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#1 [Event] Joshua vs Ryuko on Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:54 am

Joshua sighed as he walked towards the sports stadium arena. He honestly didn't care for the sports festival but at the same time he did. One on hand, given the option, he would've elected not to participate under normal circumstances, however, this was an opportunity for him to become well known to the hero community and potentially get a running start towards his goals. So, even without the school saying so, participating was almost mandatory for him. As such, he would give it his all and reach as high as he could to show the pros who were watching what he could do though. But, he had no intentions of going overboard. Calm and rational judgement was necessary in a fight and he would make sure to keep him composure no matter the opponent.

Once out and on the stadium, he looked around, waiting for his opponent to arrive, wondering who they were and what their quirk might be. Both were important questions after all and they could both easily determine the outcome of this match.

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