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#1 [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:28 pm

Hero work had not just become a part of my everyday routine, but something I very much enjoyed doing. It wasn't for the fame, for the recognition, or even the attention. Something about serving the country as a whole, creating a safe haven for those that might not otherwise have one, that was what drove me. I remember growing up with my quirk and being quite the little monster. Without control, it's inevitable that others will look down on you and attempt to make you feel worse. In time, I learned it's secrets, and now I sat proudly at the rank of #6 hero. Today, there was a family of six in a building that had been ignited by someone with a fire-related quirk. Someone else had dealt with the firestarter in question, but I was called for rescue and support. Little echoes could be heard throughout the area, gasping and the like, "It's Tempest!" "He's come to save those people!" ... and so my first task was to get them out. I could probably put out the fire safely, but if the structure of the building had been compromised, I could be putting those people in danger. Quickly, I reached out, and with a quick burst through a window, I was inside the building. "Tempest, reporting. I'll get you out of here. It's best if you all travel in a group. I'll keep fire and debris off of you. Let's hurry!"

And partially paralyzed for a few moments, the family took hands, hobbling forward as fast as a group of six could. I began to snuff out some of the fire from the inside of the building, being careful. One of the beams from the ceiling of this floor started to fall as most of it had burnt away, and with a quick gust, it's path was now somewhere over on the other side of the building. Truthfully, my quirk wasn't the best for dealing with the fire, but rescuing people was something that I could easily handle. The last of it was opening the doorway, which seemed to be forced shut with the building collapsing. I forced it open with my wind quirk, and waited for the debris to settle. With a strong opening, we escaped together. Out of the building, I warned them to get back. "Tempest.... CRASH!" I pulled all the air I could into one space, and then thrust it straight up. The friction and disturbance should be enough... Sure enough.. it began to rain. I heard people chirp in amazement, but that wasn't my focus. The building was exposed enough that the rain would take care of the fire.

I walked over to the family in earnest. "Is everyone alright? Anyone injured?" And surely enough, the two smallest of the girls were injured. They'd probably stumbled a little on their way out, spraining their ankles. It'd probably have been worse if I weren't in there. "Hang on, I'll get you two some help." I told the two of them personally, my voice having softened and my facial expression gentle. I'd take my receiver and page my office. "Hello, yes, I need medical assistance at my location. Any will do. Alright, thanks." If I was being honest with myself... I was expecting an ambulance, some local medical worker or something. What happened that day would change my life forever.

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#2 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:13 pm

Just in Case:

She hadn't been as busy as she had anticipated with the school year rolling around and the festival setting up. In fact, she felt that she had needed to do more considering there weren't very many medical heros such as herself. There were only a select few in this very town and even less in the town over. It seemed that many of the quirks now were developed and/or breeded for combat. It was quite the shame really. However, she kmew soon that she would be needed when the year finally got a move on. So, for now she would find herself working with a few of the medical areas around the town. Whether it be hospitals, home care, emergency rooms, and anything else really. On this particular day, she would be working in a small hospital not necessarily using her quirk but teaching some of the patients about their own care. It was calm and enjoyable as she wandered around in her hero outfit considering she was supposed to be representing herself as the hero Recovery Girl. So, it was no surprise when staff found her almost immediately.

"Excuse me ma'am. We just got word from Tempest Hero Agency. Two little girls are in need of medical assistance. We're unsure of the extent of the injuries, but there was fire involved. We can onky assume burns but we're unsure of degree. You're the closest hero we have. They wanted you specifically", the woman spoke with haste and a stern demeanor. Mei listened to every word and smiled with joy. Before they knew it, she was on her way wasting no time to make it to the scene of the crime.

Mei would find herself walking up on the scene to a man with snow white hair, who she cpuld only assume was the hero as he had stayed with the small girls. Multicolored eyes would find themselves looking between the three as she walked through the crowd with a smile. The people around her would whisper and be proud at the sight of her, "Isn't that UA's Recovery Girl?""It is and it's rare that we see her like this!" the crowd seemed very giddy over her dressing up full fledged as she did in her teen years. As she walked closer to the girls she would immediately begin to speak to them ignoring the hero in this instance. "Hello, girls. You're awfully cute. What are your names?" She would ask before crouching down next to them allowing them a chance to speak. "Ari and Ami," one would speak as the other stared at Mei in awe. "Those are some beautiful names. I am Recovery Girl. I'm here to help you, but I need you to tell me what hurts, Ok?" She would smile as the girls seemed to calm their crying. One girl would point at her ankle and the other at her arm that she seemed to singe somewhere in the building. "That's nothing I can't fix. I'm so glad this nice man came to save you. Let me tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to sing you a little song and in no time you'll be good as new," Mei would say cheerily as she smiled nice and wide for the girls. Then, she would begin to sing a nice, slow, happy children's song. She wanted them to heal, but she had to be gentle considering they were only kids. She didn't want to frighten them. Afterwards, she would have to meet this so called Tempest Hero. She had heard of him, but had never spoken to him personally.

