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#1 Bardo Rebellion [Eclipse] on Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:11 am

(Keep in mind depending on the age, some fields may not be usable. Adjust as needed.)


Name: Bardo Rebellion
Alias: Eclipse
Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Somber, Emotionless, Stern these shall be the only emotions that one would ever know of Bardo at least if you see him on the battlefield. He doesn't enjoy the meaningless violence or even what some would consider the thrill of life or death situations nay; he finds it dull and humorless to the point that the only times he truly would even use his quirk is through the order of self-protection. However, he truly isn't a plain and ordinary individual as he would be if chin the field. Choosing rather enjoy life out of it striving to seek new experiences and pleasures that you may have never found if he continued down the dark path that he was set on.

Thus his true self could be better described as Mellow, Joyful, humorous at least in his mind, sarcastic, and remorseful choosing to act as he did when he was truly alive and not the shell of the man he once was. He truly isn't a violent individual though in a place of war and chaos you adapt and truly that is one thing he is well endowed within. His philosophy is that similar to the religious views of Buddhist observance of moral precepts, renunciation of craving and attachment, the practice of meditation including calm and insight, the cultivation of wisdom, loving-kindness, and compassion.

Thus through his work may seem to interfere with these points, it is what makes him find the right within his wrongdoings. For karma is a cycle that no man, woman, or being can escape from thus allowing Bardo to think that even though he may be saving the world from one monster, he in himself is creating another that shall have his moment of redemption or reckoning. Therefore, the man known as Bardo chooses to live his life to the fullest while it shall allow him for within his breed there is always an expiration date that no one can escape.

His secret passion(s) are in art and music, loving the sound of talented individuals speaking through their struggle, pain, happiness, or love though there isn't anything like when art can scream at your from the parchment. Or canvas grabbing ahold of your emotions and displaying them for those who may not be able to do it themselves voluntarily. Allowing people from around the world to connect via culture and artwork.

Wishing to bring laughter and happiness to all those around him, he truly plays the part of the class clown or the goofy guy that everyone loves but can't stand being around long. The dark path that he walks isn't who he is but rather what he does holding nothing over his mind for salvation within his work is what he seeks. Though in the same instant not taking it seriously as some of his fellow school members would like him to but attempting to prove that he doesn't have to become what his group desires. Thus keeping his life light and his mind clear with dark humor, sarcasm, and goofy expressions and the occasional showing of willful ignorance.

So, in short, he is a man of an optimistic nature, attempted charismatic characteristics, creativity, and trying to prove to the world that not everyone may be who they seem on the surface. That the old phrase you cannot judge a book by its cover or its past to be very much accurate. Furthermore, though he is a man seeking enlightenment it is a process, and he does still fall victim to his urges unable to resist a good perverted joke or the beauty found with his eyes that may not always be on the canvas.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Blood Type: O-
Birthplace: Mount Yoshino, Japan
Current Place of Residence: Musutafu, Japan
Height and Weight: 6'0 ft and 185 lbs.


Quirk Name: Yin and Yang
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quirk Description:
This quirk allows its user to produce and control vast amounts of light or darkness allowing them to mold it into various different shapes or objects. Both being a form of manipulation the first being light manipulation and the other half being shadow manipulation. For example with light manipulation you could  blinding a target while using the light or perhaps creating a spear or sword made out of light, were as the darkness can be molded into weaponry or armor or simply used as projectile type attacks.  However, the downfall of this is that using one side for too long has adverse effects on the user and they cannot be used simultaneously. If they use the dark too much their vision begins to blur and their world slowly creeps into an abyss of darkness and if they use the light too much their own physical abilities begin to weaken or if used for healing the user begins to take on the damage themselves.


Hero Role Model: To Be Added
History: (Optional).
RP Sample:
It was such a blissful and quiet morning, the sun just beginning to peak over the low hanging clouds bringing to life all different types of sounds and sights as Bardo would begin to open his eyes after a wonderful nap. The ground a little damp as it would appear to have rained as his eyes would attempt to adjust. He would let out a slight sigh regretting taking a nap up in a tree before his eyes would have adjusted and brimmed with excitement taking back his thoughts as he would look over the beautiful landscape of mount Yoshino for it was going to be one of his last days within these wonderful mountains at least for a while. It was finally time, he had reached the age of fifteen and it would be time for him to set off to the hero academy to start his next phase in life.  He had spent the last six or seven years attempting to get a control and grasp of this newfound power that he would possess. Thus he would just take one last moment to make sure he truly understood at least the basics for if someone asked.  

Therefore, he would have slowly moved from his resting position and allow his body to simply be taken by gravity as he pushed off the branch and landed safely on both his feet letting out a grunt as he would have had a rougher landing than he was expecting. He would have cracked his knuckles and then would have focused all his energy into the palm of his hand as it would begin to be covered in a mysterious black aura and then he would have punched the tree he was just resting in with all the might he could muster. As it would have made contact it would have shook just enough to allow some of the new bloomed cherry blossom leaves to come floating gently through the air as he would then move his fist back revealing a fist-shaped imprint about two inches within the trunk of the tree.  

However, after a show of joy and pride, he would have realized he did this with a purpose. So then he would have sat for a moment attempting not to strain himself to much after learning that he can't really use his powers back to back as he would like and after a moment would stand up yet again and this time gently place his hand on the tree as a white aura would come from his palm and this time instead of damaging the tree help it recover some of the lost bark and life that he had just taken away.  Though at the level he currently was it didn't do much, more akin to putting a band-aid on a small scrap but he was proud none the less and a little light headed he would have smiled and grabbed his bag for with that he was confident in the next stage of his journey of enlightenment. It was time to head toward Musutafu for a new beginning of his new journey.

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#2 Re: Bardo Rebellion [Eclipse] on Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:31 am

Approved C tier A- potential

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