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#1 Riku Tomoshibi (UA student) on Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:16 pm


Name: Riku Tomoshibi
Alias: N/A
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, he's the more outgoing of the twins, and just barely shorter. He's the good older brother to everyone, and helps out when he can. He cooks, he cleans, he plays with children, and he's a sucker for delinquents and trying to reform them, or if not, at least try to get them to be better than themselves. He doesn't like seeing others hurt, and does what he can to assist. Tempest influenced him greatly to become a top hero, her inspires the teenager to go beyond. He can be strict, and is often berating his brother over not studying as hard as he should be, or his antics. But he still loves him to pieces. While he can work with others extremely well, he works best with this brother, often combining their electricity quirks and regulating each other's body temperature. Fairly aloof and laidback, he doesn't shy away from bending the rules or even breaking them if it's what he believes doing it is the right thing to do.

He is on good terms with Daichi Shiota, even hitting on him, but also protecting him. Yes, he's bisexual, and does prefer girls to boys. He can't stand bullying and his eyes will get darker if he sees it and will put a stop to it. He's the straight laced brother and doesn't sneak out and party or anything like that. Unless it's to keep his friends from getting into too much trouble.

Alignment: Good?
Blood Type: O-
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States of Fuck You
Current Place of Residence: UA Dorms

Appearance: Despite being shorter and even slender, he is well muscled, just that it doesn't really show. He is ambidextrous, and his eye color does lighten or darken according to his mood. Otherwise, blond hair, blue eyes. His hero costume is literally just his street wear, not having really decided on it yet.

Height and Weight: Five foot Five, 115 lbs.


Quirk Name: Sparky Ice
Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description: He manipulates ice and electricity. With ice, he can fire shards of it at people, make a literal bokken out of it, or a fist. He can use it to tunnel, freeze people, make walls, branch it out to strike multiple points, even turning a thrown ice bokken into a trap. His control fine tuned. What he can't do is make a ice wall the same size of a stadium. A small warehouse, maybe, but that takes a lot out of him via frostbite. Flash freezing objects is kind of a last resort for him. He can even create a thin sheen of ice on a floor or on water. He can also use it to help regulate other people's body temperature, namely his younger brother's. His ice can and does conduct electricity.

Over use of this half of his quirk drops his body temperature, slowing his movements, causes frost to form on him, and frostbite.

The second half of his quirk deals with electricity. From precise strikes, to having it jump from person to person to his target, without hurting the people in jumps to, to even magnetic control of small objects. He can attack multiple people or just a single target, even short circuit security systems or unlock doors with it. Even creating shocking traps if necessary. He has fine tuned control over this as well. But he does lack the power of his younger brother's version. That said, he and his brother can tag team their electric quirks to both increase power/control while minimizing the risk to each other.

Over use of this half short circuits his nerves, hindering his movement and motor skills.


Hero Role Model: Tempest

History: Wants to be a top hero.

Jun Tomoshibi. Human. 0-5
Riku Tomoshibi. Shinigami. 0-5
Tegan Tristan Tomoshibi. Human. 2-1
Kuro, Tegan's talking cat. 4 tier noncombatant.
Reo Sato. Shinigami. 2-1
Jin Midokawa. Human. 0-5
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#2 Re: Riku Tomoshibi (UA student) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:33 pm

Approved b- S potential.

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