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#1 Blood letting [Private] on Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:21 pm

Suzume had been out on the prowl overnight, stalking through the alleys and back roads around the city. She wasn't quite sure what it was she was looking for, but something told her that there would be something around to make her time spent here worthwhile. Luckily, it seemed that there was someone else with a similar state of mind, a would-be villain that saw the young girl and her strange outfit as the perfect target. With a motion of his hand it seems to ignite, lighting up the alley as he approached the lone woman.

"Alright girly, why don't you just hand over your -" he seemed confident, until the light illuminated her properly. The rather revealing dress wasn't some strange fabric, but interlocking plates that seemed to be extending down her limbs like segmented armour as she turned to face him. The smile stretched across her features paired with a manic stare shook the man to the core. On instinct, he threw a fireball right at her, some primal fear taking over as her right arm formed into an organic blade.

The projectile would hit her, though by the time it had traveled she had coated herself completely in the strange armour and did little to slow her sudden advance, the clawed grip of her left hand would take the man by surprise as he was slammed into the wall, given just enough time to scream as she buried her blade through his chest and into the wall behind him. The blood that should have been pouring from the wound being drawn into the armour instead. The girl laughed, more of a cackle really, as she repeatedly drove her blade into her hapless victim's body. Making a mess was something of an understatement it seemed as she tossed aside the useless husk of a corpse. The tough carapace seemed to be smoking slightly, absorbing the blood of her last victim. Unfortunately, one wasn't enough... she needed more.

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#2 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:19 am

It was late at night as Shade sat on the edge of a roof his feet swinging as he watched the city life move on below him, it had been a peaceful night, he had seen even so much as a purse snatcher from his vantage point above the city. Well that was until a flash of light lit up an alleyway not too far from where he sat Splitting off into three clones he would leap from roof to roof, towards the flash of light, silently coming across the scene in the alleyway, as the young girl cackled and repeatedly stabbed a blade into a hapless victim. Shade didn't know how this situation came about, but he knew one thing for sure, the young woman was definitely no hero.

One of Mo-ri's clones leaped from the roof top, staff drawn and extended to nearly six feet in length as he came crashing down, aiming the staff for the woman's shoulder. Gravity, combined with momentum of the flip that the clone performed mid air would bring the staff down with bone crashing force on the crazy woman.

Clones: 2

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#3 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:02 pm

The clones strike would be met with a viscious slash with the girl's bladed arm, the wickedly sharp edge breaking somewhat as she batted it away as she turned. There seemed to be no forethought behind this attack though, more like a bestial instinct than anything else. He would notice that she had literally stabbed through the concrete wall behind her fallen target, there was some hidden strength behind the lithe armour-clad form. The clone wouldn't get much of a chance to really process this however, as Suzume immediately went on the attack, lunging forward with the wickedly sharp claws that had formed on her free hand, aiming to latch onto the double before trying to drive her arm through his torso.

There was only so much he could really count on, and his own armour might be looking somewhat fragile with the sheer strength the girl possessed. Should her attempt fail, he would find it hard to get any breathing room as she wildly slashed at him as she charges forward. Each strike given just as much force as the last, aiming to slash the clone beyond recognition. Of course, at this stage it seemed she wasn't aware it was a clone rather than a real person, but she didn't seem to care either way.

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#4 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:32 am

The Jin's clone's strike while stealthy was swatted away, almost as if on reflex, his feet barely connected with the ground before he leaped backwards batting at her lunge, deflecting it into a wall with his staff, aiming a counter thrust of his own at her head, though before he could connect with the strike he was dancing backwards as he avoided more slashes from the armored chick. His eyes had caught signs of the damage her attacks had inflicted on the wall so far and knew that aside from dumb luck his armor would not hold up too well to her strikes.

Shortening his staff to about four feet in the length, and holding it more like a sword than a staff he continued to deflect the blows as they came in, The real Jin created another clone who would silently leap down from the roof, walking up behind her he would reel back with his staff and swing with his full might at her head, hopefully the clone in front of the parasite was keeping her distracted enough to notice the one sneaking up behind her.

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#5 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:00 pm

Suzume's bladed arm cleaved with surprising devastation through the wall and hardly slowed her as she followed him back, trying to just land a strike with her savage attacks, keeping the man on his toes as he retreated away while she continued her assault. Though she seemed focused on the clone she was fighting, it would seem that his staff wasn't quite enough to make a dent in her armoured shell. In fact it seemed to barely register with the woman as she continued her attack. However, the armour would sprout a fleshy tendril from her shoulder, wrapping around the new clone's weapon to grip tight as she launched herself forwards, her clawed hand making a grabbing motion for her main target. Trying to sink the wickedly sharp clawed fingers into his flesh and keep him from running away.

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#6 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:40 am

The first clone had been managing to stay one step ahead of his bladed foe, keeping just out of reach of the claws, using his staff to keep the more accurate of the strikes from hitting home. And while the second clone was successful in landing a blow, the carapace like armor that surrounded this parasitic villain was far tougher than it looked, and well, sentient with a mind of it's own as it grabbed the second clones staff which was yanked out of the unsuspecting clone's hand as she lunged forward to latch onto the first clone.

The first clone was caught off guard by the ferocity of the lunge and was struck with a tackle that hit with enough force to cause him to dissipate, staff and all. While the villain was probably still recovering from the sudden disappearance of the first clone, the second would leap into action, Jumping into the wall just to her right he would kick off, hard performing an aerial spin kick aimed at the young ladies head.

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#7 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:30 pm

The girl seemed to pause for an instant as the clone vanished, it was hard to really figure out what she was thinking through the featureless face-plate of her armour, if anything it seemed to make her more mad. She turned to the next threat either way as he leaps into the air aiming to kick her head off apparently. Though stopping this would prove to be easier than he might have expected. Bringing the clawed arm up to meet the strike and take hold, following through by slashing at the limb to hopefully sever it before he had a chance to wiggle free. Through all this, however, it didn't seem she had recognized that this was an exact replica of the clone who had vanished moments ago. It was like the 'who' didn't matter to her at all.

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#8 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:10 am

The Shade Clone's kick was caught, in the clawed hand of the monstrous woman, though as she brought the other hand down to try and sever the limb, the blade of her arm impacted the clone's armor turning the cut into well a blunt attack that would have caused quite the nasty bruise if the clone didn't vanish. On the roof, Shade had been inventorying what he had learned from the first two clones as well as the pair of new bruises forming on his body, he knew she was strong, and that armor on her had been proving to be quite powerful.

But every quirk has a weakness, and if there was one thing Shade had, it was plenty of chances to find it. Three more of his clones leaped off of the building, one of which trying to bring the staff down on her hard, the other two would land into rolls on either side of her aiming horizontal strikes at her legs while she was dealing with the one coming down on her head.

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#9 Re: Blood letting [Private] on Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:22 pm

Another clone vanished in front of the creatures eyes, her head darted around to try and figure out just what was going on... Where she noticed a further three exact copies jumping down from the roof. This is where she needed to go if she wanted to find the source of these annoying body doubles. Her bladed arm would shrink into a similar claw to her other hand as she deftly dodged his attack, leaping at the wall to dig her claws in to use the sheer strength she carried to scale it quickly. Gouging marks into the building as she made her way right up the wall. Leaping on top to hopefully find what she was looking for.

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