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#3 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Fri Aug 24, 2018 9:30 am

The woman that showed up to the plight of these two young girls could have been anyone. Anyone at all regardless of rank, and yet to my surprise and everyone else's it was the one and only Recovery Girl. The grace with which she appeared was matched only by her beauty and her desire to help them. I'd heard stories about her, how she'd drop everything and help those in need simply because she loved to heal, to take care of others. I always did admire what I had in my head based on her image. I could see now that she'd earned her reputation. What I saw was someone I aspired to be like, someone I resonated with. I was so wrapped up in the thought, I hadn't realized I'd been staring. She must have noticed right now, whether she'd finished tending to the kids or not.

Standing there, mouth wide open, I realized she had noticed. Oh... right. Words. Words, Noziel. "Ahhh.... Hello there. I.... Miss."

Well that was brilliant. I took a deep breath, looked her in the eyes, and tried to regain my composure. "Miss Recovery Girl... Thank you. You certainly do live up to your reputation... beautiful and a great heart to go with it." I wanted to say more, but by this point, I was hyperventilating and had partially collapsed to a kneeling position. So much for composure. Idiot.

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#4 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:52 am

Her singing continued as she gentle and gracefully moved the child's ankle while watching the burn on the other disappear all together. As the song ended, both the girls would be smiling and giggling to eachother. They would begin to whisper as Mei would give the word for the young girl to finally stand. She would hold out her hand palm up as she would support the small girl while she stood. As the golden blonde still kneeled, she would watch the girl put pressure on her ankle and nod to her sister nefore they would both kids her on each cheek. Mei would blush and smile as the two girls ran off playing towards their family. Then, she would stand up and turn towards the tempest hero noticing his eyes seemed to be glazed over.

The woman would look at him concerned as she would tile her head before attempting to place the back of her hand on his forehead. She would watch his open mouth as he would soon begin to speak, even as her hand rested against his forehead. "Are you alright? You don't feel sick, but you look a little flustered," Her sweet voice would say before she would drop her hand only to watch him finally speak to her again. However, he seemed a little out of breath? What happened? Mei would gasp as he would drop to a knee. She would immediately kneel down sitting on her own knees before attempting to look at his face. "Thank You. I've heard of taking someone's breath away, but are you sure you didn't just inhale a bunch of smoke? You're not ill are you? Does anything hurt? Are there any medical conditions I should know about? Oh wow. I'm probably asking too many questions." The woman would stop before she would grab his hand trying to feel the pulse of his fast paced heart. As she would stroke his wrist, she would speak calmly and slowly. "Listen to me. I need you to breathe. In... And out... in and out. Nice and slow," She would speak as she would find herself staring at him. Now that she had a closer look, she could see he was quite handsome. His eyes and his hair and NO. Nope.

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#5 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:33 pm

I stood there frozen in sheer shock and awe, as her voice still echoed in my mind. She was incredible. I'd always been geared towards hero work, saving people, working hard, but never had someone stolen my attention like this. I suppose it didn't hurt that her singing relaxed me and put me into a good place... She began to address me directly, despite me embarrasing myself and coming off so nervously. She asked if I was alright, touching my forehead. Her hand was soft and warm to the touch and it made me shiver at first. I wasn't really used to being touched at all, but hers was so gentle and caring, that I definitely didn't mind the shock. Thankfully, though I was probably coming across as frail, she took the compliments that I gave her and smiled, continuing to care for me as she did the others.

