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Anna touched the ground of the docks in Tokyo. She wanted to take a fun field trip of sorts with Kat Mazi and her selected bodyguard of sorts along with anyone that really needed a break. Anna mostly wanted the trip for one reason. She decided it was time to let her past be buried and move towards the future. Fighting Doku kinda opened her eyes that her traditional kimono style of her old way..Her old life. She wasn't the same that she once was. She needed to adapt and change for the sake of her position. She was the head of the medical part of their organization. she need to find herself in this new world...She had no sense of fashion or technology and the only person she figured that would know is Kat cause if she had asked someone else she knew he would be of no help what so ever.

Anna pushed some of her lime green hair out of her face "You both still with me on this...I haven't dealt with civilization in decades..." She stated softly smoothing out her sleeve looking at her company before looking towards Tokyo, oh how it changed from what she knew it so long ago

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Kat was expecting another boring day of nothingness as she found herself laying down in the middle of the nurses office.. division.. whatever it was she wanted to call it. Apparently, people were beginning to make it habit to show up on her doorstep, so she would make it a habit to change things up a little. However, the nurse knew where she was, but this time she came bearing an odd request of Kat that would have her ultimately jumping to her feet at the ready. She wanted Kat to help her clothes shop and if there was anything she wasn't lazy at and remotely enjoyed, it was that. So, she would agree and follow the woman out only to find a tag along. So, she now had the challenge of dressing a girl and a guy. Nice.

Even still, they were picking up stragglers after they had exited the doors noticing Esme had found herself sitting outside like some sort of nature whisperer. Of course, Kat would roll her eyes before wandering over "Hey, Little Doll. What are you up to?" The girl would look at Kat with a face of confusion as she looked around. "Yes. I'm talking to you. No. I'm not going to be a Selica," the teen would say rolling her eyes before continuing to stare at the girl. "Well.. I'm not really doing anything right now nor for the rest of the day. I don't exactly do things, if that makes sense," her voice was soft and sort of dull, but not uninviting. "Looks like you are today!" Kat would say with a grin that was supposed to be a smile but obviously didn't make it there. She would drag the woman up to her feet and wrap her small hand around her wrist. She would lead the way away from Bigots with a frantic Esme behind. "W-wait but... I should tell Hagane I'm leaving. I mean.. he might worry," her voice was soft and small. Kat would giggle brushing the girl off fully aloud, "Oh no.. he'll be fine. You are your own person and as long as I bring you back safe.. I'm sure he'll forgive you in a heartbeat... and hopefully he won't completely ruin mine."

The four of them would find their way to Tokyo, where they would see docks and boats. Well, seemed that they would have to find their way closer to the city to pick a store. Kat would nod being full well aware of where Esme was at before sighing, "Dear god.. what have I done?" She would shake her head before leading the group away from the water and in towards the city. She would stop once they were there tapping het finger to her chin. "Santa Maria, pick a store that catches your eye."

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Joshua sighed as he followed the girls along on their trip. He really wondered why he was coming along and being included in this cloths shopping trip, since he didn't feel that he needed it. He didn't really use a gigai at all and since no one could see him outside of those in his group, he didn't really see a reason to care if his Shinigami uniform was his main way of dressing. Then again, maybe it was best to drop the uniform so he could fit in a bit more with his new organization.

He joined Anna before Kat arrived with another woman who seemed less then pleased to be there. Given how it seemed like Kat was more dragging then leading the other woman, this probably wasn't that surprising. He had to wonder if Kat had even given the other woman the option to decline coming along on this little trip

Glancing around the city as they walked through it, he made note of what people on the streets were wearing and thinking of what he would prefer to wear over that which he wouldn't. He heard Kat telling Anna to pick a store to begin shopping in and decided to remain silent for the time being, as his opinion didn't seem to be needed or wanted at this time. So he was content to study and observe for now.

