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#1 [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:02 am

Nakita formed around the Area of the Bronx stretching her arms above her head "Man I was enjoying my nap."She said with a yawn looking down at her targeted area. "About time to have some fun my children, go, feed, multiply and erupt this city."She said holding a small web woven bundle that was wiggling and growing "Go have fun my baby."She said with a laugh dropping the bundle on to the ground before hearing a large roar as the small sack grew massively in a few seconds  to a two story building before the shell cracked forming a massive black spider. The humans in the area began to panic and run causing Nakiita to laugh "That's right! Run you pathetic mortals....It is time for your judgement and time to welcome you all to my hell."She said laughing enjoying herself as she moved down to sit on top of the rampaging spider that began to tear up buildings, cars, firing webs in every direction pulling them here and there sending walls of buildings flying.

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#2 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:40 pm

Most of the humans in the area would begin to flee, one seemed to be walking closer among the chaos, avoiding the crowd of fleeing civilians as she approached. This was to give the sinner riding atop the giant spider a glimpse of the peril she had just set upon herself. There was a flash of shimmering blue light as a weapon appeared in the girl's hands, a rifle of some type, that she would aim and proceed to fire directly at the beast. Two precisely aimed shots right in the middle of it's head. The first would explode on contact, with the second aiming to hit again in the same spot, shattering into fractured shards to hopefully scramble whatever happened to be underneath it's carapace and put the monster down then and there.

Before those shots even had a chance to land however, Rei had vanished, her speed probably unparalleled as she scaled through the debris, avoiding any of the silk that had been thrown about the area to end up behind the lady that was perched on the beast. Her rifle had disappeared, and instead her outstretched hand held a pistol, which would roar to life with a further four shots aimed right to the head. Should her target get enough time to figure out what the hell had just happened, she would see the girl focused on her completely, crimson eyes glaring into whatever poor stand in she had for a soul, and would know instantly that there was to be no bargaining or diplomacy to be had with this one. The assassin had been paid very well to keep Committee territory safe, and she never failed a mission.

Techniques Used:

- Hyper mode
* Gun Kata Passive - x6 Agility (x5 + Base Agility)
* Hawks Eye Passive - Enhanced Perception/Immune to vision impairing effects
* Honed Instinct - Second Sense

- Explosive Round: Cero Damage, 10m Radius
- Shredder Round: Cero Damage, Grievous Wounds (Healing/Regen take 2 times as long to work)
- Rifle magazine: 8/10
- Pistol magazine: 10/14

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#3 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:38 pm

"Yes my pet...Enjoy yourself"She said petting the spider she sat on letting it have its fun while she reached into her Kimono sleeve pulling out and crimson red and black fan covering the lower half of her face as she allowed her eyes to scan the area around her taking note of one strangely calm individual "hm?"she asked allowing her smaller children to keep watch from their hiding places. Before it seemed she knew what happened the Giant spider let out a roar as it came crashing down. Nakita closed her eyes following the assassin with her children's sight as her seven legs on her back moved making a shield like web around her head and back "You got to learn to never mess with a mother spider."She said before she ranzig to a pile of rubble a few yards from the gunslinger and her dead spider. She allowed one of her legs to pull back as there was a sound of something moving as the threads and webs from the destruction behind the gunslinger came flying towards her huge wave or wall of web , debris, and whatever else seemed to have gotten caught in the fibers.

From within her kimono 10, 12 inch high, spiders crawled out and around her. She raised her free hand out in front of her towards the woman as 5 of the ten spiders rushed towards the girl using their surroundings to their small advantage of getting close.

Spiders out: 10
Spiders reserved: 5
Spiders attacking: 5

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#4 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:08 pm

Rei would have a moment to roll her eyes at the thinly veiled threat, deciding not to add to the cheesy one-liners she instead would respond by firing rapidly in the spider woman's general direction, seemingly missing each and every shot. However, if the sinner wasn't paying attention, she might miss all four bullets ricocheting at seemingly impossible angles, converging from each side to make it particularly difficult to track and avoid.

