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#1 Aurora VanIsis (Oracle) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:10 am


Name: Aurora Vanisis
Alias: Oracle
Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Aurora is as shy and as nervous and one can be and honestly who can blame her, with her quirk makes it hard for her to really want to be around anyone. She always felt like an outsider since trying to touch anyone causes her great pain till she received certain gloves that helps her not continually hurt. Do to her avoiding her quirk it has caused her to whether be alone and not know anyone other than internet wise exist.

When you do get aurora to want to be your friend you will find a sweet talkative girl with high intelligence that somehow has all the gossip and knowledge of all that seems to go down around her and the school.

Alignment: Neutral Chaotic
Blood Type: AB+
Birthplace: London, England
Current Place of Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Height and Weight: 5,4’ 100


Quirk Name: 3rd person Gatherer
Quirk Type: Emiter

Quirk Description: Aurora has a duo type quirk that is more of a passive or active kind of like a switch flick one on but one off. She can not use both at once.
3rd Person: The user's vision is disconnected from their eyes - they can choose any point in a radius up to 20 feet around themselves and use that as the focal point for their vision. An added use of this quirk is by touching someone before using it, she can emit what she sees to the one she is touching. In this quirk buildings and people become outlines with different colors filled in.
The Other half of her Duo Quirk she calls Gatherer:
This tends to be active when 3rd person isn’t. This is more of a passive in the sense she has no way of turning it off other then using 3rd person. This quirk is purely touch base of living people. By touch, she can gather basic information of name, birthday etc. However, the longer she touches the deeper into older memories she can gather along with darker, deeper secrets within her target.

These duo quirks have significant drawbacks to her and they go like this:
3rd person:
3. For time she uses 3rd Person, is the amount of time she becomes temporarily blind
4. When using 3rd person, Aurora cannot move, being like a said statue that can talk
The Gatherer
3. When touching someone with her bare skin, causes her physical pain
4. Once she is done she will literally fall asleep for time she had used Gatherer


Hero Role Model:Maki

History: Aurora was born in London England but moved to Japan only a few months old when her parents got a job offer for the Tokyo police for their two quirks. Her father had a information gathering one from touch as her mother was good at recon because of her quirk and Unfortunately Aurora had received both making herself a difficult one to keep underwraps. Her parents were always worried that given the nature of aurora’s quirk and the nature of their jobs that she would be a target to those who became their enemies or learn of her abilities so they discourage the use of her quirks outside their home trying their best for her safety. When she came of age she had gone through the exams and gotten approved to go to the Hero Academia to control and improve on her abilities in hopes to maybe be useful to the world outside the internet.

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#2 Re: Aurora VanIsis (Oracle) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:13 am

D level, C level ceiling approved.

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