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#1 Haru Glory on Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:25 am


Name: Haru Glory
Alias: N/A
Race: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Haru is .... Well the best way to describe him would be as a lazy goofball. He rarely takes anything seriously, instead choosing to shrug it off and laugh it away. He is greatly of the opinion "Why stress about anything. It is either within my power to fix it and I don't need to worry, or it isn't and worrying about it just will make everything worse". In fact that is his life motto. His favorite things include mid day naps in the sun, Eating beef and bacon, Reading books, and doing everything in his power to avoid responsibilities.

While Haru is a slacker, will procrastinate on any task assigned to him for as long as humanly possible, and rarely if ever lifts a finger when he can avoid it. He is honest and stubborn to a fault, basically meaning if he says he will do something he is going to do it, or die trying. This stubborn streak has been known to lead him through a load of hurt.

On the rare times that Haru chooses to take anything seriously it is almost as if he is a completely different person. Focused, resolved, not cracking jokes or making smart ass comments. Hell he even gives up complaining about having to do anything, choosing instead to just quietly do what needs to be done.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Blood Type: O+
Birthplace: Musutafa, Japan
Current Place of Residence: U.A. Dorms
Appearance: Haru is a young man with spiky silver hair, gray-blue/dark-purple eyes, and flawless tan skin. His frame is fit, yet lightweight, not a trace of fat found on him, nor bulge of muscle, in fact it would probably be best to describe him as wiry. For jewelry he wears his father's pendant that is the item his Fullbring powers are tied to as a necklace, a silver bracelet on his right wrist, as well as a silver ring on his right middle finger. His left ear also holds a pair of earrings. The rest of his outfit consists of a long sleeved black jacket with cross designs in each sides over a plain blue shirt, and long white pants over brown boots. (look up)
Height and Weight:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 122lbs


Quirk Name: No Limits
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quirk Description: Most people are born with a limiter in their brain that prevents their muscles from exerting their full force and damaging their body. Haru however was not, and as such has Massively increased speed and strength, however it is extremely self-destructive, harming his body by breaking his bones with it's use. On the upside though each time his bones heal they are restored stronger than before, eventually one day he will be able to use his full power without becoming a crumpled mess. (Downside is fixed by A+ Rank)


Hero Role Model: Might Guy
History: Haru's quirk is more of a curse than a blessing, as he was one of the rare few with it active from the time he was born, he was constantly taking trips to the hospital from breaking his own bones. By a young age he learned to control his output at least in normal circumstances.

By the time he hit elementary school he had already started to tinker, hoping to discover a way that he could use his power without well... breaking himself to pieces. This lead him down the path of Hero Support, a gadget maker, and weapon genius.
RP Sample:

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#2 Re: Haru Glory on Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:29 pm

It's more a mutant than an emitter. But I can see either one. Approved.

C+, with A+ potential? *looks at Jeef*

Jun Tomoshibi. Human. 0-5
Riku Tomoshibi. Shinigami. 0-5
Tegan Tristan Tomoshibi. Human. 2-1
Kuro, Tegan's talking cat. 4 tier noncombatant.
Reo Sato. Shinigami. 2-1
Jin Midokawa. Human. 0-5
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#3 Re: Haru Glory on Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:24 pm

I’ll second.

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