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#1 [Event] Hope Has Arrived! on Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:28 am

Is what one would say if Shino were some heroic jobber trying to save this miserable fucking city. All of the people within it deserved everything they were getting, all the pain, the fear, the anguish.. They lead easy lives and now that you threw one wrench in they screamed with terror? They fled to a neighboring pair of arms to hold them in their mortal coil?.. Shino's goal was a simple one, and in his eyes a just one. To find out what would happen if every pair of arms these ridiculous creatures could flee to, were no longer there to hold them. And so Shino did what one did when they had wires extending from the tips of each of his fingers..

He butchered everything in sight.

With a flick of his wrist his wires went upwards and shredded an entire platoon of Committee soldiers which had been tasked with the protection of men, women, and children. Shino could shred the lot of them sure, but why not do something more.. extravagant? Shino shredded the foundations of a nearby building, and began to pull it down towards the people who were trapped and helpless to stop it's descent. The only thing that could save them now?... Well, it would take either a miracle, or a Hero.

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#2 Re: [Event] Hope Has Arrived! on Thu Jul 26, 2018 10:27 am

Terror filled the streets of New york as a sinner went rampant, killing many innocents and Committee soliders. All hope seemed lost, it seemed as if they weren't going to be saved from the sinners wrath. A building began to collapse, all credit going to the sinner. Trapped, helpless, Holding onto their loved ones and themselves. The people could only watch as they were going to be crushed beneath a mass of rubble. All Hope was truly lost.

As the building was nearing its decent a massive burst of energy and pressurized air hit the building, blowing it away and turning it into small bits of rubble and dust. Confused and relieved, the people would look around and spot something in the dust. As the dust cleared away, it would reveal All Might. "It's All Might" someone would call out, as the onlookers had cheerful smiles of relief.

"HAVE NO FEAR. HOPE HAS ARRIVED, BECAUSE I AM HERE!", Toshinori would state to the citizens with a big smile on his face. "Get to safety everyone, I'll deal with this", Toshinori would say looking over towards the sinner. Toshinori wasn't sure what the guy could do in terms of powers, and it's quite possible that this sinner outmatched him in terms of power. It didn't matter however, because people needed his help and Toshinori wasn't going to sit idly by as people died. One way or another, Toshinori was going to take down this Sinner. "Surrender now, and this doesn't have to end in violence or worse", toshinori would offer to the unknown sinner.

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#3 Re: [Event] Hope Has Arrived! on Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:42 pm

Shino gritted his teeth, watching as his trap to kill the people had been essentially fucked with by someone, some impervious cunt. Some obnoxious blonde man jacked to the gills had saved those people for little reason other than his own self-fulfillment but that was fine with Shino, because little did he know he had fallen right into Shino's trap. The man instructed the citizens to flee before turning to face Shino, who would reply to this act of disrespect by wrapping the mans arms and legs in his sharp wires, binding them tightly. He held back loosely with his left hand, ready to rip the man apart. "So Hero.. any last words?.. You've already ruined my day, but.." Shino would tighten the wires and smirk. "I think your life could be a fair forfeit for that hm?.. Kehehe.."

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#4 Re: [Event] Hope Has Arrived! on Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:10 pm

Toshinori's words were met with painful wires, as the sinner seemed to ignore him and bind some strange wires around his body. Toshinori winced in pain as the wires dug into his skin, blood immediately pouring from his lacerations. Trying to resist against the wires proved futile as they only seemed to cut deeper. Holding a smile on his face, Toshinori would focus his attention on the sinner. "So Hero.. any last words?.. You've already ruined my day, but..", the sinner would say tightening the wires around Toshinori and smiling as he did so, "I think your life could be a fair forfeit for that hm?.. Kehehe.."

Straightening his posture, Toshinori would purposely wrap the wires around his left arm. "Sure! I've got two for you...", Toshinori would say as he would begin to pull the sinner towards him slowly. The wires still embedded in his skin, causing him an intense amount of pain, however he wouldn't stop grinning. Moving himself slightly and readying his right arm, Toshinori would pull with a sheer amount of brute strength, which would cause the sinner to lift from the ground. Lunging forward, A massive amount of energy would gather into Toshinori's arm. "PUNCH ULTRAAA!!!", Toshinori would call as he would punch the sinner flat in the face with a Forbidden Kidou punch. The ground would shatter from the punch, and the sky would rain momentarily from the sheer amount of power released from his punch.

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#5 Re: [Event] Hope Has Arrived! on Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:34 am

Blood immediately began to pour from the body of the man known as Toshinori as Shino's wires dug into every inch of his body. The hero tried to get free but the wires dug in deeper, and as Shino finished asking him whether or not he had any last words he began to notice the wires wrapped around the man's hand.. What on earth could he be planning.. And two words?.. What the fuck was this guy smoking?.. Well, Shino would soon figure out what the man meant by what he said, as his feet began to leave the ground and he felt himself being pulled towards the man, his head was well ahead of his legs at this point and he watched the man leap from the ground heading towards him.

Shino was defenseless, there was literally no defense for what was about to happen to him, he could only grit his teeth and bare it. The man punched him and Shino's head and body from the shoulders down was eviscerated, he was left a mangled mess and a corpse, he wasn't around to survive the flashy show that ensued. He wasn't around for the light show, to hear the applause of the survivors that Toshinori had saved, he wasn't even around for the rain. His life was ended in an instant, as his body was dragged back to the depths of hell.


But enough about that jobber, it was Jack's time to step in and make a show. He propelled himself forwards using his rubber body and smirked. "Hey there Toshinori, I know you haven't seen me in a while hell, you probably don't even remember who I am do you?.." Cactus smiled, he had four missing teeth in his mouth from his days as a hero, and his body was covered in scars. Cactus smiled, extending a hand to the man he once called a friend, "You remember me don't you Toshinori?.. You remember the times we shared protecting these people?.. Tell me you haven't forgotten me too?.. I.. I don't wanna be lost to time man.. tell me you remember.." Cactus had tears in his eyes, yet malice was in his heart. If Toshinori shook hands?...

His body would pay the forfeit..

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