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#11 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:14 am

Ryu was excepting ika to catch the fist like any normal being probably would but one thing he did not expect was for Ika to instead dodge the fist. Ika instead used his upper forearm to jump over his shoulder to Ryu's backside taking his arm with him. "Fuck.."He growled before letting out a roar of pain feeling his arm dislocate at not only the shoulder but at the elbow too as he fell to one knee wincing in pain. "God....Dammit..."He growled to himself before he listened to Ika speak of instead of Athena roasting his meat that maybe he would enjoy her roasted "That I would." He said under his breath spreading his wings to take flight rising above the two before he dived down angling a kick to hopefully break Ika's grip on the girl. If it were to work he would follow up with a blow to the side of ika's ribs with his tail

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#12 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:10 am

She thought her attack might at least catch him off guard, but it only seemed to be a trivial matter in the least. Green eyes would watch as Ika simply blasted them out of the sky turning them to dust and pebbles. Her expression would simply change to one of disappointment. She didn't necessarily want to use the larger objects in the area considering it would cause quite the backlash later on. However, she was beginning to think she may have to, especially as Ika came at her. He was quick and would wrap his hand once more around her throat.

She hated fighting foes stronger than she, but she knew she was better than both of these testosterone sacks combined. Even as he squeezed her neck, Athena would struggle and act panicky. However simultaneously, she would be attempting to rip a tree out of the ground. It was difficult and as the time went by, her mind became weaker. She was choking and couldn't breathe. Her mind was growing darker, yet she still tried. She would notice the dragon coming in for an attack and she would cease pulling the tree up. Nonetheless, it had been moved enough that it was slowly tilting towards the two of them. It fell faster as it began to topple over. If Ika released her, she would scramble out of the way. If not, they would surely both be crushed by the massive object.

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#13 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:56 am

Ika stepped back with the girl in hand as the dragon came crashing towards him with a kick, it had apparently still not learned it's lesson. Little did he account for the fact that Ika was pretty god damn good at this whole combat thing. Ika ducked the kick, moving aside as he noticed the tree being uprooted. Ika smirked, throwing the telekinetic girl into the tree as hard as he could. The tree was falling on Ika, and the dragon but Ika was unfazed. He broke his point finger, and cracked the tree with a powerful punch, shattering it and blowing the splinters backwards without so much as a grimace. "That was your master plan eh?.. Not the best I've ever seen.. Here. Maybe this will help."

Ika smirked, placing his hands behind his back before motioning with his head for them to come forwards. "Go ahead, show me what you can do now."

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