As she had before, the gun vanished from her hands in a shimmering light, only to be replaced with four knives between her fingers in both hands, the girl would blitz forward again, taking note of the spiders crawling from the woman, but rather than attacking head on, she would quickly dart to the left, throwing the blades at surprising speed, one after the other to keep her target on her toes. It was a flurry of steel as she passed, outside of the reach of the spiderlings while outpacing the wall of debris that came following her. Hit or miss, Rei would have the blades phase back into her grasp, ready to continue should the woman stay standing, ready to react quickly to her next move.

Techniques Used:

- Trick Shot: x4 Bala Speed/Damage
- Throwing Knives: Bala Speed/Damage x8

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#5 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:00 pm

She hadn't been around very long at all, but she had certainly been drawn to the area of all the chaos and destruction. She had skipped along slowly in her knee lengths skirt, her tucked in button up blouse, and her cute strappy sandals. It was a bright and beautiful day, until Celeste saw what looked like the spider lady being overwhelmed. The girl would stand staring unapproving of her fellow demoness being taken on and so easily being destroyed against such a weak, pathetic human. Even still, Celeste smiled in all of her beautiful, turquoise glory and she moved closer using her shunpo equivalent.

Celeste wouldn't be able to deal with the bullets in time, however she would find herself jumping landing with a loud rumble under the ground. Soon enough, a rather large wall at least ten feet in height had erupted from the ground standing between the knives and the spider lady essentially blocking them out. She would then point her fingers at the gun lady shooting all 10 of her bone bullets at once hoping to overwhelm her at least some. "Don't pick on my friends like that," the girl would say smiling as she would stick out her tongue as if she were a child thinking.


Ability Name: Earth Walls
Description: Celeste can use her bone mineral infused earth to create walls up to 10 feet tall that if touched by Celeste, will have spikes 2 feet long come out the opposite side. She can only create one wall a post easily destroyed by a single cero.

Ability Name: Bone Finger Guns
Description: With this ability Celeste can create up to 10 bone bullets per post at her fingertips and shoot them at bala speeds.

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#6 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:34 pm

Nakita Continued to move as two more eyes formed above her own making it a bit easier to track and move from the odd aimed bullets? Was the woman a idiot wasting shots like that? Nakita wasn't So sure. She allowed ten more to take place of the 5 that were attacked by the woman. Man she was quick wasn't she. Nakita was a bit impressed before she moved forward after the woman attempting to keep in close hand range. Nakita allow her legs to do most of the fighting as her hands occasionally firing webs in attempt to catch a hold. She watched the wall coming closer pulling the debris and all it caught towards them. two of her legs cut the webs free from her as she moved around and past rei towards the fellow sinner that decided to jump in "As much as I hate assistance I will thank you for Assisting me...kinda hard to get in with this maid? I think gun slinger? I'm not sure."She said to Celestie

Spiders out: 15
Spiders reserved: 5
Spiders attacking:10

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#7 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:53 pm

Rei was able to easily counter and dodge all of the spider woman's attacks, it was like each strike was drawn directly into a perfectly executed block while she avoided the web that was being thrown with an unnatural grace. Though it did keep the girl on the defensive until there was suddenly a wall set between them, blocking her knives effectively. A newcomer it seemed, this made things just a little more challenging.. No matter, she had a job to do, and the addition of one foe was not going to keep her from completing her work.

Keeping a single knife in her off hand, Rei would recall her handgun and promptly shoot at the oncoming bone bullets. Striking one of them mid flight to create a chain reaction, sending all of the projectiles scattering uselessly away. Moments later she would rush forward again, directly towards Celeste before seemingly coming to a stop directly in-front of her, gun leveled at her head. There would be a ringing of three shots, but it seemed the girl was no longer moving. Was she still so confident?

In reality, she had brought into play another one of her abilities. After a moment, the image of her would fade and the three bullets that had been apparently aimed at Celeste would burst forward towards their true target which happened to be Nikita. Be it sheer speed or something else, the girl would announce her true location with another loud bang from somewhere behind the pair, having equipped her rifle to take a shot directly at Celeste. This one being particularly bright as it streaked through the air towards her.

