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#1 [Event] Predator and Prey (Zanji vs Chopper) on Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:46 am

It was the first round of the sports festival and Zanjiro, the silver-furred cheetah-like human was up for his match though he honestly couldn't tell who his opponent was. Looking across the ring he saw an adorable little reindeer. The sight of his opponent caused Zanji to lick his lips, the thought of eating savory deer meet crossed his mind as he extended the claws of his hands, his looks becoming rather feral as his eyes narrowed.

He wasn't ready to show off his quirk quite yet, not until he knew what the little guy could do, last thing he wanted to do was empower his opponent by using his own quirk.

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Looking at the large crowd of cheering people, Chopper would smile with excitement. He would hear the crowd calling to the cute little reindeer as he made his way into the stadium. Waving out to the crowd chopper would skip onto the stage. All was great until Chopper saw his opponent. His opponent was a cheetah? Watching his opponent lick their lips, Chopper would freak out. Waving his arms about and running in a circle chopper would say "He's gonna eat me!!..."

As soon as the ref announced the start of the fight, Chopper would stop acting like a hysteric cry baby. with a shaky hoof extended out towards his opponent he would say "I'm going to beat you! Heavy Point"

With his last words, chopper would morph and grow drastically, becoming a bruting hulk of muscle. Choppers childish personality would disappear, and he would become more brave and serious. Running at his opponent, chopper would yell ferociously and attempt to downward smash his opponent with his right fist.

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Seeing his opponent start freaking out, Zanji looked rather sheepish, he hadn't realized his thoughts had lead to him licking his lips, Oops, As the fight began his tiny opponent changed into a large monstrous man, who immediately charged Zanjiro who leaped and rolled out of the way downward smash. Pouncing from a crouched position lashing out with the claws of his right hand as he tried to leap past the Hulking reindeer man, in hopes of slicing Chopper across his back as he passed him.

Even if the blow struck home, Zanji knew the cuts would be too shallow to really put a permanent dent into his opponent, of course that is what his quirk will be for. Landing on the other side of the Reindeer Zanji would turn with his momentum, lashing out with a bolt of lightning from his paw.

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After having charged and attempted to beat down his opponent, it failed. No real surprise, and it proved that his opponent was definitely capable in close quarters. Noticing that his opponent had dodged his attack, chopper instinctively responded, "Excess-Guard Point" he would call out. An immediate and growth of fur would happen instantly, which if his opponent hadn't paid attention would find that a 10 metre ball of fur would have exploded towards them. The massive ball of fur also wouldn't last long. As soon  after it's appearance, it would disappear, yet again revealing the still Muscular Monster Chopper.

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Before Zanji could leap for his slash across Chopper's back a large ball of fur was flying towards him causing him to have to roll out of the way of the attack. Though Chopper almost immediately returned to the muscular form that he had been using earlier. Not wanting to get in close again, at least not yet, for fear of what else Chopper might have up his sleeve Zanji would take a crouched stance lashing out with a massive bolt of lightning from both of his hands.

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