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#1 Lapis Lazuli, UA Student (Finished) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:46 am


Name: Lapis Lazuli
Alias: Ocean Empress
Race: Human
Age: She is 16 years old.
Gender: Female
Personality: Lapis Lazuli isn’t the most personable of students. Her whole life she kept herself isolated, away from the eyes of her peers. When her Quirk manifested, not many people even knew about it. She was at home when it happened and never told anyone other than her parents. Of course her school had been told, but there was no celebration. If the teachers tried to throw one, she would go home complaining about feeling sick. She doesn’t want attention, and wouldn’t even be trying to become a Hero if not for the Hero she idolizes.

Someone who doesn’t do what they do to impress people, but just because they can. If she could be a Hero just for the action, not for the glory, then why couldn’t Lapis?

Lapis does not go out of her way to impress others. Impressing others isn’t what will better her skill. Instead she trains and keeps to herself so as to avoid unwanted attention.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Ocean City, NJ, USA
Current Place of Residence: Mustafu, Japan
Yes, she is blue.
Height and Weight: Lapis stands at five feet, six inches tall. She weighs 148.9 lbs.


Quirk Name: Water Manipulation
Quirk Type: Emitter Type
Quirk Description: Lapis’ quirk allows her to control water. Whether it is the humidity from the air, from clouds in the sky or puddles left from a storm that passed by recently. She can use her water so well that she can have her water bring her a sheet of paper and the paper remains dry. She cannot use liquids outside of water, examples being blood and alcohol, but if there is water inside them she can draw the moisture out to be used. Of course, she can’t do this with any liquid that is inside a living sentient creature. She can draw water out of plants, killing the plant from completely drying it out.

Her ability is great for putting out fires since any steam made she can control to reform water and be reused to put out flames. She can control the waterpressure of any water she is using, greatly helping to pierce through harder substances. However, it does not help with protection. While she can use her water to pull objects towards her to act as a shield, her water offers little to no protection. It can be used though to conduct electricity away from her body, acting in the same way a lightning rod would to ground it. Of course, that is only if she knows to expect such an attack. If she doesn’t see it coming, she can’t takes the actions needed to stop it. She is capable if using water to form wings along her shoulder blades, granting her flight. However, this counts constantly towards the limit she is capable of manipulating.

Now, for the amount she can manipulate. Lapis can control up to 3,000 gallons at a time, a bit more than what can fit inside a cement truck.

Lastly, if push comes to shove Lapis can create water to use from her body. However she can only produce up to 300 gallons of it, at which point she risks severe dehydration. Her body is capable of storing water much more efficiently than others, thanks to her quirk. The water she creates is unique, being more alkaline that normal water. It is much more capable of neutralizing acid with it’s higher pH level. This 300 gallons counts towards the 3,000 limit.


Hero Role Model: Maki Kesshou
History: Lapis is young, and doesn’t have much of a history yet. Raised in America, she had a pretty average life. She attended school, kept to herself, and occasionally played some video games. When she heard of Maki Kesshou on the news was when she decided how she wanted to live her life. She applied to UA, studied, trained, and took every test required of her.
RP Sample: BEEP     BEEP     BEEP     BEEP

The alarm clock on her nightstand was dutifully alerting her to the time she set it to, 5:00 a.m.
The sleeping blue-haired girl brought a hand lazily up to her eyes, rubbing the sleep while a yawn billowed from her mouth. “Okay, I’m up...” She lazily plops a hand on the beeping device, hoping her hand would click the snooze button and silence the little device. It did not, and so it kept replaying the same annoying audio.


She repeats her action, this time a bit harder. She is met with silence this time. Mission: Success.

She tosses the blanket away, forces herself to sit up and swings her legs off the bed. She stands up and shuffles her way to the bathroom. She goes through her normal routine, coming out dressed in her school uniform. Lapis yawns into her hand before making her way to the bottom of the dorm, getting a small bite to eat before heading to the main campus. On the way, she spots a visiting family at the bus stop. As the bus is pulling away it splashes a puddle. It would have gotten the family drenched if Lapis had done nothing. However it now floats before them, stopped from Lapis’ Quirk. She has most of it fall, but in front of the child present it forms a small fish. It swims and wiggles around before joining the rest of the water. The child giggles, Lapis smiles, and they all go about their day.

Yup, just another day at UA for Lapis Lazuli.

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#2 Re: Lapis Lazuli, UA Student (Finished) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:46 am

Approved. C+ level A potential.

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