the mystery of this teacher is she giggly and bubbly or is she dark and scary? So exciting to actually know what is going on and which teachers we get."Said Amaya sweetly patting joshua on the shoulder.

"I would eat but I kinda already did eat a granola bar."Said Aurora turning down the food offer shaking her hands.
"I'm too tired to eat."Said Anna with a yawn curling up in a seat trying to fall back asleep

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#13 Re: [Open] Food for Thought! on Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:16 am

"Oh? Sounds like a cool show to watch, I may check it out..." Though unknown to any of them...Daichi already had a hell of a bloodlust. Thankfully, he never had to use it, but three times. Not here, but back home and elsewhere. Though it's likely just a matter of time. Then Joshua spoke to Jun. And Daichi looked confused. He didn't hear the blond speak ill of their teacher.

Jun's green eyes darkened a few shades and looked at Joshua, completely unimpressed. "The way you say that, it's like you thought I was somehow insulting our teacher. If that's the case...get your hearing checked. I can't diss on someone if I don't know them. I said nothing of their teacher abilities or anything. Don't assume things, moron, it makes an ass out of u and me." The blond got hit in the head by an ice bokken. Complements of Riku. "He is right, you shouldn't make assumptions. He just doesn't like being in the dark about a hero that's gonna be teaching us. Especially since our idol is teaching the class below us."

After that, he shoved a bento into Aurora's hands. "A granola bar isn't going to keep your strength up for the morning. Eat something more's unhealthy to eat just that. It doesn't matter what you do, eating a hardy breakfast is a must to stay healthy."

Jun piped up. "If it makes you feel any better, it's why I go jogging in the morning...I'd get fat otherwise..." That earned him another whack on the head by an ice bokken.

Daichi was done with his meal. "Say...I really should learn to do my own laundry too...if you'd give a minute, and Lucia three, mind if we join you?"

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