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#1 Into the Depths [Closed | Camellia] on Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:48 am

Knox Lewis

The Songbird had been settling well into her role as the Sub Captain. While the division didn't feel quite as comfortable as the Kido Corps had, she wasn't un]comfortable either. The people she now lead were...something. She'd seen some amazing talents in their ranks, while others lacked severely.

One such case was the woman on Mirabelle's agenda for the day, Camellia Aran. Her personality wasn't unpleasant. She got along well with most everyone that the Sub Captain had observed her with...but she lacked a passion. Perhaps it was because of her time spent leading the Kido elite but the Songbird wished to see a fire in the girl. It could very well be that, given her age, she just hadn't found her niche yet.

"Miss Aran," the redhead's voice rang loud over the chorus of voices in the cafeteria. Her stature alone was usually enough to command some attention but her tone of voice snared anyone else's who hadn't noticed her entrance. If the girl hadn't found something that drove her, she'd find it by sundown.

Her steely green gaze fell on the girl. She was well and truly a child, standing out amongst the band of hardened soldiers around her. The Songbird's tone softened some as her eyes finally met Camellia's. "follow me, if you'd be so kind."
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