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Anna watched kat before sighing "you are never going to drop that are you?'she asked rubbing her forehead annoyed about the damn name kat keeps calling her. She watched Kat drag esme along as honestly she could just imagine what hagane was going to do if esme was gone after what Selica did. She shake the thought out of her head before hearing kat tell her to pick a shop that catches her eye. "You are kidding me only style is Kimonos. I am not good at this shopping thing as I never needed before cause I don't think I told you where I have stayed the past 700 years before your father somehow found me again. I rarely saw anyone alive nor did I interact with today's world...So my style is very...Old."She said to Kat before looking towards Joshua "I hope you change from your uniform....You aren't a shinigami anymore, you are my selected guard and a member of choas....also a should be blending in with the young crowd especially when it comes to fighting"Said Anna before moving forward. She took a few steps before stopping in her tracks as her teal eyes changed to a pastel pink for a few seconds before turning back to their normal teal "Great....of course she would come.'She said to herself shaking her head before she continued heading towards the shopping district of Tokyo absolutely amazed at all the buildings and technology "Geez too noisy."She said to herself

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"Calm down, greeny. I was just thinking maybe something wouldstand out to you, but I guess I'll just have to pick," she would sigh as she would scratch her head. The four would walk further into the city as Kat would listen to Santa Maria talk to the.. guard guy.. she hadn't actually caught his name. Her face would fall on the shops around. Weddings? No, but would be funny. Costumes? She could imagine dressing the few up like.. ya know what? Nevermind. That wouldn't go over well. The girl would sigh frustrated turning to look at the group.

"Listen, all of you are getting a new style. I mean.. Esme has a pretty decent style, although I'm sure I could find her better. No more kimonos, although there are always exceptions. And no more damn shinigami outfits, No exceptions! The longer I look at you, the more I want to set you on fire. Anyway," Kat would say tapping her finger to her chin unsure of what she was going to say next. She would take a breath before feeling a light tug on her shirt, "Uh.. Hm?" She was highly confused before remembering Esme was still behind her. "Maybe we could go there. It looks big enough to have everything we might need," Her voice was soft, but she wasn't the least but nervous in this situation. However she couldn't lie, she was feeling anxiety being away from Bogota.

Kat would turn around to see what it was Esme had pointed at before green eyes would set on a large building that looked to be quite a big shopping center. It held two stories and items shown brightly in the windows. The teen would grin patting Esme on the back, "See Santa Maria? Was that so hard?" She would then grab the turquoise woman, who was substantially older than herself and she would drag her towards the building. She was ready to start the shopping extravaganza.

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Joshua seemed to be the only one out of the group of four who noticed when Anna stopped and shook her head. He even noticed how her eyes change color for a split second before reverting back to their usual shade of teal. He frowned at these actions and changes of her but otherwise didn't comment on them as he continued to follow the girls. At Anna's comment on the noise, he couldn't help but smile.
"Aye, it is rather noisy there. But, I guess time changes things, so either we adapt of our own will or get swallowed up in the tides and change with them." he said to her in a friendly tone before turning to Kat as she brought up his Shinigami uniform. Her words merely brought about a shrug from the young man before he addressed her. "Hey, I left there with nothing but this and Kaminari. So, it's not like I have anything else to wear at this point in time. So, I guess getting something more modern would be rather nice. Maybe several sets of cloths would be even better. So, I leave myself in your capable hands for the time being Miss Kitty Kat."

Seeing Kat drag both Esme and Anna into a rather large shop, he shook his head in amusement before following, wondering what would happen once the girls got shopping.

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Anna sighed shaking her head seeing as she was never going to get the nicknames for Santa maria or Greeny. Geez, out of all the people to get stuck with it was the bratty teenager of her freaking annoying of hell boss...why did she have to be stuck with such personalities. "I am over a thousand years old and wore one style...don't lecture me..."Said Anna before looking towards esme listening between the two before she gasped getting dragged along by kat "Hey hey hey.."She exclaimed moving along with kat. She wasn't going to try fighting this cause well. she wasn't a fighter, she was a enabler. She wasn't strong nor was she hot headed, she would whether get kidnapped then actually attempt to start a fight. She could sense her other half as she was hoping he annoying stalker of an Arrancar would at least wait till after they get their outfits.

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