Techniques used:

- Enhanced Blink:
After-image used (4 post cooldown)
2/3 Blink charges remain (4 post until next charge)
- Trick shot
- AP round (2 post cooldown)

- Rifle magazine: 7/10
- Pistol magazine: 2/10

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#8 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:38 am

Celeste would smile with her tongue still poking out of her mouth before she would tilt her head and stick uo her pointer finger. "No Problem! Buuut you'll owe me one later on!" The girl was incredibly chipper for a demonic entity, however she was viciously cunning like one. It was sort of off setting but cute nonetheless. In all actuality, she was hoping to get in good with Geralt by doing this, so that she could ultimately be well protected among her peers. She wasn't stupid and she knew this woman meant something to him. Anyway, back to the gun woman who was becoming terribly annoying.

Celeste would watch as she raced at her with terrifying speeds and stood with a gun to the sinner's head. The girl would grow a bone spike from her palm as she slashed at the woman, who had already taken her three shots. Then, multicolored eyes would watch as the being disappeared."Ooo! Hide and seek!" she would say in a light tone as she would run her hand across her bone spike that held nothing on it. She had wished at least that.. whatever it was.. would have left a trace of something. Then, a shot could be heard behind the two sinners leaving Celeste to flip around quick. She could see the shot coming at them as she would stomp her foot on the ground leaving a wall of earth to pop up once again. This would leave one wall still standing on the left and one wall standing directly in front of them. However, the turquoise haired demoness didn't trust the glowing of the round, so she would take this chance to attempt to find where it was the maiden had shot from utilizing her shunpo variant to the best she could. She would find herself stopped upon a the top of her wall that was to their left looking out onto the battlefield below and the rooftops above. She hoped the woman would come over and play. Celeste wasn't very good with range.


Ability Name: Bone Spikes
Description: This is an ability that allows Celeste to create bone spikes from her joints and her palms (nowhere else). The spikes are Zanpakuto strength at up to 2 at a time.

Ability Name: Earth Walls
Description: Celeste can use her bone mineral infused earth to create walls up to 10 feet tall that if touched by Celeste, will have spikes 2 feet long come out the opposite side. She can only create one wall a post easily destroyed by a single cero.

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#9 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:14 am

Nakita watched Rei move in firing each bullet to block even bone scattering them in the process. What accurately this woman had. Nakita watched rei do a very risky move. She got right up close holding her pistol to Celeste's head then just stood still. This confused Nakita greatly,  was this woman suicidal? Clearly she had to be to suddenly get up close and personal. 1.2.3. Nakita was sure she heard three shots and logically the bullets were to go into Celestie right? WRONG! Nakita watched the bullets suddenly change course in the blink on an eye heading straight for her. She held her hand out and moved back allowing 6 more tiny spiders to form from within her sleeve. two jumping in front of each bullet stopping them from hitting their target as the remaining four crawled to the side "We need to get close...She should be running out of bullets soon...Unless they are of her own energy."Said Nakita  Crouching down before  the 9 remaining spiders moved quickly  scouting the area. She closed her eyes allowing herself to see through their eyes.  "My children are scouting her out. She can't hide from them all especially the native born spiders in this area...infect them and i see all."She said to Celestie before she looked over her shoulder seeing her missing 8th leg reform "Goody my pet can come back shortly."She said with a smile. "Either come out or I will tear down all your buildings"She Ordered making sure rei could hear her.

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#10 Re: [Event] Bringing forth Hell on Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:25 pm

The young woman was smart not to trust the shot, as it easily shattered through her wall and continued off into the distance. It seemed that she had more tricks up her sleeve, what else could the pair expect from here was hard to tell really. Though she wasn't hiding, in fact as they stood trying to catch her out, she had already closed the distance, taking to the wall and clearing it in moments. It seemed the the smaller of the two would get her wish, seeing the assassin effortlessly vault onto the top of the wall and as quickly as she had appeared she would charge forward, drawing and throwing her blades forward in a wide grouping, keeping only two for each hand as she went to bury one directly in Celeste's gut, aiming to twist it and withdraw only to follow up with a quick second strike to her torso. Though she was keeping Celeste between her and Nikita, mostly as a shield for now to wait and see what she would do.

- No Abilities Used -

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