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#1 [Private] A Ghost From the Past (Noz / Mei) on Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:10 am

I was given a tip by someone in Division 2 that a hollow had appeared out in the Tokyo area. Yes, I know... why does it matter? What's so special about a hollow in Tokyo, that big head captain Noziel Aran needed to go investigate? It was the hollow of my long passed wife, Mei Tsaki. As to how her soul had managed to end up back in the World of the Living AND Hollowfied? I wasn't sure. The fact that there was enough of her soul's identity left for the eye of Gotei to look at it and recognize it as familiar was a miracle itself. I also knew her well.... If this was all her hatred and pain.... she may very well try to seek my family out... Cami. I couldn't let that happen. So without telling anyone, I left. I just vanished without a trace leaving no sign of my existence. Cami would probably be scared, but I didn't want her to think about what I'd be doing. Ayame... well she'd be okay. She seemed ever complacent in her position, so I doubted she'd let Cami go without attention, especially seeing as she could take care of herself.

Enough of that though. I would know her when I saw her. It was a long journey once I made it through the Senkaimon to Tokyo.... mostly seeing as getting there was the easy part. You'd think a hollow hell bent on revenge would be stirring up lots of trouble, getting violent and the like... but there was hardly a stir. Tokyo was massive too, so not even getting a direct district, like Shibuya was gonna make this a long night... or week.. Oh dear. I hadn't thought this through, had I? I couldn't go back until I'd resolved this. Mei would seek them out if I didn't stay. My presence alone would likely act like a magnet of sorts seeing as she might target me. They talk about searching for a wolf in sheep's clothing, but for me to find the reverse? It would take time.

Many full days passed, as I roamed district to district, occasionally getting tired of searching and simply resting. Eventually, I did find something that caught my attention. Something sent off a flare of a very familiar reiatsu. It was mildly twisted, possibly angry, but it had to have been her. So I tried my hardest to find her. Sure enough, as I zeroed in on the location, there it was, in a small apartment three floors up from one of the main streets of Asakusa. I would gingerly undo the lock on the window with wind control, then open it up, sliding inside. It was empty, though it still had a couch and a table with a lamp on it. The walls were a simple pastel pink, the carpet a matted gray. The apartment looked like it hadn't been lived in years, and that those years were probably best forgotten. I could almost feel the memories embedded here, not all were pleasant... Though I think that may be because I knew where I was. This had to have been hers. Did her hollow lead me here intentionally? As if by response, a hollow did indeed appear. "Mei."

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