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#11 Re: New Perspective [Cactus | Aria | Marshal] on Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:06 pm

"Time for me to join in."Said Aria with a sigh seeing the sinner fling himself at marshal. She adjusted the paintbrush in her hand "Let's paint"She said more to herself as she swung upwards as a black line formed from the beginning of her swing to send as the line shot itself at the Sinner. She sent a few more swings of black paint at the sinner, hoping to back him off Marshal a bit. "You alright?"She shouted over to Marshal as She stood ready to fight if the sinner came for her.

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#12 Re: New Perspective [Cactus | Aria | Marshal] on Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:22 am

Cactus went up and over the spikes, avoiding them summarily as he would use Ranzig to move forwards. He slapped a slip of paper on the building the boy had retreated into before going to deal with the woman. Knowing he would move forwards not back given his attack on the woman, he waited till a millisecond later, before detonating the seal he had placed hoping to trap the man in the rubble, and potentially have him caught in the explosion. He would then turn his attention to the woman, laughing to himself as he did so. Cactus ran through two of the slashes and tanked them head on, not able to ignore the damage entirely but the blood that trickled from his chest and left arm was at best a moral victory. He smirked using Ranzig and his rubber body to extend himself outwards to grab her by the throat and drag her forwards. As he did this he launched a shot at her chest, and he threw a grenade behind the girl.

This forced the boy into an interesting position, to save her he would have to almost assuredly be hit by the grenade. If he didn't she would be.. But, Cactus loved creating these dilemma's, and he was curious to see how she'd respond. "BE A HERO KID, SAVE THE GIRL."

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