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#1 Hagane Jaken'na kokoro (JUGGERNAUT) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:34 am


Name: Hagane Jaken'na Kokoro

Age: 16
Gender: BIG BOI

Personality: Hagane has quite an optimistic outlook on life. The way he sees the world is that everyone chooses there own path, and only you have the capability to choose where it will go. There are a lot of things he hates about the world, and the people, but it will never force him to be someone he's not. He will not compromise himself for someone else, especially if he has to get rid of who he truly is.  

Hagane is considered to be an Idealistic person over realistic. He follows his heart and does the things he wants to do when he wants to do them, Even if he has to break rules, laws and regulations. He believes that to truly fill the void of ones own existence, they must be willing to try new experiences. And... he just doesn't give a fuck, he'll do what he wants.

Hagane could be considered both an Imaginative and Logical thinker, but more often than not he doesn't really try to see the world more than it is. Simply put, he sees the potential of everything and everyone, he sees no point in believing there is more because what he sees should be enough. Sadly people don't see/nor think the same way often leaving his views ignored. And... some people are just trash through and through.    

Hagane when not in battle or fighting, prefers to be alone. Although he enjoys the company of the people he knows, He just simply likes to be by himself. Perhaps it's just the large crowds or certain people that tend to get on his nerves. Or perhaps it's because you need to fuck off.  

Courageous is perhaps a very good way to put Hagane. He will stand up for anything he believes in, and he hates it when others try to force their ideals onto him. He will not back down from a fight especially when the things he gives a fuck about are in danger, however Hagane is not stupid. He knows when he needs to back down from a fight.

Hagane is a very confident person, and loves to show others it's true. Hagane knows where his true strengths lie, and where he falls short. Perhaps a little to confident with his strengths, yet that's never stopped him before, nothing has.  

Clean. Hagane can be clean, sometimes. It's not like he leaves everything a big mess. Well the battlefield he does. He's clean when it comes to his appearance, most of the time.

Hagane may seem like a happy person on top, but inside, he's angry. As to where the anger originated is unknown. But it may have something to do with his family. Not many know or will ever know but Hagane's life was full of abuse and hatred. His family disregarded him as a failure and he suffered abuse constantly. His anger can often show the most while he is in battle, sort of a way for him to vent his rage.

Alignment: Neutral Neutral

Blood Type: AB-
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Place of Residence: Musutafu

Appearance: This is him when he's older. Imagine him younger, and tone the size down abit.

Height and Weight: 6' 9" , 1100lbs


Quirk Name: Juggernaut Momentum
Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description: A field of pure unstoppable force surrounds Hagane like a force-field. This gives him infinite momentum and protection against all exterior forces, pushing them away from him. Allowing him to walk through walls, mountains, your house, your school, a 20 inch thick metal wall. This also allows for feats of super-human strength.

-Doesn't make the user anymore intelligent.
-Requires the user to consume stupidly large amounts of food. Like buffet style.
-The user is limited by travel speed. Can't catch 'em all sadly.
-The user still needs to breath.


Hero Role Model: TBD

History: Was born in a far away place. Came to Japan. Is a BIG BOI

RP Sample: I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!

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#2 Re: Hagane Jaken'na kokoro (JUGGERNAUT) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:41 am

B- S- potential approved

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