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" How have you been handling things here Aurora...Has your quirk been mantainable here?"Asked Amaya walking with her brown haired cousin.

Aurora adjusted her new gloves "yeah enspecially with these new gloves I made a few new friends and these gloves has made it easier to show my skin as they nullify my quirk when they are on."Replied Aurora messing wirh her gloves as a small smile played on her face as she was actually happy and enjoying her time at the academy as they continued yo walk.

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Well, she had to day she was super excited and also equally nervous about moving into UA. She normally stayed with her aunt, but she figured it would be best for Emi to live with the other students. She just wanted to girl to make friends and realize that she's not the only one who has a lot to learn before she can utilize her quirk effectively. Besides, it wasn't as if Aunty didn't work there, so she would still be able to see her every day. It was scary being all alone on the day of move in, but she was well aware that aunty was working part-time for an agency now. So, she was probably busy, which was fine because Emi knew she would want to be here every step of the way. That would just be embarrassing.

Well, she had made it to the front doors after being informed Aunty had all of her things moved into her room aside from the small white, bunny shaped backpack that rested upon her shoulders. Bright, purple eyes would wander around the vicinity as she was far too nervous to go inside. With her headphones on her head, she would hear the other students talking about, but she didn't exactly have the best voice for speaking considering she was deaf most of the time. Instead of asking for help, she would stand silent hoping maybe she would overhear someone and possibly find the direction she was meant to go in.

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"I am glad your making friends Aurora. It was a good thing my parents persuaded yours to let you come here."Said Amaya to Aurora as Aurora nodded "I am still getting use to making my own choices and decisions and I am happy your not constantly looking over my shoulder."She added "it has helped me a lot getting some time by myself."She Replied sweetly as the girls weren't really paying attention to who was standing outside the reach of the doors. Amaya was first to come out looking back towards Aurora before she bumped quite hard into a small purple haired girl with headphones.

"Oh my god I am so sorry! Did I hurt you?"
asked Amaya realizing she knocked down the poor girl holding out her hand to help the girl While aurora moved some of her brown hair behind her ear picking up the dropped headphones holding them out to the girl. "You dropped these."Said Aurora dusting off the headphones handing them back to the girl.

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Emi was waiting and watching taking note of the people not really seeing anyone who she would deem friendly enough to walk up to. It had been a few minutes now and she was starting to worry that she looked like a stalker or a weirdo. She would sigh almost ready to walk into the building and just wander herself as she would hang her head down. However at about the same time, two girls would exit the building not seeing poor, little Emi standing right in front of them. The bigger girl would bump right into her causing the smaller one to lose her balance.

Emi would reach for her ears as she fell only to be met with a ringing sound and a pain in her ears. She would wince as she grasped her ears only to be met with a hard smack right on the ground. With the force her body had hit the ground, a sound wave would blast throughout the area leaving Emi with wide, fear stricken eyes. She would look around only to see everyone staring some with concern, some with fear, and some with pain as the sound had been unexpectedly loud. Purple eyes would look around frantically for her headphones as they had detached from her neck. However, she would be met by a girl small like herself and prettier than even she. Her eyes were so blue and bright that Emi would be caught staring, except she couldn't hear what the girl was saying. She would begin to sign to the girl only hoping that she could understand. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Thank you," her eyes were a bit watered over at this point as her face was red from embarrassment. She didn't want to move too quickly or too bluntly. She didn't want any more sound waves to find themselves hurtling through the crowd.

Slowly, Emi would reach for her headphones lightly holding them in her hands before placing them on her ears once more. She would fasten the button around her neck this time so they wouldn't go further than her own being if it happened again. She would begin to move to the fullest of her abilities now as the ringing grew louder and ultimately stopped with the return of her hearing. The purple haired girl would look away nervously before sighing and turning back to the girls. If at least one of them could understand her signing, she would continue with it, but if they didn't, she would do her best to speak. "I don't have control of my quirk yet, so without my headphones that happens. Please, forgive me? I should have watched were I was going."

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Aurora watched the Small girl fall back hard on the ground but didn't expect a complete sound wave to erupt causing her and Amaya to cover their ears from the ringing as after a few second Aurora watched the girl sign as she smiled happy that she took that sign language class her mom suggested. Aurora began to sign back "No, it is my cousin's and mine's fault, We should have watched for anyone at the door I am so sorry if we hurt you."She signed back. She watched as amaya helped the girl up after let her get herself adjusted.Aurora watched girl sign before Aurora translated it to Amaya. As amaya began to speak Aurora would sign what amaya was saying just incase. "I am so sorry about that, I didn't mean to knock into you. I'm Amaya Yashia and this is my cousin Aurora Vanisis. We are new students here and don't exactly have the best control of our quirks as well."Amaya said and Aurora Signed. "I have an ice quirk as my cousin here has a very interesting support quirk."Said Amaya as Aurora signed with a smile on her face.

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Emi would smile at the girls as they apologized to her one at a time, even taking the time to help her up. However, she would be far more ecstatic that Aurora could understand her sign language, which would cause her to lightly clap happily. It was odd to see the girl express herself in such ways, but without words she needed dramatic action to help the people around her understand. Her light purple eyes would sparkle as the girls spoke about themselves and even told her they couldn't control their quirks very well yet either. She would be far too happy that she had met these girls, and she was even less concerned about what happened earlier.

"My name is Emiko, but you can call me Emi. I'm new here too and don't know much about where anything is. I also don't have many friends. I just moved here," she would sign before looking away with a pained expression on her face. She couldn't dare begin to remember what happened. She didn't want to remember. So, she would shake her head and look back to Aurora, who was relatively close to her size and seemingly age. "Oh. I can hear with my headphones on, but I can't speak very well. I prefer to sign, but if you want to sign too, I don't mind. My quirk makes me deaf without these," she would sign with a red face giving her headphones a little tap on the right ear. She was always so embarrassed with herself. She needed some confidence and maybe these girls could be her friends.

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Aurora watched Emi sign as she translated each time for Amaya as Amaya smiled happy to hear the results "I love that name it is so adorable. Emi it is. Welcome to Hero Academia"Said Amaya with a smile before motioning her hand behind her. 'Since you are new here, we can show you to your room and get you settled into the academia and help you find more friends and avoid the said bullies of this academy."Said Amaya as Aurora signed making sure Emi got every detail Amaya said as she smiled.

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Emi's reddened face was now red for another reason entirely as she would hear Amaya say her name was adorable and cute. Then, she would smile wide as she was welcomed to the Academy as she would rock bacl and forth from her toes to her heels. Emiko had to say she was excited to be here, but she didn't care what would happen afterwards. All she wanted to do was to learn how to use her quirk and control it without hurting the people around her. She wanted to be able to do things like a normal kid and have friends who weren't scared of her. Now, she may get that chance.

They offered to go with her, to show her around, to meet new friends, and to keep her away from the bullies of the school. She had her fair share with bullies, but she certainly didn't want to do it again. Her purple eyes would shine brightly as she would finally have a foot in the door so to speak. All she had ever wanted was a friend and now she had the chance to have two. Emi would nod vigorously and clap excitedly. "I would love that! I've never had any friends before!" She would sign a by sloppily and quickly.

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