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#1 Kazuku Arturus (Fade) on Tue Aug 21, 2018 12:35 pm

(Keep in mind depending on the age, some fields may not be usable. Adjust as needed.)


Name: Kazuku Arturus
Alias: Fade
Race: Human
Age: 16 (might change later*)
Gender: Male
Personality: Kazuku is a quick thinking little jobber who doesn't seem to care about the rules that were created for heroes. Instead, he simply wishes to be recognized for his talent and power. In carrying out that wish, he often comes off as cruel, cold, callous even. He is the calculating type, and extremely swift in doing so. He prefers to end things quickly, via either a show of force or by choking out his opponents. His wit is matched only by his apathy toward a fair fight. RAGE RAGE RAGE HATE HATE HATE STABBY STABBY KILL KILL. I think. Is that how this works? Oh well, stay tuned folks.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Blood Type: A Negative.
Birthplace: Hosu City, Japan
Current Place of Residence: Mustafu, Japan (Academy)


Height and Weight: 5'4", 132 lbs


Quirk Name: Dark Demon
Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description: Kazuku can emit darkness that blots out all wavelengths of light, from the lowest frequency signals to X-rays. Anything his darkness touches is able to be detected by location. While this is simple by nature, it is also versatile. He will often coat himself in this darkness while also attempting to close off his opponent. His natural speed and reflexes are enhanced as a product of his quirk. If he uses his quirk too much, he tends to become intangible enough that he can't harm or mark anything. Overuse essentially renders him moot.


Hero Role Model: *to add later*

History: (Optional).

RP Sample: (Write a sample post as your character. Try using your quirk too.)

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#2 Re: Kazuku Arturus (Fade) on Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:51 pm

Ah that’s my boy. B- S potential approved.

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