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#1 Anna Yashia [Nanashi] on Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:08 pm


Name: Annamaria “Anna” Yashia
Alias: Nanashi
Race: human
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Anna can be considered a mute at first introductions. Anna herself is not a mute just more of she doesn't really like getting to know people. She seen too many close to her or those she has grown to known get killed or never be the same again. You could say she is more of a silent worrier feeling it was best if no one gets attached to her. She doesn't want to know anyone knew to see them die or even give a care for her. When one does manage to get her to trust them or want to get to know a possible new friend they will find a very intelligent chatter box that does enjoy knowing things or talking to others. She shows a completely new side to those she wants to know or consider a friend being someone who wants to know nearly everything about them as well as letting them know of her.

If one happens to catch her in a sad mood. She can be found trying her best to avoid keeping them as far away from her as possible. She hates showing weakness and to her, having anyone see her in a sad state is a weakness no one should see and could use to their own advantage. It has happened before with her emotions getting used to cloud her wants and cloud her judgement of others. She made the mistake once and it hurt her deeply and she is very determined not to ever let anyone use her emotions against her again.

When it comes to battle. You will have a loyal ally that will put themselves in harm way if it means to protect those she cares about or knows would be more useful then herself safe from harm. She tends to not care of small talk and keep her objective in mind putting that in the front unless an ally is in horrible danger. Sometimes if Anna is deep into her battle and kind of loses track of her objective it takes her a bit to snap back to reality whether it is to regroup or get the objective done. She knows this is a bad trait of tunnel vision and intends to work on it.

Alignment: Lawfully Evil
Blood Type: AB Positive
Birthplace: Matsumae Japan
Current Place of Residence:Dorms of the academy

Height and Weight:  4,8’ 80 pounds


Quirk Name: Barrier
Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description: At the basic of this Quirk Anna can form a slightly pinkish barrier in whatever shape she wants or needs it to be. Abilities in it is more for defensive and support. Her barriers reach about ten meters radius around herself in any given direction.  She can make her barriers hard or rubbery depending on the need on the situation along with the small ability of being able to turn her barrier invisible and hide within or behind it. She can control who can enter or leave her barriers


Hero Role Model: Anna keeps this to herself

History: Anna for the longest time was only an adopted daughter of two famous Ice Quirk heroes. She knew not of her mother only that she died protecting Anna with some barrier that Anna later found she had made herself. She never fit in with her family or really the super hero scene. She has a hidden rage of the fact her adopted parents did nothing to save her mother but instead pity her by taking her in and treating her as if she was a mas charity case. She knew they looked down on her for not having the same quirk or really being able to step to the standards they held for her and Amaya to follow. She was kind of happy but a little sad when her adopted parents died. She felt they deserved it but was sad because of the fact they did try raising her like their own daughter. Now and days she is part of the academy to try finding her own path of being either a hero or a villain...who knows.

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#2 Re: Anna Yashia [Nanashi] on Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:54 pm

C- start B- potential approved.

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