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#1 Jun Tomoshibi (UA Student) on Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:16 pm


Name: Jun Tomoshibi
Alias: N/A
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: He's more of a shadow to his brother, not near as outgoing or anything like that. Preferring to play games or sleep, he still gets grades every bit as good as his brother's. He's more aloof, and quiet, though will talk of spoken to. He is more flirtatious to those he finds attractive to, unlike Riku who is more subtle about it. Unlike Riku, he doesn't keep his preferences secret, bi, but preferring boys. As such, he does hit on Daichi a lot, but never crosses a line. Like his brother, he hates seeing bullying going on and will stop it. He's a good guy as a whole. He does have some antics, including sneaking out and going to clubs or pulling a harmless prank or two. He's more combative than Riku is, and has more technical skills, but never holds it over him, just as Riku never holds his accomplishments over Jun. The twins see each other as equals.

Unlike Riku and most other students, he's more shy about showing off his quirk. For some reason, he really doesn't like to, viewing it as overly arrogant. To the point where most people around them thought he was quirkless. Imagine their surprise when he took down as many robots as he did in short order to get into UA High.

Alignment: Good
Blood Type: O+
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States of Traps
Current Place of Residence: UA Dorms

Appearance: Like his twin brother, he's slender, but well muscled, his muscles not really showing at all. He is also ambidextrous, and his green eyes change shades in accordance to his mood. He keeps his blond hair a little bit longer than his brother's. Like his brother, he doesn't have a costume thought up of yet, and typically just use his PE uniform.


Height and Weight: Five foot six, 118 lbs.


Quirk Name: Sparky Flames
Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description: He has lightning manipulation, like his brother. Unlike his brother, he can go to a much higher voltage, and if bouncing between people, it does hurt each person. Balls of electricity, or even his Double Zap, which two large balls of electricity back to back, is possible. Minor magnetism against objects roughly 163 pounds is possible as well. He doesn't just short circuits a security system, he blows out every fuse in the fuse box. When someone gets close, and he uses static shock, it doesn't just do a small zap, it pushes them back extremely forcefully to the other side of the room. His brother may have control, but Jun has power. And as stated on Riku, the two can combine their electric quirks for more power/precision and share the cost between each other.

Like Riku, overuse tends to mess with his nerves and motor functions.

Fire manipulation is the other half. Flames from around his body to fire balls, to extremely powerful fire streams. He can even use it to move around. Fire waves to make someone back off, even using a small flame like a torch is ok. If he concentrates, he can even use a small blowtorch like move to superheat or punch through more heat resistant materials, though even that isn't always possible depending on the material. Mass area of effect fire blasts too.

Overuse heats up his body temp., making him sweat and dehydrate.


Hero Role Model: Tempest

History: Wants to be bro's sidekick.

Side Note: Will not always be with Riku

Jun Tomoshibi. Human. 0-5
Riku Tomoshibi. Shinigami. 0-5
Tegan Tristan Tomoshibi. Human. 2-1
Kuro, Tegan's talking cat. 4 tier noncombatant.
Reo Sato. Shinigami. 2-1
Jin Midokawa. Human. 0-5
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#2 Re: Jun Tomoshibi (UA Student) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:28 pm

Approved B- S potential.

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