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Chopper's eyes would sparkle and a big excited grin would be sown across his face as he looked at the UA dorms. It was the most amazing, awesomest and bestest thing he had seen in his life, except for lasers. Lasers are the coolest, bestest, most amazingest things in the history of ever. The dorms were huge and made up a large complex which looked like a 5 star hotel. Making his way into the large complex chopper was filled with awe as he saw the large halls, the kitchens, and the gardens. This was all very new to chopper, he hadn't lived in fancy place like this before and it made him excited to see all the fancy stuff.

Chopper made his way to his new room, setting himself up. All of his belongings had been delivered to his room in advance, so all he needed to do was set up. He had his special blanket, which he placed over the supplied and prepared bed. As for everything else, he set up a mass amount of medical equipment and science supplies all over his room. Hard to tell if his room was even a place for living.

Having setup his room, chopper would take it upon himself to get familiar with his surroundings. However after having left his room, he would find that a few of the girls had taken some interest in him. Pinching his cheeks and and calling him cute, the crowd of girls would only get bigger. "I'm not cute, I'm a ferocious fighter!", he would callout. Sadly, this made the girls go crazy for him, to the point of fighting over whose turn it was to pat him. Hoping to sneak out of the whole dilemma, Chopper would begin to run through the entire complex. when he would lose line of site is when he would jump through the nearest door he saw.

Slamming the door shut behind him, and breathing fast, he would place his ear up against the door. He would listen as the wave of people went passed. Sighing heavily and relaxing, he would turn around, looking at what appeared to be someones room. There was also a girl in the room, which meant that this was her room. Waving his arms frantically and panicking, he would run into the door, falling onto his back as he did so. Getting up immediately. He would reverse peep the stranger against the wall? Staring at her intently as if she couldn't see him.

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She hadn't been at the UA dorms long and she certainly hadn't been inside the building yet as she didn't want to get too overwhelmed. Hana simply sat outside and stared at the large, beautifully crafted building taking in the sights. She listened to the other teens, she watched as a variety of individuals made their ways inside, and she breathed in the freshness of the air. Her purple eyes would wander locking on the something really small and completely adorable slip into the dormitories. No matter. She had her own business to attend to and she was sure that she would catch a better look at whoever or whatever it was later. It seemed that she had finally felt a bit at ease knowing she wasn't the only teen in the vicinity that was small and potentially a target. Hana would take one last breath before wandering in the find her room.

The hallways were loud and bustling with kids wandering between eachother's rooms. However, the girls side of the building was surprisingly empty, which was concerning until Hana had heard screaming about some kind of cute animal or something. Was it the thing she had seen before? She wanted to look, but she was already so behind that she simply went straight ahead to her room.  Besides, being in a crowd that large would only serve to stress her out and activate her quirk, which would ultimately leave the building in devastation. So, she would keep to her own. Entering her room, Hana would see her things were all piled in the center for her to unpack at her leisure. She would open the top box seeing it was full of valuable items such as jewelry and personal notes. She would pull out the small, glass jewelry box before placing it on her desk. She would open it and organize the things that were out of place from the move. Then, she would go back to the box for more, until she heard her door open again and slam just as quickly.

Her small body would turn faster than anything she had seen before, except there was nobody in sight. Oh wait. She would look down to see what she had assumed she saw earlier. Purple eyes would lock onto him not sure whether to be afraid or adore him. He seemed to be running from something, but why did he come to her room? The girl would told her head to the right making sure to keep the left side of her neck covered by hair. Then, he would notice her and he would run face first into the closed door. She would gasp as he did so holding her hand to her mouth as a staring war would commence between the two.

What was he doing? Why was he here? Who was he? Where was he supposed to be going? Hana would begin to feel an emotional stir in her chest, which she would quickly try to settle by turning away and doing breathing excersize. She couldn't get too excited. She couldn't do that again. Not here. Not now. Not ever. She would run her fingers through her hair as she would turn back towards the little animal, boy, reindeer, bear thing. "U-Uhm. Hello.. there. Are you lost? M-my name is Hana.. so.. you don't have to be afraid of me, if you don't want. I can help you... maybe," her voice was soft and quiet, which was relatively normal for her. She didn't know what to do or say to something so cute. She wanted to cuddle it and love it. Except.. that seemed like a bad idea since he already looked scared. Maybe, they could be friends, then she could hug him all the time! He was so precious. She kind of wanted to protect him.

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