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#1 An introductory course to Ika on Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:28 am

Ika had arrived in the forest for a training exercise, the participants had been warned in advance that it would probably end with them being beat rather brutally, but he couldn't be sure that they truly understood the extent of what he was going to do to them. That being said, Ika would be remiss and also full of shit to say that he cared whether or not these jobbers were prepared, because he was feeling rusty, and he needed some work. So this was going to have to do, whether they knew that was the inevitable ending to this or not, it was going to be what it was going to be.

Ika stepped forwards, revealing himself from behind a tree to the two of them. One was a dragon boyo and one was some telekinetic jobber that Ika had thrown a few dimes at in the street. He wasn't sure why she had elected to follow him after that, but hey, what works works right? Ika rolled up his sleeves and cracked his neck before taking his stance. "You two should probably make the first move, otherwise I'm not going to get any defensive practice in here at all.. oh.. and uh, good luck to the lot of you."

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#2 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:33 am

Interesting introduction it was indeed to first receive a offer by someone named Ika Mazi and Ryu decided to just accept cause well what doe he Keiko or Amelia have to loss, sounded fun to be part of a literal group even thought the dragon couldn't stand being around anyone or part of anything but the pay was interesting enough to get his attention.

Ryu descended from his view above the tree tops taking out some trees in his wake as he landed "A tiny bit rusty...Been awhile since I needed to fly."He noted to himself wearing just a simple form fitting red tank top that was a bit brightened then the red scales that colored and mutated the left side of his body with a midnight black cargo pants and simple combat boots. He scratched his chocolate brown hair pulling a few twigs loose from his hair. He waited where he was told to meet seeing Ika come out from behind a tree before giving a sort of a bullshit honest looking care to give them a fighting chance t and Ryu could tell. "So we are training dummies then you shouldn't make a single move towards attacking us as you should be purely defense if this was so." He said cracking his left claw as his tail moved from it's hidden panel in the back of his pants before whipping the ground leaving a sort of small crack where it touched.

Ryu closed his wings before her took a stance holding his hands up and ready to go. He bent his knees slightly before he Lounged forward coming at him with a pulled back fist aiming a straight punch towards the chest quickly followed with a quick spin aiming a strike with his tail towards the lower part of Ika's torso.

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#3 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:37 am

Athena would find herself floating through the forest via telekenetic powers as her green eyes wandered along the plant life. Her facial expressions wouldn't change as she seemed disgusted by the world around her. She didn't particularly enjoy the outdoors or anything of that nature. Her black pigtails flowed behind her as she moved forward towards where it was Ika wanted to meet her. The woman would then stop as she watched the demonic entity emerging from the trees. Her green eyes would stare at him as she would look up to see the man in the trees. What was this? They were supposed to be his punching bags? This was why she didn't go out into the woods via any man's request.

She would watch the dragon begin to fight the man as she would mentally sigh. She would ate herself upon the ground as she would begin to speak telepathically only to the dragon man, "Hey, hot-head. It's great and all that you're going for it without me like I'm not even here, however if you wouldn't mind giving me some objects to throw that'd be great." She would tilt her head to the right as she awaited his assistance. Did he really not even look into what her quirk was? How were they supposed to work together like this?

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#4 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:25 am

Ika smirked as the dragon man claimed he shouldn't try to attack them if this were to be a simple sparring session, Ika rolled his eyes nonchalantly and mumbled under his breath. "Yeah.. right." As the dragon went for a strike at Ika's chest he would find it was caught in Ika's hand and Ika would exert maximum force till he heard a crack, hoping he had broken a few of the dragons knuckles. Once it's tail had shot towards him he would release it's arm quickly enough to grab it, holding onto it before pivoting off of his back foot to rotate quickly. He would launch the dragon towards the girl whom seemed to be pouting, and not making shit work out. They would get up to see Ika in front of them, with his hands placed firmly in his pockets. "Well this is a fucking drag.. surely you guys have more to bring to the table than this yeah?.."

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#5 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:16 am

Yeah I will get on that once he isn't going to attack you...find rocks, trees, something. He replied Ryu let out a roar of pain from some of his knuckles getting crushed from Ika catching his punch. He winced and figured if anything his tail should at least cause some damage. God dammit, Ika caught that one as well. Ryu was expecting immediate pain but instead found himself spun around by his tail before tossed into his partner "watch it!"He said wrapping his wings around himself to hopefully soften the blow of getting tossed into his opponent. Ryu's eyes swirled for a second before he looked up getting to his feet "Alright you crushed my damn hand...its fine."he said taking up a stance again ready

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#6 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:56 am

Green eyes would watch as a smirk curled across her lips while Ika crushed the dragon boy's hand. That's what he got for being a pathetic little bitch. What made him possibly think that a punch would do any sort of damage? Athena would continue to watch as the dragon cried out in pain and she would get an up close view as he was thrown into her. Athena would feel the pain of their bodies colliding as she would lay out on the ground. Her head spun for a moment as she layed her hand over her chest. It was mever nice getting your boobs crushed and it certainly wasn't anything she'd want to feel again. The dragon would stand as Athena would rise up to her feet without the use of her arms or legs.

