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#1 High Electrical Resistance Suit "H.E.R suit" on Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:15 am

Item Name: High Electrical Resistance Suit
Description: The suit is made primary of Silicon with trace amounts of Tungsten and threads of silver leading to the empty battery's on the suits back. The suit also has a arm that has a hard rubber shield with a thin line of silver wire going to the battery's on the back of the suit. the empty 3 battery's on the back of the suit when full get mounted into a grenade launcher on the shoulder.  
Special Abilities: This suit as the name imply is highly resistant to electricity being made of naturally good insulators like Silicon and Tungsten as well as siphoning away any electricity and store its charge into the 3 battery's on its back which when charged   can be used as a electric stun grenade by being shot out of the grenade launcher mounted to the shoulder or the suit. The grenade launcher and arm with the rubber shield are both hooked up to the user neurologically meaning they must want to move it consciously and works like a moving a your arm or walking. When the battery's are all full the effectiveness of the suit goes down drastically this can be circumvented by adding replacing full battery's but as they are on the back they are hard to do alone

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