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#1 Colbolt's Ordinary band of characters on Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:39 pm

Colbolt NagitoOnline

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad

Nakita Nocturne/ Sinner 1st circle/ Tier 0-4:
'Spider Bitch' Girlfriend of Gerlat. Spider based abilities , love to play with ' her food'

Annamaria 'Anna' Nanashi / Vizard/ Head Medic of C.H.A.O.S/ Tier 1-1:
'Santa Maria' - Kat Mazi's Nickname for her. Love everything of Japanese origin especially her traditional kimonos. Control of Wind, Healer/Enchanter, Second Half of the soul that is Colbolt. was human sister of Amaya Nanashi. Anna can be viod of emotion one second but be full of emotions the next...a unwanted habit of hers.

Amaya Nanashi/ Shinigami/ Head Vice Captain of the 5th/ Tier 1-3 : Purple haired shningami, Was human sister was Anna Nanashi, Controls Ice, was Captain of 7th divison, Loves quiet nights, cold but kind when needed 'motherly' figure

Colbolt Nagito/ Arrancar/ Fraccion of the 3rd Espada/ Tier 1-5: 'Little Flower - Selica's Nickname for her, Flower Based attacks, other half of Annamaria Nanashi

Aria Takashi/ Fullbringer/ Vice Chief of the R+D Department/ Tier 1-5: Aria is a bubbly teenager with a paintbrush fullbringering expression her life's passion of art. She is always bubbly and happy no matter what the situation

Sakiko Tsuchi/Shinigami Support of the 3rd division/Tier 2-3: 'strawberry' Sakiko loves strawberries and get her nickname from her strawberry red hair. Plant base abilities, Tends to enjoy taking care of people and don't care if she gets hurt in the process.
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