"Alright. Alright," She would say to the dragon before a dozen sticks would find their way flying in from the left and right sides of Ika. Surely, this wouldn't do anything to harm him, but she wasn't exactly familiar with the forest setting. She was still trying to figure out just what all she could use to her advantage in this setting. Her green eyes looked around for more material as she awaited what the dragon had planned.

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#7 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:50 am

The two of them seemed pretty content with waiting for him to come and attack them so he would oblige them, speeding over to the telekinetic girlo's position Ika would quickly wrap his hand around her neck, avoiding the sticks at the same time. The interesting thing about this however was the fact that he didn't plan on doing anything spectacular other than giving her a warning. He bounced her off the ground, slamming her down to the ground as hard as he could kind of like a choke-slam, it might even remind her of her mayor if she really thought about it but that wasn't exactly Ika's concern at the present time. He would turn to the dragon man as she bounced off the ground and he dashed over to him as quickly as he could, he clenched his fist as hard as he could and as he went to punch him in the face he would have a less than savory surprise.

Ika changed course in an instant and appeared at his side with a punch aimed straight at the dragons ribs and if that had connected he would follow it up with a super-speed knee aimed at his jaw, hoping to knock him unconscious at best and at worst the blow was going to break his jaw. But, that was all in a days work. And boy today was going to be a lovely day..

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#8 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:01 pm

"God way to toss sticks find rocks next time."He growled seeing ika went the utterly useless telepath. Hell he knew his own daughter would be of more use then this one he was pair with. He moved forward coming at Ika seeing him finish the woman with little effort. He slid to a stop receiving a punch to the face causing him to stumble back before he recovered quickly catching the punch towards his ribs stopping it from connecting with his ribs pushing off from the punch to avoid the knee to the face barely before he rebound straight at ika as his scales on his left arm glowed before fire ignited around his scaled dragon claw "Back the Fuck off."He growled feeling his rage getting a bit too much for even him to handle or maintain as it was becoming clear Ryu was doing his best to not go his dragon form for very obvious reasons oh then it hurt like hell when returning to his humanish form.

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#9 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:21 pm

"Make up your goddamn mind, you narcissistic prick," Athena would growl telepathically as she would watch Ika come at her. Well, she wouldn't exactly see him, until his hand was wrapped around her throat. Wheezing sounds would escape her mouth before she would cough one time. Next thing she knew, she was slammed into the ground as a gasp would force it's way through her lips. However, she wasn't trying to catch her breath. No. The moment her body had touched the ground all source of air had left her being causing her eyes to water at the feeling of pain. Her back ached like never before. In the moments after, she would try to catch her breath through dizzy, hazy thoughts. She couldn't see straight, she couldn't think straight, and she couldn't stand up.

After a while of catching her breath, Athena would roll over to find the dragon man was being attacked endlessly. Well, it seemed she was forgotten about, so she would take his advice. A few smaller rocks above the ground would fly straight into the air above their heads as the larger ones forced their way out of the earth. Small craters would be left as they ascended. Once the rocks were above Ika's head, she would drop the dozens propelling them forward to hopefully pelt him from above. Perhaps, she could even create distance between the two. "Complain again and I'll be selling those pretty little scales of yours while I eat roasted dragon," she would groan telepathically while rising to her feet.

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#10 Re: An introductory course to Ika on Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:06 am

The dragon came up with a genius idea, he was going to swing at Ika with a flaming claw as though Ika would give a half hearted fuck about that. No worries though, Ika quickly grabbed the upper arm of the dragon and flipped himself over it's back. If the dragon lost balance as he expected it to, he would yank upwards and probably dislocate the arm at the shoulder, and possibly even the elbow given he was able to get enough torque. From there it would be on to the girl, who was currently busy yelling at the dragon and being a particularly obnoxious bitch at the present moment.. Well.. That wasn't going to work for long. Rocks began to rain down towards his general direction and Ika immediately snapped his pinky finger, and launched a blast of energy into the air with his fist that eviscerated every rock in the vicinity.

Cracking his neck Ika approached the telekinesis girl, lifting her up by the neck once again but this time he squeezed tightly. "Maybe the dragon would like roasted bitch.. what do you think?.. I think he could go for it." Ika squeezed tighter, watching the girl frantically struggle in his hands. God he loved the feeling of power.. It had been a long time but.. he was back.

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