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#1 [Private] Soon to Be Home (Kazuku meets Rose) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:56 am

I wasn't all too sure about this hero thing, but if I wanted to get the most out of my quirk, I figured UA would be the place to go. I wanted to go all out against someone, shock them, and then tear them to shreds. Although I was pretty sure I'd be unable to even make the attempt with all these damned rules. Still, getting a good look of the area would be fun for a few minutes. If something went wrong, I'd know the area ahead of time and make my escape. At least, that was what I thought until I ran into her.

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"Geez why are you out?"Asked a voice as a black haired, red eyed female that was leaning against a wall as her literal shadow seemed to jump up from the ground before her forming a black featureless figure of herself.

"When will...Fight" muttered the shadow in a voice trying its best to talk.
"We will fight Ryu later to keep you Occupied..."She said to the shadow before noticing a young student moving towards them. She looked at the file in her hand "Just who I am looking for.."She said to herself "Now shoo."Said Rose to the figure as it returned back into her shadow before she pushed herself off the wall with her left foot moving over to the kid " Kazuku Arturus correct?" She asked double checking the file in her hand to make sure that she had the name correct. It wasn't hard to know who she was but why she had his student file and why she seemed interested in speaking to him before school even started or how she found him was interesting even to her. Why was she taking time from her job as a hero? Well, that was to be seen.

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A voice from behind me. That of a woman's, uttering my name with phonetic perfection. "How do you know who I am? Who are you, and what do you want from me?" Without even thinking, I exuded a dark fog. It filled the alleyway I was in, covering both of us. I would be on guard, claws drawn, and when I spoke next, my voice would echo, as though the fog itself were speaking. "I'd be careful. I'm not fond of being snuck up on. Unlike most of these 'heroes', I wouldn't hesitate to gut you. Now explain yourself."

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Rose watched him immediately take up guard and allow his quirk to form and show itself "Calm down kid, I am not a villain...though I probably use be do to my nature" She said scratching her cheek looking up at the sky before sighing resting both of her hands on her hips. "You seriously don't recognize me? I'm the hero Black Rose... I am here...because we are a lot alike and I was asked by a friend to meet with you."She replied "And to show I am not hiding anything. Here is your student file."She replied as her red eyes studied him before her shadow moved again showing the black figure of Rose "This is my quirk and it is much like yours in nature."She added "Say Hi"

"Hi.."The Shadow replied as it watched Kazuku before looking over to Rose "We fight?"it asked.
"No, he is not someone you will fight, i told you we will spar with Dragon Emperor when we get back."Said Rose

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As she scoffed and attempted to calm me down, she'd say this, "You seriously don't recognize me? I'm the hero Black Rose" which would warrant a "Who? I'm not really familiar with any heroes. I guess you could say I'm used to having to watch my back all the time." from me. I'd dissolve my darkness, realizing she had pulled out a student file, noting that it was mine, and that was why she'd taken an interest in me. Though to be fair, I wasn't convinced of her reasoning. All of a sudden, her shadow came to life, something which while not unprecedented, did surprise me. She noted her shadow as being a doppleganger manifested as a result of her quirk, and it made sense again. She seemed rather hostile, though probably couldn't be without Rose's approval. "Hi there, I don't think I've ever been able to talk to someone's quirk before. I can see now why you may have taken interest in me then... So what's this about, really?"

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Rose listened while she folded her arms thinking of what he said. "I was a lot like you when i was your age kid. I wantes to watch thr whole world burn, i wanted death and destruction..i wanted alot of things a villian wanted but i never gave in because i was never going to be what everyone said I was. My friend at the academy wanted me to take some time out of my day to get to know someone alot like me...I think...More to assure him that his faith in you remaining amongst the heroes is well placed..and supposedly who bettrt then a villian looking hero like myself..I guess"she replied trying to find the correct t
Words to tell the kid. She wss horrible at speaking to anyone she was better with her blade then her words. God, she was messing this up.
Hell Ryu would have been way better then her

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She gave me a spiel about the guy she worked for, saying he wanted to ensure his faith in 'heroes' were well placed. I could only put a simple response to that "I'll be honest, nothing will stop me from being the type of person I want to be. I'm not exactly a model hero though. I could very easily be confused as villain fodder, and quite frankly, I don't care. I'll just do what I want and that'll be fine by me. Still, your shadow has quite the mouth. I like her. Perhaps you might do well to listen to her more frequently?" I'd wink at the dark double, sending my regards. I wasn't sure what she'd do in response to my taunting, but maybe it'd be more interesting than the encounter up to this point.

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Rose listened to his response "Honestly if I listened to her or let her have her way, this world would burn and everything would be destroyed.... I would be joining some of those I do need to try taking down...Takes out my fun in this challenge."She added "I personally should be a villain, everything about me is villain, my quirk's attitude, my personality, I always been one but being a villain isn't fun like it is a hero...Not as challenging."Said Rose thinking about the conversation. "Plus honestly...I bet you need someone who can actually handle your quirk and abilities as most of the students won't know what to do...Unlike me and my quirk...It would be a fun match no?" She asked. Maybe she should let loose and go with her quirk...could be fun right? Rose shake the mental thought out of her head. She had a bone to pick with some of the villains she knew very well and she wasn't about the follow them.

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She'd talked about her choice in remaining a hero, how being a villain wouldn't have been fun or challenging enough, how the world wouldn't be worth anything at that point. She said that given her entire being and every part of it, quirk, personality, she should be a villain simply by nature. It was like she was all too concerned that I'd go down the wrong path. Meh. She seemed to be encouraging me to fight, like that would change things. Wait, was that inner conflict? "You know, a 'friendly' spar wouldn't be too bad. If you want to, that is. Don't let my age fool you, I can fight plenty well." I'd crack some of the bones in my neck, then my hands, and grin. I was honestly riled up after this boring conversation. Blah blah blah heroics, blah blah blah good people. I got tired of being given the same speech my idiot of a father gave me all the time. It made no sense to confine my path to one specific line of action. I'd do what I wanted, and that would be the end of it.

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