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#1 Amaya Yashia [Aurora] on Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:57 pm


Name: Amaya
Alias: Aurora
Race: human
  Gender: Female
Personality: Amaya can be happy for the most part with a small smile painted on her face. She tends to apologize a lot for things she never did to another. She finds her happiness in making sure others are happy whether it is helping those in her and other squads with errands, battle etc. She just finds trying to make herself happy is kind of a waste of time but seeing others happy, that makes up for the lack of caring about her own.

Amaya does have her sad moments, and these tend to be when she is alone. She is not one to show her sadness in public as she believed pity is for the weak and to waste it on her isn’t worth its weight in this life. She does take big hits when it comes to killing for two reasons. She hates the side of her that enjoys the thrill of killing whether it is Hero, Arrancar or any said race. It didn’t matter if she was the one who ended their existence or someone else. Life is life to end it is the end all the possibilities of that soul’s future. Her second reason is simple, could she have stopped it? Maybe not, but those doubts and regrets of saving or ending that life just brings back the deep wound under the history of her scar shoulder, the human past that haunts her even in her new life. Normally when she is in one of her sad episodes she doesn’t shed many tears more one for each life lost, she can sometimes be found just laying on her back with her hands laced together resting on her stomach with her eyes close, covered by her bangs. She will normally be zoned out and deep in her thoughts. When she does snap out of her sad episodes she does what any other hero does, go about her day with the memory buried deep in her mind.

When it comes to Amaya’s anger she tends to keep a leveled head for the most part, she is as flawed as the next hero and sometimes loses her temper or mind to the anger of just wanting to end the enemy. Sometimes she can be snapped out of the rage by those who know how to get her to snap back to reality. Her soft eyes become cold and bright with the intent of bloodshed. When it comes to landing a final blow she always asks the victim to forgive her for what she must do, normally in a whisper as sometimes, there can be caught of a tear falling when she lands her final blow. After wards she will sometimes just stand there for a few seconds before she seems to snap back into her normal happy self.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Blood Type: AB Negative
Birthplace: Matsumae, Japan
Current Place of Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Height and Weight: 4,9 70 lbs


Quirk Name: Cryokinesis
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quirk Description: Amaya can drastically lower temperatures and freeze anything she touches. Amaya can swiftly freeze entire buildings and streets, as well as create large waves of ice instantaneously. Amaya can swiftly freeze entire buildings and streets, as well as create large waves of ice instantaneously. Despite its incredible raw power, Amaya possesses great control and direction over her quirk enough to even restrict the ice to avoid fatally freezing someone or use precision attacks to freeze only certain portions of a target's body. She can manipulate her ice to do anything she needs whether it is to make a weapon or surfaces like stairs or slides if needed.


Hero Role Model:

History: History: Amaya is the only blood daughter of her famous parents. She took her Ice abilities from the both. When Amaya was young her parents brought home a new baby? From what she was told was that the child's mother died in a massive fight which concluded in them finding what survivors they could only finding the crying baby wrapped in a light pink barrier. At first, they believed this was her mother's last ability but over time Amaya found it was her sisters. She was naturally gifted in being a hero and often could be found training and practicing her abilities wanting to be just like her parents.

RP Sample: (Write a sample post as your character. Try using your quirk too.)

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#2 Re: Amaya Yashia [Aurora] on Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:27 pm

Approved C+ A potential.

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