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#1 Lilly’s thread request on Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:42 am

Pallas UchidaOnline

Request Template
Thead Name: Lilly’s big decision
Thread Link:
Thread Master: Pallas Uchida
Thread Participants: Any Shinigami can participate. Captains and Vice Captains are strongly urged
Roleplayer Name / Character Name
Roleplayer Name / Character Name
Roleplayer Name / Character Name
Thread Limitations: There is to be no fighting in the thread. You can talk of fighting, make another thread and fight, then come back. This is a Social thread only.
Plot Guide: This is going to be kind of a game show. You all will ask questions for a time and then Lilly will ask questions. She is shy so be mindful of the questions you ask.
Thread Location: An Academy Classroom. She’ll be at the front and everyone else will take chairs like in a lecture.
Resolve Drive: None needed
Comments: There will not be a posting order in this thead. That being said, be considerate of others. Also, don’t overwhelm poor Lilly with questions. If you see a few have already been asked, wait till I reply then ask your question. Asking her too many questions will most likely mean the end of the session and we’d have to start a new day. I will wait till we have at least 3 others in the thread. Please, if you have a shinigami in one division and one in a different one, bring them. I don’t mind if more than one person in the thread is from the same division. I hope to have someone from each division represented. Most of all, Just have fun.
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