As pleasant as this was, I was definitely not ready when she took my hand. My heartrate skyrocketed, I'm sure of it. She quietly urged me to control my breathing, to take it slowly, and in her voice, I found the steadiness I needed to do just that. I found myself leaning towards her a bit, only out of the fact that I'd forgotten everything else. I was so used to being calm, collected, and centered, that in this moment, this woman entered into my life and all of that was gone, just in seconds. I didn't understand it. I'd never been in anything like this. And yet now, she was all I felt. In this one moment, I felt more comfortable than I had ever been. "Thank you, Miss.... I don't know how I can repay you properly for doing what you've done for me. I'm not sure why I ended up like this, but... I'm glad you're the one that was here for me." I opened my eyes, and finally looked into hers, smiling. I finally noticed the opposing colors of pink and blue, of how they didn't really feel the same, and yet they still fit together. There wasn't a drop of anger or pride in those eyes, only care.

I took my time getting up, realizing that something was still kind of wrong. My legs were struggling to hold me up. So rather than fight it, I just used my quirk to prop me up. I figured it was probably time we'd gone our separate ways, but something was still bugging me... but what?

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#6 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:55 pm

She would smile at him as his breathing seemed to steady and so did his words. He was finally able to speak to her leaving her filled with happiness and excitement. Except, she was a little concerned at the swiftness of the turn around and wondered if maybe it had been a psychological issue instead. Well whatever the case was, it seemed to have resolved itself and he now seemed to believe he owed her something. Mei would tilt her head as her multicolored eyes looked into his own dazzling blue ones. A confused expression would cross her face leaving her with only but a few things to say at that point. However, it would have to wait until he was on his feet.

After he had stood up with assistance, Mei would stand herself continuing to talk to him realizing the crowd was slowly diminishing, but still present. "You should know just as any hero that we shouldn't expect anything in return. I do what I do for the people I love and because it's my passion. I don't expect anything but to see smiles," her voice was cheery again and also a bit stern as if she was giving the man a lecture all at the same time. Still, it wasn't harsh and it certainly wasn't anything to feel upset about. She was just happy to have been of some use and to have gotten some recognition, considering she wouldn't be much of a hero without it. Then again, something wasn't right here. She didn't want to leave it at that. Mei knew a multitude of heroes from just about everywhere and she had never once left it at just hero names. "But if you would like, I am considerably free the rest of the day. Unless, you're busy, which I wouldn't even think twice about. I understand how things are," She would speak as she would look to him with eyes thst seemed to be full of anticipation. She would find herself sort of running her foot along the ground in a fashion that would suggest she was nervous, which was odd. She had never felt nervous around anyone as of recent and she didn't know why she had started now.

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#7 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Sun Aug 26, 2018 7:03 am

As she helped me up, our eyes met again, and I could not get enough of them. I still felt it too awkward to stare, so I lowered my head sheepishly. As she addressed my earlier sentiment, she uttered words which resonated with me. "You should know just as any hero that we shouldn't expect anything in return. I do what I do for the people I love and because it's my passion. I don't expect anything but to see smiles," Honestly, truer words had never been spoken. Her light-hearted and happy voice set me further at ease. I was almost there, had finally gotten to the point where I could calm down. She offered to spend some time with me, off the clock, no hero work or anything involved, saying that her being open was enough reason to spend time with me. I froze for a moment, taking it all in. It took a bit too long to register if I'm being honest. Looking at it, I feel like if I hadn't been so nervous, I'd have said yes immediately.

Nonetheless, I had to say something. "I would like that very much, Miss Recovery Girl. Shall we then?" I said this with more confidence than I ever had doing hero work. I just wished quietly that the rest of me were anywhere near as confident. I went from nearly 100% calm to 'my heart is now exploding out of my chest, but I think I'm fine maybe' in the moment she'd asked me that... This was going to be different than anything I was used to, for sure.

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#8 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Sun Aug 26, 2018 7:44 am

She noticed his answer had taken a little longer than expected leaving her more nervous as time went on. Was that not appropriate to ask? She had never had trouble asking anyone to do anything with her before. Perhaps, there was something that she said that would lead to the wrong interpretation. Unless, he was feeling bad again. Was he really alright? He had suffered from lack of breath, speechlessness, weakness in the legs, and now things were taking far too long to process. It didn't exactly sound like any medical problem she had come across before, except for... oh no. Her multicolored eyes would begin to light up with an idea before she would finally be answered taking her mind off of it. He would accept her offer leaving a bright smile to cross her features as she brought her hands together to lightly clap. "Oh yay! This'll be so much fun," her eyes would look away from him to the people surrounding them. She could see there were reporters about and the crowd was whispering about them. Her face would turn bright red as she would turn to this hero, "We should probably get out of here now. We're going to have rumors on our hands now." Mei would giggle a bit before she would take off down a nearby alleyway only stopping to gesture for the man to follow.

