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#1 Pinpoint on Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:21 pm



Name:Dantie Buruzu
Alias: Pinpoint
Race:  human
Age: 14
Gender:  Male
Personality: Dantie takes himself and everything he does with a serious and cold approach but ultimately just wants to do the most good due to his past he also puts training and self improvement very high on his priority list.
Alignment:Neutral Good
Blood Type: AB-negative
Birthplace: brooklyn
Current Place of Residence: hiroshima Lions apartment ratio 1 12-13
Appearance: Dantie  takes himself very seriously and when outside of his  costume and there for dresses  very formally. Outside of any uniforms or costumes he wears  a full black suit with a red tie white gloves and  square glasses.
Height and Weight: 5 ft 10 in 150 pounds


Quirk Name:  none
Quirk Type: none
Quirk Description: Dantie does not have a quirk but what he does have are a particular set of skills skills like hand to hand combat sword combat and accuracy that would put a U.S Rangers to shame he also uses a variety of tools to help take down anyone he comes across no matter what there quirk is thinks sucks as grenades landmines and a variety of different special ammo  for every occasion


Hero Role Model: Gun Show
History: Dantie was born into a very prestigious family of successful heros who wanted their children to follow in their footsteps. But when Dantie was born  he complicated his mother and made her unable to have any other children. This compounded with the fact that he was a only child ment the weight of responsibility from his parents was almost crushing. So from the time he could walk he trained his hardest in every skill imaginable to improve his combat abilities and other  skills he would need for hero work in anticipation for the day his quirk would manifest. But as months and years past his quirk never did surfece and eventually they found out he would never have a quirk. Hearing this his parents were devastated and refused to even acknowledge him anymore. Yearning for his parents affection again he trained everyday  twice as hard as he already had in  everything from math to be able to calculate the trajectory of bullets on the fly to martial arts and engineering . one day when resting for a short bit from his training he say a news story on tv  of a Hero who had a  gun like quirk  but was also really good in hand to hand combat as well. Seeing this Dantie got really excited and wanted to be taken on as his apprentice more than anything in the world  seeing  he was also really proficient in guns and martial arts as well. There was only one problem his role model lived in japan and he lived in america  but fortunately his mother was japanese.  So he went to his parents and begged them to send them to japan. Initially they hated the idea because it would be a big waste of money but they thought about it more and they came to the conclusion that if they sent him to japan  they would no longer have to deal with him at least not in person . Thus they made arrangements and got an apartment for him in hiroshima so he could do whatever he wanted out of there sight. When he got there he immediately tried to find to find his idle but found that it was more difficult than he thought almost like his idol knew he was trying to be found.but one day he tracked him down and  pleaded with him to  take him as his pupil. Intrigued by the child standing in front of him he demanded he fight him. Dantie  shocked declined  he didn't want to hurt his role model. And almost  as soon as Dantie  said that the hero lunged at him with a knife he was hiding . Fortunately for Dantie his constant training in martial arts and combat in general has  made his body be able to counter such attacks subconsciously before he even had time to think about it . Impressed with the boys reflexes and abilities he agreed to train him and make him into a hero his parents would be proud of.

RP Sample: It has taken Dantie months of careful planning and tracking but his is finally ready to take out the gang his has been tracking. He sets up multiple mines and traps around there hid out for when they  come to confront him. He then sits down in his makeshift snipers nest waits for the right moment loads the sedative ammo and squizzes the trigger. A suppressed muzzle flashes for a brief second  and the bullet flies through the air bounces off a light pool outside into the slightly open door and of the wall before releasing a cloud of gas that instantly makes three of the five  gangsters drop to the ground. Seeing this the other two gangsters instantly panic and rush outside to see their attackers. But much to their dismay as soon as they open the door to go outside they activate a  landmine that gets the  two with the same sedative gas that got there comrades. Seeing that his job is done Dantie gets up to retrieve his pray and turn them over to the authority. But as soon as he gets up he feels the presence of  someone  with murderous intent behind him so he turns around ready to take down his  attacker  and finds himself  stepping to the side taking his  his attacker by the arm breaking it with one hand making his attacker drop the knife  kicking his legs out by hitting the back part of his calf instantly knocking him down to the ground and is then incapacitated with a sedative. Seeing that no more enemies are around   he gathers them all up ties them down and calls the proper authorities. His job being done Dantie heads back home to train  and find  his new target but he has an uneasy feeling that something is not right.

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#2 Re: Pinpoint on Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:33 am

C. You’re getting molested by anyone who knows what they’re doing but approved nonetheless.

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