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#1 StormCat (Zanji) - Student on Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:59 am


Name: Zanjiro Jangurukyatto
Alias: StormCat
Race: Human (Mutant, Cheetah)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality:  Zanjiro is pretty lazy, sleeping in class, on benches, under trees, well pretty much every where that isn't gym class where he likes to work out instead

Fear is not a word in his dictionary, not hesitating no matter the situation. Charging into potentially dangerous situations recklessly. Frankly if his luck had been any worse he probably would have used up all 9 of his lives a few times over by now.

Zanji doesn't like bullies, never did. And he sees that villains are nothing but bullies, just on a larger scale than in the school house.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Blood Type: AB+
Birthplace: Musutafu, Japan
Current Place of Residence: U.A Dorms
Appearance:  Well aside from the fact that he looks like some kind of Cheetah + Human hybrid he is actually kind of normal in appearance. His svelte build is covered in silver fur with black spots. His ice blue eyes are slitted like a cats, with sharp fangs inside of his felanoid maw. The end of his fingers has sharp claws that he can retract at will, with a tail half as long as the rest of his body that he can wrap around him, though it isn't completely prehensile.

Normally he wears the gray suit of a U.A Student, or the blue gym clothes. His hero uniform however consists of a set of metal gauntlets that covers his hands, and coats his claws when they are not retracted, and light blue pants, though there is no boots or shoes relying on his Fur and pads for traction. His suit also has a battery pack on the back that stores electricity that he can use rather than generating the electricity himself. The battery is hooked up to his claws, to create a sparkplug like effect.
Height and Weight: 5'6", 110lbs


Quirk Name: StormCat - Cheetah
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quirk Description: StormCat is a hybrid Quirk, the first part that manifested itself, and the most obvious is purely physical which turns him into a cat-like human, but not just any cat, but a Cheetah, with retractable claws and pointy fangs. He further augments the claws with a set of gauntlets on his suit which gives him the ability to shred metal with his claws, as well as coat them in electricity stored in a battery in his suit, if not the electricity that he generates himself with the main component of his quirk.

The primary portion of his quirk involves the generation and manipulation of electricity, as well as it's absorption to enhance his physical capabilities.

However should Zanji generate too much electricity with his quirk it will short circuit his brain turning him into a total idiot, wandering around aimlessly, maybe chasing butterflies or something to that effect but otherwise useless in combat. Absorbing too much electricity will do something similar, though it also overloads his nervous system paralyzing him for a period of time leaving him unable to act.


Hero Role Model: None at this time.
History: Zanji was born to a lionesque father, and an electrokinetic mother, both of them were atleast fifth generation super's. From birth he was different, his mutation quirk showing from the getgo. It wasn't easy for him to control his speed in class earlier on, and the cat like personality that made him want to just lounge around in the sun.

Though he slept in class alot he got good grades, and managed to make it into U.A. High's classroom 1-A.
RP Sample: Roar i ish a cheetah

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#2 Re: StormCat (Zanji) - Student on Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:22 am

Approved. C level A- potential.

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