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#1 Wrapping things Up (Dae-Wi meets Ivy) on Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:13 am

It was just a normal day, not unlike any other as a brown hair young man made his way through Tatooin station, minding his own business, when a scream came from a storm front, followed immediately by a hulking dog-like creature, crashing through the windows of the business a large bag of money in it's claws, before bounding away.

Unfortunately for the villainous hound, the brown haired young man was one Dae-Wi Han, professional hero, and master of Gravity. As the wolf-man pounced he would feel himself being yanked in a direction other than the one he was intending, and right in front of Dae-wi whose face practically screamed that he was rather unimpressed by the audacity of the being before him, either that or was bored to death, it was kind of hard to read "I do believe that, that does not belong to you."

The wolf-man howled before lashing out with a claw that, Dae-Wi deftly ducked under before punching wolfy hard in the gut, and activating his quirk increasing the gravity in a small area around the two of them, forcing wolf-boy to bow down when combined with the blow to the stomach.

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#2 Re: Wrapping things Up (Dae-Wi meets Ivy) on Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:44 am

Selica wouldnt lie. She was only out because she didn't want to be around her own agency right now. She wanted something to do and she didn't want that something to be paperwork. So, she had taken to the streets wandering by pedestrians in her everyday outfit, which had turned into the symbol of her heroism. She had been approached by a few for pictures and autographs on her walk so far to which she would graciously oblige. She loved the attention, she loved the media, and she loved showing herself off to the people. The plant woman would find herself crossing through Tatooin Station only to hear a bit of a scuffle not too far off.

Selica would swiftly make her way down the street only to watch as a boy was apprehending villainous scum. The woman would watch as the villain lashed out at the boy only to he taken down with swift movement and a quirk that she just couldn't live without. The woman would raise a hand as vines would emit from her wrapping around the limbs of the victim restricting his arms and legs. Green eyes would then look to the boy, as her bright red lips would curve into a smirk. "Wow, kid. I have to say... I'm interested," She would place her right hand on her hip as she would stand trying to gain the attention of the boy and potentially the group's of people surrounding them. She was the Pro Hero Ivy after all.

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#3 Re: Wrapping things Up (Dae-Wi meets Ivy) on Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:36 am

As Dae-wi used his powers to hold the wolf-man in a bowing position vines lashed out from the crowd that had started to form around the brawl, binding the wolf man in such a way that he wasn't going anywhere without any kind of help, and that was exactly what the young hero cared about. Of course he did not miss the the sound of a woman's voice calling out that she was interested. Turning towards the voice he saw the red hair, and even redder lips of the pro hero, Ivy. "Thanks for the assist, but interested in what?"

He asked the question, though he had some idea as to what she was talking about, but who knows he might have been on the completely wrong path with it.

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#4 Re: Wrapping things Up (Dae-Wi meets Ivy) on Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:49 am

He would take note that she was interested and ask just what she may be interested in. Her smirk stayed plastered on her face as she walked around the criminal in the most seductive of manners. She would listen to him groan a bit as a few small thorns would protrude from the vines not piercing the skin but leaving his body feeling discomfort. Facing the gravity kid, Selica would begin to speak again, "Interested in you, of course. What you have to offer. What you've just shown to all of these lovely bystanders. I want you." Green eyes would lock on his person as a whole as she would begin to hear groaning coming from the criminal's mouth, which she had also wrapped up. Thorns were beginning the poke through ever so slightly just under the skin, however there was no bleeding to be had yet.

"Join my agency. Help us save the lives of innocents. Help us catch filthy crooks and murderers. We don't ask for much, just that you don't kill or steal aside from the obvious," her appearance had caught the eyes of many and the crowd grew larger as sirens were heard in the distance. She winked and blew kisses to the masses as their voices noe covered the groaning of the delinquent writhing on the ground. His body dripped small drops of blood and his lips were pierced through with large thorns to keep him as silent as possible. Her heart pounded knowing the pain he was going through. She wanted to tear him to shreads, but she simply disnt have the heart to deceive the people. She was a hero afterall. Even if she was a sketchy one.

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#5 Re: Wrapping things Up (Dae-Wi meets Ivy) on Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:05 am

Dae-wi flashed Ivy a winning smile as she confirmed that her interest was in him, his powers and capabilities. He was stoked, she was one of the topped ranked heroes in the world, and she was personally inviting him to join her. How could he refuse, hell even if she wasn't, it isn't like he got invited to work along side such lookers on a regular basis, but he couldn't seem too eager, he had to play it cool. "Sounds like fun, and those are pretty easy rules to follow. Though I have to ask what is in it for me?"

It really didn't matter what her answer was, odds were in favor of him saying yes without too much haggling. This was an opportunity that only a fool would pass up, and say what you would about Dae-Wi Han, he was no fool, not for anybody.

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#6 Re: Wrapping things Up (Dae-Wi meets Ivy) on Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:10 am

Forest green eyes would watch the boy as he would smile at her and she would return the same smile. She had him in her grasp and she knew that. Her grip was tight on the criminal as the police would pull into the scene. Selica would smile at them with a little wave as they would seem to sigh. They didn't particularly hate her, but they hated that they allowed her to seduce them. She had a habit of getting close and personal with the police as they did their jobs, however they didn't seem to mind. In this case though, she was busy with the gravity boy.

"Well, obviously, I'll pay you a decent amount. Besides, would it be so terrible working for me the number two hero?" she would find herself winking at the male as she would cross her arms under her chest. She knew she had knockout curves and she knew how to use that to her advantage. "I'll let you think about it, if you really have to," she wpuld say before turning to the group of officers that were staring at the man on the ground. She would have a bit of explaining to do.

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#7 Re: Wrapping things Up (Dae-Wi meets Ivy) on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:12 am

Dae-Wi would nod to the police who had shown up to collect the poor unlucky fool, who had chosen this particular afternoon to try and do something stupid here, before returning his attention back to the red-head who seemed to be far too used to getting her way, especially with those of the opposite sex. But she made a good point, it wouldn't be bad working under such a famous hero, at least until his name is well known. "No need to think about it, Throw in medical, and Dental and we have a deal. These pearly whites won't be cheap to get put back in place should I get hit."

He knew he wasn't asking for much, and it was probably already covered in whatever agreement that there was to be drawn up between them, most agencies included things like that, granted with heroes like Recovery Girl around, things such as medical and dental were more superfluous, than a necessity. But every little bit helps, even heroes aren't immune to the flu. Well there might be one dude, but lets not talk about him.

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