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#1 [Event] Lapis vs Cinder on Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:47 am

She casually walks to the tournament grounds, her hands slipped partly into her pockets. As she steps up she looks around at the stands, smiling slightly. She didn't like attention, but this would get her name out to the Hero Agencies. She didn't have to go through some boring interview, she could let her Quirk show what she was capable of.

She watches as her opponent would step up as well. She slips out her hands, walking over to the boy. The girl holds out her hand to shake. "Hi, my name's Lapis. Lets both do our best." Her voice sounded soft, like she just woke up from a nap. That wasn't too far off from the truth, she had fallen asleep in the changing room before hearing her name called to enter the stadium. Hand-shake or no, Lapis would then step back and wait for one of the UA Staff to start the match.

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#2 Re: [Event] Lapis vs Cinder on Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:12 am

Cinder walked through a large tunnel like hallway. In front of him was the exit, the light coming in from outside was so bright however that it looked like a wall of light. The closer he got the easier it was to see outside. Slowly the arena grew into his vision along with the sound of a murmuring crowd. Cinder was walking out to his match up where he would have to fight another student. He had no particular qualms with fighting a student he just found the whole situation a little silly. The whole point of the contest was to tell everybody what type of quirk of he had, Cinder wasn't too happy about it. He was biased however, he knew what was his quirk was capable of and knew it worked better when people didn't know what to expect. Perhaps a lot of them would forget or perhaps they just wouldn't pay attention, all Cinder could do was hope for the best. Letting out a small sigh he finally made it out of the exit and into the field of grass that surrounded the arena he was about to fight on.

Cinder walked through the grass and onto the stone arena, the crowds murmurs getting ever so louder, no doubt with people trying to guess who would win or look best. Standing on the opposite side of the arena was a girl with unique look to her, blue skin and blue hair, it was probably safe to guess mostly everything about her was some shade of blue. Quirk side effects could be weird like that sometimes. While they waited Cinder stretched his arms and legs in different ways trying to keep his muscles warm, before the match was even announced he had been doing warm ups in anticipation. His mind was going rampant making wild guesses at the girls quirk but it was a shot in the dark, he was cut off however when the girl started walking toward him, arm outstretched. The matched hadn't started yet so it was only a simple handshake, one Cinder met with a smile, he didn't want to be rude after all. After the handshake he didn't back up though, he simply waited by the center of the arena. A teacher would likely give them the green light any minute now...

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