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#1 Seoyeung Ha, upperclassman (Jet) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:22 am



Name: Seoyeung Ha
Alias: Jet
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Seo normally keeps to himself, preferring to stay away from human interaction. Whether he chooses to or the people around him make that decision for him is up to you. He likes to think of himself as a lone badass in the endless fields of weak babies, and this is apparent in conversation, as while he's not outright rude most of the time, he is brash, aggressive, and short.  Conversations are something he would rather only do when he can't fight.

Even so, he is quite protective of those who are able to see through his tough guy routine and enjoy being around him.
   Abandonment is something Seo is not fond of. Death would be the only reason to abandon those who need aid, and as such he is often mistaken to be naive in his ways. While he knows it is true you cannot help every single person survive, he knows he must try his best to help as many people possible, for that is the way his family lived, and how it always will. Seo will throw himself into harms way as long as he is able to make sure the well being of another is not in peril, even if that person may have wronged him. This is not to say Seo cannot recognize one who only wants to use Seo loyalty as if such a situation were to arise and he were to identify it, said person would be on the other end of Seo's fist.

   Seo is an outspoken man and has no worry whether his words will hurt others, this does not mean he is rude or aggressive in nature, he just has no reason to be insecure of his words or thoughts.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Blood Type: O-
Birthplace: Korea
Current Place of Residence: Musutafu, Japan

Appearance:" alt="" />

Height and Weight: 6'1" 300lbs


Quirk Name: Lightning Rod
Quirk Type: Dual Emitter-Mutation

Quirk Description:

Blessed with the double-edged sword of a dual quirk, his powers are not to be taken lightly.  Originally he was born with the ability to manipulate and create lightning. This allowed him to shoot lightning outwards from his body in a variety of ways, summon lightning from storms, and manipulate it in as many other ways possible.  Whether it was used to shock an opponent, or speed up his bodies movements, he had begun to get a hang of it. Around his twelfth birthday he began to get sluggish, bulky. His weight nearly doubled and he had trouble even walking.  It seemed after falling from a tree while trying to summon lightning, a secondary quirk manifested. A mutation. His entire bone structure became metalized, switching the outer layers with a thick steel-like composite.  It nearly doubled his weight, making it much harder to move around, but he quickly adapted, his body managed to catch up through through hard work and physical therapy. Now fully adapted, he can move just as quick any other, or just a tad slower, he cannot swim(he sinks), which has made him deathly afraid of any body of water. When the seasons change his entire body aches, and heat affects him almost two-fold, as the metal heats quickly burning his insides if the temp rises too much. This change isn't all bad, it creates a better conductor for his lightning quirk, and his bones are now near unbreakable, and his strength and durability are almost unrivaled. 


Hero Idol/Rivals, Enemies, and Obstacles: Will be added at a later date.

History: (Optional).

RP Sample: I don't wanna

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#2 Re: Seoyeung Ha, upperclassman (Jet) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:16 am

Approved C+ tier A+ cap

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