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#1 [Event] Hana v Haru on Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:35 am

Hana had dreamed of being a hero just like her father ever since she had been blessed with the news that she had developed her own quirk. She wanted to be just like him because she knew it would make him proud. She knew he would be so glad to see her on the right path because she knew he had loved her unconditionally, which was less than she could say for her mother. Maybe if she could just show her that she could become a great hero, her mother would have to love her again. Anyway, it wouldn't do any good thinking about that now.

Hana would enter the arena stepping onto the stage as she smoothed her hair over her left shoulder. Her purple eyes would scan the crowd as they were loud and wondering what this match would bring. She hadn't known her component nor had she known about what his quirk was. Her fingers wpuld find themselves fiddling with her shirt, her hair, her skin, and anything else that was within grasping distance. She was nervous and she could feel the anticipation welling up within her. Oh no. She couldn't change now. She just had to hold out a little longer, but boy was it getting warm. She was just so nervous.

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#2 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:00 am

The silver haired Gadget Guru known only as Haru Glory stepped into the ring, he was here to make a good showing of his powers in his first ever Sports Festival, in the next one he would worry about showing off inventions, he just hadn't had much time to finish perfecting the various gizmo's and gadgets he had been working on, the Decaforce sword, a blade with 10 different forms each with unique abilities, some of which mimic'ing quirks. Or the exo suit whose sole purpose is to help absorb the force his own attacks put on himself. Unfortunately his recent tests with each one kind of ended disastrously.

But after today he will have a year to work out the bugs, granted he probably won't be making it too far in the tourney without them, unless he is careful that is. Looking across the ring at his opponent, a girl who was a little over half a foot shorter than him, and extremely cute, he decided to try and end it quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Once the signal to begin was sounded he was off, bounding across the ring, using as close to a normal person's speed as he could muster he hoped to grab a hold of the beautiful young girl and send her flying out the ring with one massive toss... Though he might be in for a big surprise.

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#3 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:18 am

Hana would be standing in wait as the boy finally came to the staging area and boy was he tall. Her eyes seemed to only widen as she frantically ran her hands over her hair in the best effort to cover the right side of her neck. He was quite nice looking in a sweet sort of way. He was fairly attractive, but perhaps not Hana's type. What was she doing?! She didn't have time to be scouting out the boys of the school! She had never actually spoken to a boy like him anyway, so she wouldn't even know how to say hi. The girl would freeze all together as the signal sounded.

He would rush at her leaving her body frozen as purple eyes watching him coming at her. She wasn't ready. She was definitely in no way ready. What was she supposed to do?! As he came a few feet from her, Hana would let out a small squeal as the emotional stress of nervousness would force her quirk to activate. Her body would grow to be about 67 feet tall and she would find her face completely red as the crowd gasped. The girl would find herself looking around the crowd only to look down and see the boy was much, much smaller now.

Hana couldn't help but feel terribly bad for having such an unfair quirk. She knew there wasn't really any way he would be able to take her on effectively, unless he had some trick up his sleeve. What would he try to do now? She was stuck like this for quite a while, but at least she didn't feel as nervous anymore.

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#4 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:33 am

-Sure enough Haru was in for a surprise, as the adorable little girl turned into quite the giant, growing more than 11 times her previous size in less time than it took for the silver-haired inventor to close the gap while keeping his body in check. Swallowing hard as he stopped his advance he looked over her new size, seeing that she quite literally was about filling the almost 70ft ring of course if her weight went up proportionate to her height and width than even with everything Haru had, he might not be able to move her.

On the upside though all he had to do was move one foot, and not all that far. Letting himself go, no longer restricting himself, he rushed at the full extent of his speed and strength aiming a tackle at her right ankle hoping that he could push it out of the the ring to win the round. Pushing himself off his full strength on the last step of his approach his legs cracking under the force of his own strength. If this failed then he would be all but out of the fight, but that would be something for him to worry about otherwise.

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#5 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:06 am

Hana would stare down at the boy remember exactly why she never wore skirts or dresses. The girl would see him looking up at her and all she wanted to do was kneel down and apologize. However, she knew that at least everyone had seen her quirk and now all she had to do was knock him out of bounds, which shouldn't have been very hard. She took up most of the arena again making her feel bad. Nonetheless, she wanted to win. She wanted to be seen as worthy in the eyes of an agency. Maybe, she could even become a Pro-Hero one day.

Hana wasn't sure how she was going to move him or even what his quirk was, until he jumped at her leg. She would tilt her head moving her leg forward in a kicking motion hard enough to knock him out of bounds, but soft enough to not hurt him too badly. Sure, he may have bruising if he landed, but she couldn't help it. However if he managed to somehow move her in his small size, she would be surprised. Either way, when he made contact with her ankle, Hana would jump a bit. His strength was enough to hurt her ankle and cause redness. She may even have a bruise later. Ouch.

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#6 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:42 am

Haru's leap connected with a kick that met him part way, the force of the impact was enough to make a loud smacking sound but unfortunately the difference in size was too much for Haru to overcome, at least mid-air, he might have been able to do something if he didn't commit to his attempt all or nothing, but he did, and as such well went flying out of the ring, bouncing softly off of the wall before landing in the grass... Where he groaned lightly before busting out laughing, he had lost but he was laughing, "Woohoo, that was fun, I would not mind getting a chance to see your quirk in action, ooh maybe come up with some kind of cool toys for you to work with."

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#7 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:25 am

Hana would listen as the boy impacted her leg sounding as if he had hit hard leaving Hana to bring her hand up to her mouth. It was odd knowing everyone could see every action she took from very close without needing a monitor. However, she was more worried that she could have really hurt him not realizing her own strength at such a terrifying height. Nonetheless, it seemed that she was now able to turn back willingly into herself, which she would do. Her height would shrink back down to her normally 5 foot self.

Hana would find herself running to the end of the arena as she would look down onto the grass. The boy was happily excited to have been sent flying through the air, which would cause Hana's face to grow red. Purple eyes would look at him in their shining glory before she would find herself running down the stage towards him. "That'd be really fun! But I think we should worry more about getting you help. You look a little broken," the girl would say kneeling down with a little giggle. Across the way, a stretcher would be ran out to carry the boy away.

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#8 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:56 am

Haru was still laughing as he looked down to his legs which were kind of bent out of shape shrugging it off, "It's okay, I am fine, my quirk did that to myself, Well at least most of it. So after this is all over, would you like to hang out some time?" The pain was starting to set in, but the grin hadn't faded, the medic crew was already rushing out to the ring to carry him off to the recovery room. Though Haru just waved for them to wait until he had his answer, he had time before the pain over took the adrenaline and excitement.

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#9 Re: [Event] Hana v Haru on Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:18 am

Hana would smile as the boy still remained cheery, although she felt a little bad he lost. She felt really bad that she had kicked him. She felt even worse that he was terribly broken. Hana would watch the medics come closer only to be stopped. Was something wrong? Purple eyes would glance back to Haru before she would hear him speak to her. Her face would grow bright pink as he would ask to hang out with her after the festival was over. Hana would smile big, as she didn't have many friends at all, "I would love to! You have to get better first though." The girl would nod to the medics, who would rush over and place Haru on the stretcher before taking him away. Hana would watch him go before she would find herself walking back to where she herself had entered. She was so excited to have won, but she was even happier to have made a new friend.

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