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Aurora blinked adjusting her glasses on her face, having zoned off the entire way to the academy. She stood at the gates listening to her parents go over and caution Aurora about things and people to look out for. Aurora first was already nervous having to actually be around people, now she has to be around them without her parent's protective eye...oh boy too much freedom at once. She already knew what to look for and had a large binder of things and students to watch out for along with her usual diet plans and schedules and everything else.

She pushed her ember brown hair over her shoulder adjusting the huge scarf that was already wrapped around her neck loosely three times and still it hung down to her waist. She had a black longsleeve and skinny jeans on. She adjusted the gloves on her hands before adjusting her bag finally getting her parents to go away and let her actually get to her dorm before it gets too late to do anything.

"Love you guys too...I will be fine here...or I should be."
She told herself watching them finally leave before she picked up the suitcase next to her before heading in with the stream of students excited to get in and settled before they start their brand new life of becoming heros.

"I hope I will be useful."whispered Aurora to herself before letting out a sigh shaking her head "Come on Aurora you can do this."She said to herself trying to keep herself pumped up for finally getting out of the nest.

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It had been quite a long walk to the academy, not in a literal sense, no. He lived just around the corner from the school, however it seemed each and every step he took, something new and annoying would pop its head out and yell to Seoyeung. 'Seo help me lift this tree stump', 'Seo get my cat from this tree', 'Seo beat up the thugs threatening my business for protection money'. What, just because he was the strongest person in the neighborhood and an aspiring hero meant he had to pick up everyone else's slack? Whatever, he was used to it after two years of the same.

Stumbling onto the grounds he must've looked like quite the sight to the new students as they stumbled past him. His six foot stature, black tank top, ripped blue jeans and sneakers, he looked more like some miscreant than a student, and yet, some of the fledglings thought it a good idea to ask him about curriculum, thinking he was a teacher. Had they not seen him in past sports festivals?

Pulling up his hair into a wild ponytail he began to wander inside before accidentally bumping into something. Being nearly 300lbs and full of steel it sure wouldn't have been too pleasant for the person, instinctively he reached out to grab their shoulder to help steady them.

"Ah, sorry. Watch it."

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Aurora was lost in thought about what she should do next. This was her first time she literally had freedom to do whatever she wanted. No schedules of her every minute of her day. Honestly, all this sudden freedom made her feel sick cause she was so use to being told what she was to do, who she was to hang with or know. She was surprised her cousins even refused to keep close tabs on her on her parent's request. Her cousins did say they would check in from time to time but they knew it was best for Aurora to enjoy this freedom of hers.

Aurora stood in front of a bulletin board of school announcements and events going on completely zoning out not paying attention to the world around her. all this freedom really was crushing her mind she didn't know what she wanted to do or where she needed to go. She snapped back to reality by a boulder more or less bumping into her lightly causing the 5,1 about 100 lb girl trip towards the side. The world seemed to slow down to the girl's vision as she was expecting to feel the cold ground rush up against her. That never happened. It took a few seconds for the girl to register what just happened, why the ground never meet with her body. She looked towards a voice apologizing and telling her to watching it. She looked towards her shoulder finding a hand holding her up. So he stopped her from falling from himself bumping into her.

"Uh...S-Sorry about that....Kinda zoned out...Th-Thank you for catching me though."She replied softly removing her shoulder from his grip before she crouched down grabbing her glasses putting them back on her face. She turned towards him expecting a skinny male maybe a few inches taller then her. That was not what she found. Instead she found a towering giant that easy could crush her with a single hand if he really wanted to. She stood there blinking a bit in a sort of dazed as she mind wasn't sure if she should run and hide or continue to stay. Was he a potential friend or was he going to be an enemy of hers here at the school.

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