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#1 Shade's Super gear on Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:44 am

Item Name: Yongpyo
Description: it has the appearance of a black jacket with a yellow fur covering grey pants and a red belt on him. The black jacket has the image of a green dragon on the back
Special Abilities: Layers of fabric make up his outfit, the inner most layer is a soft silk like material making it extremely comforatable there is a middle layer made of a strong mesh of fabric giving it a strong resitance to being slashed, and pierced. It is even bulletproof, well to small arms that is (anything 9mm and smaller). The outermost layer is a soft cotton like material, in fact until someone tries to stab or slash him his outfit looks like it provides 0 protection.

Item Name: Yeoui
Description: Yeoui looks like just a normal silver staff, though it is made up of a durable composite metal and is more than meets the eye.
Special Abilities: Yeoui has the ability to change it's size to better fit what it's user's preference is at the time, changing almost instantly to it's jin's will. It can change from being 1 inch to 6 inches in diameter, and from 1 foot in length to 10ft, all without changing it's weight or saccrificing strength.

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#2 Re: Shade's Super gear on Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:47 am

Approved but fair warning that the coat will probs still get fucked by most quirks.

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