If he decided to follow her, Mei would find herself turning back to speak to him as she moved through the maze of pathways. "So, this isn't exactly my choice of day out attire. I was working nearby when I was told to come over and assist you. Of course, they like for us to visit in our hero outfits because patients just love it. Anyway, the point is.." Mei would stop turning completely towards this hero in the middle of an empty alley. She would hold up a finger before continuing, "I don't normally take men home my first time meeting them, but I would really love to get out of this outfit." At this point, it was obvious she was uncomfortable with showing so much skin as her eyes seemed a bit watery from the fact that she wanted out of it so bad. A sigh would escape her mouth as her cheery voice would change to an exhausted tone for only a few moments, "I don't want to be rude or suggestive. However, would you mind if we went to my home instead of somewhere public?"

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#9 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:06 pm

She didn't seem to worry too much about my body and mind being out of sync. She instead seemed to want to ensure that I was alright. If she'd asked me again, I wasn't sure I could tell her that I was. It had seemed that she wasn't going to ask that, as her eyes sparkled both in blue and pink, and a different thought had crossed her mind, apparently. She was incredibly happy, and it showed, as her cheeks flushed with pink, her hands clapped together as though she had a long string of plans thought out. She said it was probably best to leave before the reporters who had shown up now got any ideas. I nodded, silently agreeing. Before long, we were both in a back alley somewhere, and she asked me another question. Her body was light and dancing as she stopped to address me. She noted that the admittedly revealing fairy garb she wore was not her preferred choice of appearance, more that it was what she wore because the public expected. I nodded, knowing full well I couldn't leave the house in street clothes... sadly. She seemed a bit nervous as she said this, but she noted she'd rather not be in that much longer. It was getting painfully obvious though as she seemed about ready to cry, as well as just plain being exhausted on top of that.

"Sure, go do what you need to there, Miss. I'd honestly prefer spending time with you where you're more comfortable."
"I don't want to be rude or suggestive. However, would you mind if we went to my home instead of somewhere public?"

Hello? Earth to Noz. NOZ. WAKE UP.

I snapped out of it because I knew if I kept doing that, she probably would have me committed... yeah. I'd rather stay near her. "That sounds really nice. Shall we go?" I held out my hand, smiling, finally getting used to this.

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#10 Re: [Private] Oh Hello There (Noz/Mei) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:33 pm

Mei would smile as the man didn't seem to mind going to her home while he would also express that he would rather her be happy. She was glad that he didn't find her questions creepy or advancing. Perhaps, he was different from other men she had come across before. Sure, she had never been so much as attracted to them, but she ceryainly didnt agree with their behaviors. This one seemed much different in that aspect seemingly more polite and thoughtful. Her face would grow exceedingly pink as she wasn't sure why she was thinking about him so much.

Anyway, he had said he would go to her home and she was ready to take him there. Mei would grab his hand, if he had expected it or not, as he held it out and she would begin leading him towards her home. She would find herself thinking about his hand, which was warm and a bit larger than her own. It was odd. She had never held onto a man's hand before like this, so what made her do it? She would scowl a bit as she would realize, yet again, she was thinking about him. Sure, he was right there, but why was he on her mind?

Soon enough, they would find themselves at her home. Of course, she found herself living off of school property and living in a nice little house of her own. Certainly being a hero and one that was more rare in abilities paid a lot, especially since she was failry well known. The house was small as to not draw attention to herself and it was really all that she needed. She would open the door as a force on the pther side would make it difficult for her to do so. Once the door was open, a small, bunny shaped backpack would find itself in the way. "That girl. Always leaving her things around," Mei would mumble as she would pick it up motioning for Noz to enter. After he was inside, she would close the door only to see coloring books, toys, and all kinds of things for a little girl to occupy herself with. "Oh boy.." She would say with a sigh before turning to Noz, "Really, I can explain. It was actually clean this morning when I left, but obviously not now. I'll just go get dressed. Make yourself at home." Mei would find herself walking down the hallway and disappearing around a corner. It would only take but a few moments for her to walk back out again dressed in a T-shirt, shorts, and some cute, little socks decorated with puppy faces on them. Before she would even look to Noz, she would begin to speak, "I suppose you have some questions about.. this." She would gesture to the childish items before looking up only to be highly confused. What the..?

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