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#1 Cinder on Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:34 am


Name: Cinder Kuga
Alias: Apollo
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Cinder is a fairly outgoing young man. Not afraid to speak his mind some could even consider him to have a thoughtless personality acting only on impulse. This is mostly due to his young age and curious personality, he sometimes can't help himself from asking or the doing the first thing thing that pops into his head at the time. The older he gets the more reserved and cautious he gets but he doesn't have the wisdom to always hold his tongue at his age. With his fellow peers Cinder tends to be all the over the place talking to whoever may catch his eye and maybe just leaving mid conversation for no real reason. It would be both appropriate and almost flat out wrong to say he can be easily distracted. As contradicting as that sounds he always has a reason for his action whether impulsive or not.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Blood Type: O-
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Current Place of Residence: Musutafu, Japan
Height and Weight:


Quirk Name: Sun Beam
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quirk Description: Cinder can emit a blinding light energy from any part of his body. While seeming quite weak at first it's Cinders control at releasing the light in specific concentrations that gives him a versatility some lack. Varying strengths and concentrations give him the ability to blast light out from a palm or other exposed parts in a rough cone shape, temporarily blinding indiscriminately. Alternatively it can be concentrated into even smaller points like a fingertip and released in small blasts that have almost no blinding effect but moderately burn what they hit. A draw back to his quirk is that like most emitters his quirk does does not discriminate between friend and foe any within his attack range can be effected by it.


Hero Role Model: TBD
History: Cinder was born in Berlin, Germany but his parents moved to Japan within a year of him being born so he's truly considered Germany his home, even if it's where he comes from. His Father had no quirk and his mother has a quirk similar to his own but she never pursued any career involving it. Growing up in Japan was quite normal for Cinder, he played with his friend and even encountered a few bullies here and there. Almost everybody had a quirk these days and kids being kids of course developed their own cliques based on who had the 'cool' quirks. Cinder, being a the show off that he is, was a few steps ahead of the game. He worked on trying anything he could think of to make himself fit in the coolest of cool kids. Of course it didn't take long for all the kids to get in their heads that they wanted to be pro heroes so and most of them even signed up together. Not everybody made the cut to get into U.A. and some even failed to make it into their second and third choices but that wasn't a problem for Cinder.
RP Sample: The sun was high in the sky and beating down on the back of Cinder's neck, beads of sweat already rolling down across his face and the rest of his body. It wasn't particularly hot outside but Cinder was working his ass off. It was his entrance exam to get into U.A. The best of the best when it came to hero schools and Cinder surely wasn't going to take it lightly. His chest moved slightly as he took in a deep breath, his back was pressed against a brick wall as he peered around a corner. He was searching for targets to take down while trying to avoid anything that was obviously over his head in terms of ability. When it came to pure combat abilities Cinder relied mostly on martial arts combined with some distraction tactics and the use of his quirk. Fortunately enough his quirk worked on the 'Villians' of this test. The Villians he faced in the test were all robots and when they started the test he wasn't sure that flashing a bright light at them would be effective at all but much to his delight it worked. He wasn't sure if that was just a flaw or if it was designed that to make things easier but he was going to take advantage of it. In front of him now though was another target, it was only worth a whole one point but hey everything added up in the long run. The 'one pointers' he nick named them were fairly easy to disable, they had bigger screen on their head that when he broke effectively took them out. As per usual he started his plan of action pointing a finger across his body but still hiding behind the wall. He waited briefly readying himself mentally before firing a small beam of light into the grass just across the road, the villain spotted it easy and started making its way toward the corner Cinder stood behind. His left hand, the hand that didn't shoot, was up and at the ready palm face out right about at head height for the villain. The moment its t.v. screen of a face turned the corner a blinding light emitted from his palm, his legs were bending ready to jump already listening to the signals his brain had prepared moments ago. As Cinder left his feet one of the villains hand scraped across his right arm cutting him but it wasn't enough to stop the assault. With all of Cinders weight on the upper half of the villain they toppled to the ground together. It may have taken only a moment for the villain to come up with a plan but it only took Cinder half of that to drive his fist through the screen on the villains head. The sound of whirring electronics filled his ears for a second before the limbs of the robot went limp and Cinder let out a small sigh of victory.

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#2 Re: Cinder on Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:44 am

C- start B+ potential approved.

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