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#1 [Private] The Darkest Day of Man on Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:43 pm

What was it about this place? Why had he come here? The location, it seemed to pull to him more than any other. Was this where he was destined to die? So many questions, yet so little time. These questions, if he were to unravel, would only lead to further questions, giving him no real, tangible answers.  He was glad he was alone, the expression he made was one of discomfort, not the usual steel-eyed gazed he usually wore. This place, dagobah municipal beach park, something about it had called to him, and he had answered.

He breathed in the air, deep into his lungs- it was different from the normal air, it felt...of stench. Not surprising considering the fact that the once beautiful beach park is nothing but a literal junkyard now. How unfortunate. Regardless the circumstances, Geralt would walk forwards. Scanning his surroundings as his kind kept wondering why he had the urge to come here.

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