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#1 [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:44 am

The sports festival. The lights the announcers, everything so hyped for a supposed fight that was going to be enjoyable is what one person would tell you. Another would say that this was to show potential agency your quirk and your drive.

Aurora sighed dreading thing festival. They were suppose to fight right? Well how can Aurora even have a chance? Her quirk is useless in physical battle...all potential agencies that dont know her quirk already will see a quirkless girl. Aurora sighed when her name was announced. "Here i go to embrass herself "please be swift."she whispered. Yes she knew self defense and some fighting upclose but she wasnt going to be any good at this. She just prayed her parents werent watching.

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#2 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:46 pm

As Bardo would have heard his name called he would have let out a slight sigh, he didn't really like the idea of being judged by his combat potential or at least that is how it would have seemed. Why would it have been a fighting festival of all things but if that is what the people wanted as a wannabe "hero" he would at least attempt to give them a show and truly show his potential.

Thus has he would have arrived at the designated destination he would have done some light stretching, and then he would stand before his opponent waiting for the announcement to start the competition.

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#3 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:40 pm

Aurora adjusted her hair as she knew this match wasn't going to last very long. there was no way she could fight anyone and why she joined was beyond her. Her heart dropped hearing the announcement to begin "Uh...I hope you have a wonderful Second round...I can't really fight."She said to her opponent "But I am willing to give this a shot."She added taking a stand readying herself for his attack, whatever it might be, She was going to be a laughing stock or a huge pity party after this was all said and done.

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#4 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:50 am

The boy would be standing on the other side of the ring as his opponent would have said something that would have baffled him, she seriously signed up for this knowing she couldn't fight by her self? She was an interesting character, to say the least, but he was tired of being in the school and wanted out and if that meant showing her just how much of a difference there truly was between them so he could succeed I guess she was put in front of him for a reason. So with that, he would have given her a slight nod of his head and with that, the fight would have started.

As he would have finished nodding his head his feet would have already been using his quirk tunneling shadowy tendrils under the fighting stage big enough to grab the person he was fighting. However, while this was going on he would have proceeded to entertain the girl's words with a response.

"So if you knew there wasn't a hope for you winning why would you put yourself in such danger? Why even expose yourself as the weak person you are claiming to be?"

His hands would have been in his pockets as he just stood patiently and if the woman wouldn't have moved there would have been a surprise waiting for her in an attempt to simply throw her out of the ring without truly displaying too much of his quirk within the first round.

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#5 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:28 am

Aurora watched him "Because I plan on becoming a hero even with my useless physical quirk...I am tired of letting everyone else take care of me because of my quirk. I maybe at a disadvantage but I'm not going to continue to let my quirk stop me from trying new things and testing my own physical limits."She Said "I am maybe of the support class but I am not going to keep hiding."She said looking at the tendrils grab a hold of her before wrapping around her "After all, I made this decision knowing my disadvantage."She added

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#6 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:05 am

As he would listen to her speech it was almost moving as his tendrils would have made contact taking hold of her and wrapping all the way to her neck as they would do so getting tighter and tighter. He would have simply let out a sign though it was merely a sports festival he was treating her like he would anyone that stood against his morals or him in general and unfortunately it would seem that the fight may have been over before it could have ever truly started. So with that he would have simply lifted both of his feet at the same time while taking his hands out of his pockets, before his head would have hit the ground he would have spun his body with his hands being the support almost as if turning into a tabletop and would let the tendrils begin to attempt crushing her before he would release them in an attempt to sling her into the wall at the fastest speed possible.

Though it would not kill her it definitely would have broken bone, either way, it would go causing for a very traumatic effect on her body and potentially her mind. He would have only let a few words escape under his breath as he would have done this act all said while in his motions. "For someone such as you, I truly wish there is a brighter future to be had." With that statement completed, he would have been back on his feet in a kneeling position looking to see what the outcome of his actions would have been and be prepared for whatever else would come.

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#7 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:46 am

Aurora felt the tendril tighten their grip inch by inch nearly making it hard to breath as she felt herself lifted a bit before slung hard against a outer wall as she coughed out some blood feeling a few ribs and possible other bones crack as she left a slight crater in the wall from the toss as she fell to the ground attempting to endure the pain of actually broken bones. She managed to get up to her feet only to fall back down shortly before it was announced Bardio was the winner. Aurora allowed herself to fall into blackness as the medical team came to carry her out of the arena

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#8 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:03 am

Where the crowd was once cheering in the excitement of the show between two students they would have fallen into a dead silence as they witnessed the short display of action that would have been present. Truly it wasn't appealing and could have been handled more peacefully but at this point, he was simply over it and would have simply listened for his name to be called as the winner and would have put his hands back into his pockets and would head toward the exit as if nothing would have happened. Thus with that, his first round would have been over and he would have made a mental note to go take her some flower after he would have been done with the tournament because at no point was this what he wanted but it would seem this was how it was going to be.

"Sleep peacefully for once you awake someone could have gotten vengeance for my actions here today little girl."

He would have said these final words as he would have stopped at the edge of the exit looking at her being carried away before finally exiting waiting for the pairing of his next bout.

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#9 Re: [Event] Bardo Vs. Aurora on Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:08 am

- Thread end-

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